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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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This pick has Sloan written all over it. KOC had been picking better defenders. Hayward may improve his lateral movement. I am sure he will work hard. I am not sure he is an AK replacement in 2 years. AK is probably a better defender.

KOC compared Hayward to Stockton. Time will tell. All of the Jazz brass loved Hayward. There were other teams that liked him but they did not have the 9th pick.

Hayward's outside shooting is my big worry. He shot 44% 3s his freshman year. He got stiff defense this year and dropped to 29%.

The Jazz still have a hole at back up PF (assuming Boozer is gone) and a crater at C. They must have a plan for filling both of those. They probably did not feel they could get the right players at those positions.

I was not thrilled with any of the PFs or the Cs the Jazz could get. Henry will probably be good but Mathews is currently better. Babbit has his own weaknesses. Davis/Patterson were okay.

Lets see what the Jazz do about C/PF. The draft was not going to fix those problems immediately


Overtime, Hayward will get his shot back and will shoot light out.

"Pacers president Larry Bird and coach Jim O'Brien were among those giving Hayward his last pre-NBA draft examine Monday afternoon. In the final minutes he hit 21-of-30 three-point attempts from a variety of spots at the Conseco Fieldhouse practice court."

Hayward would not get pass Indiana at 10th as they really see his potential.

This kid is multi-dimensional. Can handle the ball, pass well (get his teammate better), high BBall IQ. This kid reminds me of Detlef Schrempf; very competitive.

I am not surprised that Hayward will help the Jazz immediately next year already and be the steal of the draft.

Captain L

I would love it if the Jazz could get Shved in the 2nd round.

Old Navy

I like this pick. Hayward brings a lot to the table and will be a good fit in Utah.


This just in from ESPN "Hayward's pretty good at moving laterally and possesses a certain bounce in his jump most players don't have. In the pre-draft combine Hayward showed off that bounce with a 30.5-inch no-step vertical jump, which bested the likes of Evan Turner and John Wall. "

I hate when we keep drafting non-athletic players


There had BETTER be a trade or two in the works. This is the most underwhelming draft pick since Jose Ortiz. Jazz pick a slow, white swingman without outside range. If they're looking for another Matt Harpring, they've screwed up. Harp was a tough player while Hayward is not. Patrick Patterson was available, along with several other PF/C types that would have helped right away, instead of a 6'8" 210 lb. guy who will likely be buried behind Miles, AK, Korver, and Matthews in the rotation. Real smart move Jazz. Not buying any season tickets.


I was going to write something about the Jazz and Hayward but I am so disgusted I think I will just go ride my motorcycle instead.


The Jazz don't have a crater at center. Their group of Fes/Okur/Koufos will be better than last year, Milsap will continue to improve at power forward. Wait to you see Hayward curling around those screens like Matt Harpring used to. Another thing about Hayward, he's got a quick, high-release shot. Most guys in the NBA won't be able to block it. He'll get it off time and time again. No one is saying this guy is another Larry Bird, but he has played point forward. Only guys who are trusted by their teammates and coach can do that.

louisiana jazz man

that pick told me 1. boozer will be signed kirlinko probly gone. but caint see were jazz will be better with or without him. so looks like a waste of a first round pick. needed to replace boozer or kirlinko they did neither looks to me like a milsap trade is coming?

Jazz Source

Well this is not a glamorous pick for sure but this guy is a very savvy basketball player for sure.

People are right when they say this is not the piece to win a championship but there was absolutely nobody left that was so I am not sure what you are babbling about. The reality is the Jazz know he is not a championship piece and they obviously have plans to get there another way.

You don't get a championship player at 9 unless you fluke out.

This guy will be an admirable backup a thrive in the Jazz system that requires a basketball brain.

Matthews and CJ Miles have replaced the one-dimensional playoff failure named Korver. In 2 entire playoff seasons Korver has show up a grand total of 2 games to make any significant contribution. That is unacceptable from somebody who calls themself the best 3 point shooter. Korver is a playoff bust and good riddance.

Hayward can dribble the ball and with that skill alone he has Korver the 6 year veteran beat. Inside the 3 pt line he is a decent shooter and in this offense he will get some decent looks.


Looks like all the BYU and Utah fans can finally agree on something!


You gotta be kidding me. You waited 6 years to draft a skinny, white guy who have no basketball attributes. Can't they trade down to get this guy and get something out of it. The Jazz organization are a bunch of looooosers............... Sloan & KOC needs to go. Get out of town now!!!!!!


like what you guys said about John Stockton. Am I right? He will be fine! Play ball Haywood!


On further analysis I am going to reverse some of my earlier comments.

The Jazz could not move down because they wanted Hayward and IND at 10 would have grabbed him. IND took George instead.

They could not move up (no teams could move up) as none of the teams above them would deal in spite of posturing.

Hayward has excellent dribbling skills. He can play point forward. He has guarded SGs in college at times. Peak Performance can improve his lateral movement to a degree. Given 3 or 4 years he will weigh as much as AK so he will not be that skinny. Most of his weaknesses are can be corrected.

His shooting should improve. He rebounds better than any of the current Jazz SFs.

The big disappointment is that the Jazz did not address glaring weaknesses and questions at the PF and C positions. However, Patterson/Aldrich were the only bigs available who might contribute this year. The Jazz liked Hayward better in the long run. Patterson/Aldrich were not going to fix the problems with the Lakers.

Lets see how the Jazz address the PF and C. They still have options.

Ak Fan

What a bunch of crazy pple. It is just a draft with no talent pool. Hayward will be better than Snyder ( hopefully). And the end doesn't matter who where get drafted they are not gonna make big difference anyway.
Shved that's interesting


ONE MORE TIME. We could not have moved down to get Haward. He would have been gone at #10. He was the best player on the board.


I love this pick!

I never thought they would do it but after watching butler all season I feel really good about this one. I can't believe all the people bagging on him already.

The last thing the jazz need to do is draft some lame-duck center again. The jazz need to get rid of miles and any of our bigs, let boozer leave and trade for a good big.

Williams, Mathews, AK, Millsap and a good big...


Hayward was easily the best player in the NCAA Tournament last year. The dude was two points from a championship.

Welcome to Utah Gordon, we can't wait to have you!!!

Go Jazz!!!


This kid has game...I've become a Jazz fan again.


Pretty much all Jazz fans were uneducated about John Stockton. At Gonzaga he he was the Player of the Year in his conference. He was by far the best player in his conference. He shot over 50% and led the league in assists going away and was one of the league's top scorer. Hayward is not in John Stockton's league. Layden made a steal with this guy and did his research. I don't know if Hayward will be a good NBA player or not but he is no John Stockton and not even a poor man's Jeff Hornacek. He did well leading Butler to the finals and has some intangibles that the Jazz fell in love with but if you look at his production and upside, not a good pick for this high in the draft. Like many Jazz fans here, I hope I'm wrong...

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