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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Brave Sir Robin

As a non-Jazz fan, all I've got to say is,


Is it the 11th commandment that the Jazz are required to draft a big, slow white guy in the first round?


Bye bye DWill and bye to my season tickets! I waited anxiously for six years...for the worse pick in the history of the draft. When did we hire Isaiah Thomas? Kevin O'Connor makes him look brilliant. There is one reason and one reason only the Jazz picked Hayward over Davis, Patterson, George, Henry etc. Unfortunately, Jazz management still cares more about race than talent!


Sack O'Connor


What a bunch of clowns all these fans are. Go back and look at all the great picks by the jazz that you morons booed at. I think you're all the same person that has ran out of their meds...

I believe that all of you booed malone when he was drafted?


Hayward is NOT a replacement for Korver!. He is a gamer, he may be a good player in a couple of years. He may be able to play D to some degree. He may eventually be a replacement for CJ. He may rebound better. He is very smart and a team player.

His strength is his intangibles.

I was not thrilled with Aldrich. Davis is also a project. Patterson could have contributed sooner.

This raises questions about who stays and goes for the Jazz. Henry was not picked so Mathews will get resigned.

The Jazz did not go big. That suggests Fes/Koufos are the C for now. Boozer may be going or staying but if Boozer stays Korver goes. Babbit could have replaced Korver but Hayward won't anytime soon.

The Jazz may make a trade later to get talent. Time will tell how good this pick was. Hayward is going to need a couple of years to really help.


WOW! this was a bit of a surprise. I want to believe that Jazz management has some sort of trade up their sleeves with this kid or with another one of our 3's for a center. Unless we pick up a 4 or a 5 in free agency we are really going to be hurting.


I have a theory. Sloan loves defense, the Jazz, over the past few years, have selected anything but a defensive player. PERHAPS, the powers to be are undermining the coach in hopes he'll retire and go farming. Just a thought!

Chuck Nunn

You're about to lose Carlos Boozer, and you draft a replacement for Kyle Korver? I'm sure I'll fall in line eventually, but really, all these good big men and Utah drafts another wing player? Oh well ...

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

Old Timer

Calm down fans, and just see if a draft trade isn't in the works!


'Nough said - "Kansas’ Cole Aldrich and Xavier Henry, Nevada’s Luke Babbitt, North Carolina’s Ed Davis, Fresno State’s Paul George and Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson were still on the board when the Jazz picked."


Bye bye Dwill, I won't blame you if you decided to leave.


This pick had nothing to do with Race. It had every thing to do with the way Hayward plays the game (intensely, smartly and within a team framework).

He has skill. However, he was not the most talented player at 9. It was the intangibles that got him the pick. He simply fits the Jazz biases to well.

Those biases keep them picking players who do not have enough talent. The so called character or intangibles can't offset the lack of overall talent.

This will probably work out better than expected but it is totally consistent with the Jazz biases.


I really like KOC, I thought what he was able to do last year was brilliant, but I really hate this pick. I hope I’ll be eating my words in a few months, but right now I feel a little sick.


looks like a BYU recruite.

Not good.


PLEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASE Tell me there is a trade in the works with this pick!!!


There has to be a trade in the works!!!


Chicken littles are alive and well in Utah. These are the same old voices that maintained the Jazz would not even make the playoffs.

These same people stood by and watched Sloan get more from the team than they thought possible. Now with all their insight they are selling the team and KOC down the river...again.

Great news for Jazz as this means that another team now gets to pay Korver to sit on the bench and remain defenseless.

This guy can move with or without the ball has played in the NCAA playoffs at the highest level and will contribute immediately to the team.

Jazz dodged a bullet by not drafting Aldrich who is 6'8" out of his shoes and 6'11" with his shoes on, not sure how that math works but we did not want or need his awkward person on our team.

Just ask Todd or Chuck we have Fes to stop anyone in the key. The Jazz have obviously listened to these insightful people and are no longer worrying about a big man.

I for one am glad we have KOC and Sloan guiding this ship.

Large Tuna

a draft trade better be in the works or the jazz just lost a LOT of season ticket holders. total fail pick! patterson AND aldrich were still on the board, are you kidding me?!!?


Stop me if you've heard this one. Jass draft unathletic white guy instead of filling an actual need. Anyone? Anyone? What a waste of a pick.


In that most Jazz fans are whining boobs by the nearly illiterate comments so far, then I suspect O'Connor must be a genius and Hayward a brilliant pick.

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