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Published: Monday, June 21 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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And why don't Utahns want insurance reform? Every single one of you out there who complain about health care reform legislation had better dig deeply into your pockets to help out this beautiful young woman!


Gastroparesis is sometimes a side effect of diabetes. So sorry Gentrie! Insurance companies never pay for things which might save money over the longterm because they are betting you won't still be one of their customers longterm.

Our thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


Thank you, Doug, for letting us know about Gentrie.


So proud of IHC for doing the right thing. Maybe this is how they get touted as holding down medical costs in Utah.


Since Obama is still trying to convince the naysayers of his passed Obamacare, he could use Gentrie as a real-life example of how she could have her surgery without a $100-200k out-of-pocket outlay. If a proponenet of Obamacare could set me straight on this, it could convince me to go along with the passed reform. If not, it's what I suspected - another boondoggle. Gentrie, I hope you can have your surgery soon.



Is there some reason you couldn't do the research yourself?


This young lady is my niece. In the last six months I have seen her go from the laughing, teasing, couldn't hold still, literally living and loving her life teenager to last week; when we had to literally hold her up just long enough for family pictures at her brothers wedding. I live in St. George and every time I go back down I wonder if I will see her to talk, laugh and hug each other one more time. I know our economics are very hard, but if everyone that reads about Gentrie could give a little or a lot to her website we would be so humbled and grateful, after all she is only 14 years old. Think about what you would do if she were your daughter, Granddaughter, niece, friend, etc. We could be her insurance company for right now. I love you Gen.


Obama care would not even think about paying for a procedure like this. It would only cover what was on the already approved list and I'm sure this procedure would not be on the list. Gentrie's family would be left to fund it themselves anyway.

Friends in Denmark say the Dr.'s ask them if they want to know what should be done or what the government plan will cover. Think it will be different here? If so, I have a really nice bridge to sell to you.


Why can't some big hot shot from around here get in touch with Miley Cirus and talk to her PR people about helping out. Obviously this girl is a fan and Cyrus needs good PR. Or Obama can quit golfing and vacationing and donate the money that we don't have to fork over as tax payers for his travel.... TOO bad it is not a fund raiser for athletics or for hurricane relief hey? Dang people just help......

So. Cal Reader

Heart wrenching story. Let's hope that the necessary funds can be raised for the surgery. Hang in there, Gentrie! With all the companies and corporations in Utah, one would think at least one of them could cover the expense with the snap of a finger.


If it were me as her father I would send a letter to OBama telling him to put up or shut up. Here is a classic case of someone in need and his expensive insurance plan ... is worthless.


Instead of hoping the funds get raised, make a donation.
Go to the site in the article and share your resources to help this family.

Silence Dogood

How frustrating it must be to be in this girl's shoes, as well as her family's shoes. My thoughts and prayers will be with you today.

I certainly hope that IHC can make a good decision on what they will do for this girl. I know that several have complained about IHC in the previous comments, but after having been on an IHC health plan and then moving out of state and being without it....well, IHC is better than other things out there. I hope it's just a matter of education on the part of the executive making the decision.


Instead of hoping for the funds to be raised by some big company or someone else, why not just give what you can. Go to the website in the article and donate $5-10. Don't wait for someone else to do it.


If enough people sent a dollar, or five or ten--whatever they could afford--we could make this happen for her with little hardship to anyone. Where can we send money, Doug??


Glad to hear IHC, a "non-profit" organization, is denying paying badly needed surgey for a customer that has paid their premiums in good faith. Her family shouldn't have to pay $200-300 K while IHC fat cats pull in 7 figure salaries & IHC gets away with not paying taxes. IHC should be taken ot task.

So. Cal Reader

Re: Phantom. Yes. Of course I will do "my part" & make my contribution, as all readers should. The point I was trying to make is that it seems like time is of the essence. It will obviously take much more time for these small contributions to be made, rather than 1-2 corporations covering the expense themselves.


What is sad about this entire thing...is it costs A LOT of money to be on TPN (which is how she is being fed). TPN costs about $1000 a DAY. Let alone all the other supplies, tubing ect that comes with it and anyone with a line inside there body..especially being fed TPN is a very high risk for a line infection...that would immediately land them inpatient...most often in the ICU which would cost more than the procedure....AND anyone who has a complete shut down of there gut...often translocates bacteria into there bloodstream...which then attaches to the line and so on. Not to mention...you will eventually have your liver fail when you are on permanent TPN.

All of this costs more than that one procedure...which would put her back to as most normal as you can get.


And for those complaining about obama...so you flip out over the health care reform and make it as hard as humanly possible to get done....go on and on spouting about it's a free market...let the free market dictate.

well guess what..in a free market insurance companies let the sick people die. If you really want that to stop happening...then we would have to go to a government run insurance plan. You cannot have it both ways.

It amazes me the trust put into a insurance company...

Fiscal Hawk


It's in an insurance company's best interest to serve its customers as well as possible- otherwise it will go out of business.

The government has no such incentive to serve anyone.

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