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Published: Sunday, June 20 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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@Al | 9:03 a.m.

It's happened. Mike Lee has received the brunt of negative, and downright dirty, attacks since before the convention. So it boggles my mind to hear people give their support to other candidates solely based on negative campaigning. Bridewater's hands are most certainly not clean.


I will say the California Tea Party ad didn't do any favors for Lee. On the other hand though, I could have done without the phone call from Lonesberry the day he was fired implying that he was fired because he supported Bridgewater.


Last Friday I received two mailers from Bridgewater and endorsed by him. One mailer said he would not be involved in negative campaigning in any form. The other, again from and endorsed by Bridgewater, was nothing but negative trash talk about Mike Lee. So my question is, is Bridgewater that "two faced" or does his campaign staff not know what they are doing??

Wasatch Al

Lee, Bridgewater, Philpot ... ugh! Is the best republicans can come up with?


There is NO argument on any side that trumps the fact that Lee is an Energy Solutions attorney. Nothing. He has PROVEN that he will violate his espoused principles when money is concerned. He needs money. If he can't live on $600,000 per year he most certainly won't survive on a Senator's salary. Lee is bought an paid for- the citizens of Utah need to stand up to the outside special interests that own Mike Lee and say "NO!"


Vote Bridgewater on Tuesday. He's the only candidate who has the maturity and common sense to make a difference for Utah. Mike Lee is an egotistical, lightweight opportunist who would only embarrass the state with his arrogance and piety. Bridgewater is a savvy, seasoned businessman who will bring instant credibility to the office.


Easy answer, vote GRANATO!


This will be A CLIFF hanger...our country is in real trouble. Better follow your spiritual guidance if indeed you are connected. Pray about it and vote.


$600,000 was what Lee made as his salary for the whole year from the law firm he works for. The Bridgewater campaign has misrepresented the facts, saying that $600,000 is what Lee received from Energy Solutions. Lee worked on one case for ES and he wasn't paid $600,000. Even the Deseret News has misconstrued Lee's statement on the bill that would allow Utah to reject foreign nuclear waste being stored here. He didn't say that he would support the bill if Energy Solutions was exempted. He said he would support the bill if ES was given time to build a facility outside the country to store the foreign waste they have already legally contracted to dispose of. That is in keeping with his support for private business and opposition to government interfence in business.

Demonizing Energy Solutions is ridiculous. Someone has to dispose of nuclear waste if we are going to have the benefits of nuclear power and nuclear medicine. The next time a doctor has you undergo a test using radioactive dye to diagnose whatever problem you may have, thank Energy Solutions for safely disposing of the container, gloves, and other materials used.


It looks like the stupidity of the Utah electorate is coming to the forefront based upon the comments. Their is a fundamental difference between Mike Lee and Tim Bridgewater that the article fails to address. The difference is clear: Mike Lee will use the constitution as the basis for how he will vote, Tim Bridgewater will determine his vote by what deal he can make with both Democrats and Republicans. Mike Lee is principle-based while Tim Bridgewater is deal-based on his voting. With the Constitution literally hanging by a thread, we have not the luxury of voting in someone who feels the Constitution has little relevance to today's political atmosphere like Tim Bridgewater. All across the country, there are constitutional conservatives being nominated and Utah of all states needs to be a part of this movement. If we vote for Tim Bridgewater, our vote in the Senate will be irrelevant. That is what is at stake in this election. For all those who love freedom and the principles embodied in the Constitution, Mike Lee is the obvious choice. It will show the character of the State as to who we choose tomorrow.


To Cats | 8:28 a.m. June 21, 2010

***I encourage all Republicans in the second district to cross ticket and vote for Claudia Wright. She'll be a lot easier to beat in November. Beating Mathson is the only thing Utahns can do to take Pelosi out.***

I'm sorry that you're so ethically lacking. Your advocating sleezy politics is disgusting, and does not speak well for you.

2 bits

Wait a minute... If you "differentiate" that just enables and almost requires people to "discriminate". And isn't that against the law?

Since making a CHOICE requires us to be able to DIFFERENTIATE (and then DISCRIMINATE for/against the candidates)... I think we should just have a random drawing to elect our leaders.


@cdcoleman: what do you base your comments on? I know Lee is a Constitution lawyer and Bridgewater is a businessman, but neither one of them has a record to know how they would vote. I argue that Lee will vote on whoever gives him the most money, i.e. Energy Solutions. Do I believe that? I don't know, nor do I believe that Bridgewater will be based solely on business. Nice "Constitution hanging by a thread" thread reference. While I do agree with it and I'm tired of judges legislating from the bench, I don't think it has much relevance other than to reference a Mormon prophecy.


To Kickit023 | 2:12 p.m. June 21, 2010

One more thing. Given Lee's clear misunderstanding of the provisions of the 14th Amendment, I have no idea how he can claim to have any understanding of how the Constitution works, much less his claim that he is a "constitutioanl expert." From what I've seen, he isn't.


cdcoleman: "With the Constitution literally hanging by a thread..."

Really? Literally?

What color is the thread? How long is it?

Oh, I see. So... you're just misusing metaphors in order to make a political point, and don't know what words like "literally" mean. Got it.

Par for the course with the ultra-cons.

BTW - Everyone talks about Lee being a constitutional scholar, but there is no evidence of that scholarship to be found in any professional legal journal or law review.

Sounds like Mr. Lee is a legend in his own mind.


'GOP Senate opponents Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee struggle to differentiate' - Title of article

My question is, if both of these canidates are from the same party, and claim to adhere to the same values...

and they are part of the same party that has been the majority in Utah for many years...

what do you expect to be different?




Another Attorney?

Tim Bridgewater has my vote!


I just received my Campaign for Liberty 2010 federal candidate survey in the mail.

Mike Lee gave a 100% response.

Tim Bridgewater did not respond.

According to the author of the letter, C4L's John Tate, "Usually, when candidates REFUSE to come clean on tough questions about their views, it's because they can't wait to join the tax and spend, 'politics-as-usual' crowd in Congress."

This helps me understand why the corporate welfare types are endorsing Bridgewater and expect him to pick up where Bob Bennett leaves off.

It also helps explain why I'll be voting for Lee.


Mike Lee clerked for a Supreme Court justice. Those questioning his qualifications as a lawyer and knowledge of the Constitution need to realize how prestigious that is.


@WHAT NOW? | 3:09 p.m

You're comparing Mike Lee to Barack Obama because both are lawyers? Seriously?

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