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Published: Sunday, June 20 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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To Cameron | 3:28 p.m. June 21, 2010

***Mike Lee clerked for a Supreme Court justice. Those questioning his qualifications as a lawyer and knowledge of the Constitution need to realize how prestigious that is.***

That may look good on a resume, but means nothing in the real world.


WHAT NOW? "LEE/Attorney. OBAMA/Attorney."

Some people are so simplistic and seem to love to show it. I wouldn't be too proud of that generality. It shows how willing you are to be an uninformed voter.


@Furry1993 | 3:55 p.m.

"means nothing in the real world. "

Reaching the near pinnacle of one's profession certainly means quite a lot. I'm sure you would have jumped at the chance to clerk for the Supreme Court.

James T.

Cameron: If you think that clerking for a supreme court justice by Lee isn't tied in some way to his last name and his father you are crazy. Ask Scott Matheson. Or Mike Lee's own brother. I know people who actually clerked for Alito, and the feeling I got was not all of the clerks deserved to be there.

I think the comment asking where Mike Lee's scholarly published legal articles on the Constitution are is absolutely right. My brother just got out of law school, and all the top students have as the ultimate success as a law student to be published in one of the prestigious law reviews. Did Mike get anything published while at BYU's law program?


I just love how they are both running negative campaigns against each other. That alone should say a lot about what kind of people they are.

Getting rid of Bennett was the wrong thing to do for the state of Utah.

Neither Bridgewater or Lee will fix any problem. They'll just add to the already contentious atmosphere we already have and accomplish nothing.


@James T.: Now I'm curious to see what, if anything, Lee has actually written about the constitution that makes him a "constitutional expert." Maybe something like "The Constitutional Right to Force Nuclear Waste on Citizens who Don't Want It"?


It's clear to me that Mike Lee is the better candidate, based on his thorough study and understanding of the law and the constitution. Frankly, I believe he can defend it better with more compelling arguments among his peers. Have a legal background these days is a very good thing, especially considering all of the secular progressive nonsense, and legal challenges to our American way of life. Bridgewater seems like a nice enough fellow, but can he defend us with his small business background? This one seems very clear to me, vote for Mike with his strong conservative views (like Tim), but with his added legislative and legal expertise. We can't afford inexperience, as we've seen where the White House has taken our country already.


While Mike Lee’s work as an attorney, including his one case with EnergySolutions, has been to fight for less government intrusion on our constitutional rights, Bridgewater’s business is feasting off government pork and “stimulus” money.

Lawyers are "small businessmen" involved in the usual business activities of personnel management, making payroll, etc.; can Bridgewater be classified as a true “fiscal conservative” or even a true "businessman" if his “business” is feeding off government pork? Senator Bennett did not make it out of convention this year, largely because of his affinity for earmarks and big-spending Washington pork. Isn’t Bridgewater just a younger Bennett? Doesn’t Bennett now support Bridgewater because he conforms more closely to Bennett’s establishment, neo-con views, and big-government tax & spend ways?

We need a true fiscal conservative and constitutional expert in Washington to help us deal with our current economic and constitutional crises. Mike Lee has the background, experience and character best suited to helping us take back our country. Please join me in voting for Mike Lee for the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate on June 22.

James T.

familyofsix: you invited the Obama comparison, but be careful. You say Bridgewater has no "experience" and that we need Lee, because look at what Obama has done (?). That makes no sense at all!

Obama is, in his own words, a "constitutional scholar" who actually was a law professor at one of the very best law schools in the country- the University of Chicago. Obama's "experience" prior to the White House consisted of his legal upbringing. And although the conclusions he reaches as a "constitutional scholar" are different than Mike Lee's, the level and type of experience is the same.

Why is the gulf of Mexico situation such a mess? Because Obama is all about legal "experience" with no actual executive experience doing anything- similar to Mike Lee. Bridgewater has experience being in charge and making a business work. Obama doesn't. Mike Lee doesn't. And that actually matters.

Someone said on the radio today that Senator Hatch is regarded as the leading constitutional scholar and expert in the Senate. What does that tell you about how valuable that is???

Vote for Tim Bridgewater!

Brother Brigham

"Lee says he would support such a ban only if the EnergySolutions project is exempted"
....what a hypocrite!

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