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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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If a 3 is what you wanted, shoulda picked Babbitt.
Very confused.


Bugoff said it well
"His strength is his intangibles."

There was something about his game at the NCAA tournament that showed me that he was the reason that Butler got that far. I admit I was disapointed at the end when I expected him to do more.

But I was also disapointed when Deron didn't lead the Illini to victory in the last game a few years ago.

There is somthing to be said for being the star on a team that makes it to the finals--maybe you a proven winner


Who would bother trading for him?? This shows a complete lack of creativity and willingness to take a chance to get what the Jazz needed: a low post presence. This also blows up the Jazz. Who would stick around with a team that insists on having a big white stiff at center? This was their shot at keeping the team together and being able to take the last step in the playoffs. They blew it. Next time they pick high, it will be because they are 21-61.

Nevada fan

how does this make this team better? How does this make this team compete with the lakers?


Babbitt is bigger, stronger, faster and a better shooter of FGs, treys and FTs, and is still a high-character, "intangibles" white guy. Unreal. At least Aldrich is better than Fes or Koof, Hayward is nowhere close to any of our 2s & 3s. Another guy Kobe won't have to guard.

Way too high to pick him, hopefully a trade is coming. Oh and Babbitt is now a Blazer, should be easy to compare the two.

Chuck Nunn

Well, Doug, since you decided to reference me, I'll say this: We DO have Fesenko to play in the paint, but we're going to lose Boozer barring a miracle, and someone needs to back up Paul Millsap, seeing that Okur is going to likely miss the start of the season. Utah could have gotten a good PF into the pipeline, and there were plenty to choose from. Heyward can play, and it's not the end of the world, but this was an opportunity missed to get a good PF out of the draft. Free agency? With no cap room to speak of, the outlook isn't great.


Guess most of you guys didn't watch the NCAA tournament. Hayward was all-around great during Butler's run. He's a little slow laterally, but he runs the court well, sees it well, passes great, fakes great, has amazing body control, and shoots inside the 3-pt arc better than anyone drafted in front of him in this draft. He is also an excellent offensive rebounder. This guy is real savvy...Duke was all over him in the final and he still played well. I saw him once chase a ball destined for out of bounds, stopped on a dime, whirled and passed to a teammate. This guy is more athletic than Korver and will be a solid all-around player for the Jazz. That said, Davis would have been a good pick, too.


This draft only makes sense, under 1 of 2 situations,

1. The jazz do not care about winning championships just seasons


2. this is a prelude to something else,

cj miles or ak or both will be traded,
the jazz will be signing bosh,

who knows,

hayward may turn out to very good,

but one thing for sure is if you want win a championship he is NOT the piece you must have,
perhaps a supportng piece,
but not the player you need.


Why not Hayward? Just because he played for a smaller college and was not on TV every weekend. So what? This player brings things that the others do not. I think that the Jazz front office are looking at free agency to strenghten the inside game. With AK limping to the end of this career they have some time to build Hayward into a quality player. Give the young man a chance.

Oh, I would like to thank all of you that are going to cancel your season tickets. It will make it easier for REAL JAZZ FANS to enjoy this season.


Portland just announced they are firing Kevin Pritchard, their GM. Pick him up and dump O'Connor!!! Portland always drafted and traded well. Pritchard is a great GM!


Patterson should have been the pick with his NBA ready body. Here we go again. I just don't understand why we needed another wing player and a skinny one at that. KOC, I'm booing now and in 2 years.


This pick sounds kind of like what the Denver Broncos did with Tebow. Sure Hayward might not have all of the skills that you would like to have at the 3 spot (right now) but his intangibles is what the Jazz truly wanted.

Ok, so we have D-Will at PG, Matthews at SG, Miles at the 3 with Hayward coming off the bench at the 3, AK and/or Millsap at the 4, and maybe we pick up a center in the free agent market??


Truthfully at #9 would anyone have been happy with Aldrich? a soft Ed Davis? Truthfully I was hoping for X. Henry but Heyward may be alright. Jazz may be thinking they drafted the next Hornacek. (Hopefully shot materializes)The biggest problem is the Knicks. They weren't bad enough. Jazz had the 9th pick in a 6 or 7 player draft. Hopefully the Jazz tried to trade up...and were unsuccessful, and made the best of the #9 pick. I wouldn't have felt any better with Babbitt or Aldrich or Davis. At least they picked a winner and gritty player, Jazz type of guy. He does seem to duplicate Miles though. Hopefully the Jazz have a plan to get bigger...Finally to all you clowns who bash O'Conner (Who is very well respected league wide, in fact was called a top 5 GM in the league by Chad Ford today) who would you have picked? Whoever it was you would have been certain to complain about it.

Captain L

To me Hayward could have been drafted between 15 to 20 or later. We could have traded our #9 and picked up two picks and drafted Hayward and another player to help us out. This is hard to swallow, hard to understand, it could mean the Jazz will try to resign Boozer, I don't think that would be good business but with this pick I can't begin to understand how the Jazz management think.
I guess the next thing to look forward to is bringing Tomic over in 2011. Maybe he will be able to address our lack of length. Also I have to believe that the Jazz must be planning on Fes and KK being able to improve and contribute significantly.
Last years draft was disapointing to me also, but we don't get in the lottery very often and to me this was a major disapointment. I'll give him a chance but I'm not that impressed with what I see.


If Boozer leaves, AK will move to 4. That prospect actually has me excited.
Still shoulda picked Babbitt if a 3 is what you wanted.


Pritchard is the reason we are overpaying Millsap.


Maybe the jazz forgot they had a lottery pick.

I hope I'm proven wrong. And I hope we have something else planned.

Chuck Nunn

Ed Davis soft? Please.

However, there's not a lot of good in lamenting over what won't be. Maybe the Jazz are going to pick a solid big with their second round pick. I hope so, although Alexy Shved would be great too: Russian Magic.

Jack Bauer

get of your pipe....Hayward ain't no Larry Bird!!! another draft pick wasted. This guy will just be another bench warmer, mark my words Jazz fans!!!


I like this pick. We had the #9 pick and he was the best player available. If we had not chosen him Indiana would have chosen him at #10. It is not like we had a top 5 pick. I think he is smart and will fit the jazz system.

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