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Team uses No. 9 pick on versatile swingman

Published: Thursday, June 24 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Mostly a one dimensional player a shooter, they fell in love with the hype and an all american boy

should have drafted Jack Armstrong

Very questionable

told you sooooooooooooooooooooo


Get ready for a lot of mad people. We will see what happens in a few years..


The Jazz could have traded down and still gotten Hayward. I liked Babbit and Henry better. I think they were safer picks.

Hope the Jazz get another pick later in the 1st. Hayward is a project who can't shoot. The jury is still out but he is not great at defense, he is not a great shooter, he is very good at intangibles.

This pattern of "character first" as the Jazz define it has killed the Jazz for several drafts. They could have got a lot more talent with this pick and still got good character.


Well the Jazz screwed it up again. He'll be traded by the end of the 2010-11 season. What were they even thinking?!


hee hee hee

read Chuck Nunn if you do not believe me

How do you like O Connor now


This will have the Lakers "shaking"


Really? Good shooter? Look at his 3-point percentage...under 30%. I hope they saw something in him that nobody else can see at this time. Looks like AK - skinny. Hope he will work out at 2 - too weak for small forward. At least he can handle the rock a little.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz


He couldn't shoot 30% from the 3pt line in college. So if the drafted him as a shooter they're dumb!

Udoh and Monroe were gone but if he is supposed to replace Korver good luck! WHY NOT A SHOT BLOCKER!!!

Ak Fan

Aldrch was good one.Pochke?


I HOPE that Kevin O'Connor get's fired! He is the biggest joke of a GM I've ever seen! Please FIRE him!


Seriously?!!! Did the Jazz admin not know that Patterson and Aldrich were still available? When are they going to learn how to draft good players?!

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz


The kid couldn't even shoot 30% from the 3pt line in college! I find that disappointing. If he is supposed to replace Korver good luck with that.

I wanted a shot blocker. Can't win without the D.


Go Jazz!???


What a disapointment.....


way way way too high for hayward. and he's slow weak and can't shoot. 29% from treys last year. nice message to send to matthews as well.

I guess they needed another good "fit" for the community. DWill just threw his remote through the screen, and then sent a text to Kobe "See you in two years"


blauch and Doug are celebrating and toasting our future

go get em kids

SG Man

Not a good pick in my opinion for a 9th. I think D-Will is not too happy and probably done with Jazz when he can opt out. I hope I am wrong though. How does he make us an more athletic, taller, or better on Defense? He doesn't.

the Mailman

Haha another brilliant first round pick from the Jazz!!

What do you think they see in this guy? I think i know, and it has more to do than just his basketball skills.

Gotta keep the home town fans happy hey..


What did I tell everyone in an earlier post of mine? Well they ended up taking Hayward like I said they would and wasted the #9 pick....I'd assume that with this pick it means that Korver won't be re-signed.

Noah's Lark

I think Heyward will surprise people. But, I expect a trade in the works involving one of our wingmen.


This is a disgrace , Davis, Babbitt, Patterson, George , Henry would've been mych better picks.
Say bye to DWill in 2 years, if the Jazz mangement don't make some serious trades in the next few weeks.
Another P--off jazz fan

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