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Published: Sunday, June 20 2010 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Tim Bridgewater

I have watched Tim for over a year, and I believe he is the best US Senate candidate in the primary. Tim's attitude and methods and his actions have impressed me. Words alone are not enough.

The fact that Cherilyn Eagar endorsed Tim Bridgewater, and Bob Bennett endorsed Bridgewater, in my mind, has more to do with how the Bridgewater campaign treated those two campaigns with greater respect than Eagar and Bennett agreeing with Bridgewater on issues.

Bridgewater has my vote.


Mike Lee

@Utah_1 Do you mean Bridgewater agreeing to pay off Cherilyn Eager's campaign debt? That's how he treated her with more respect?

My vote has nothing to do with endorsements, and has everything to do with the fact that Mike Lee actually can start making an influence when he gets to the Senate. Mike Lee already has a planned coalition of senators from around the country that he will work with right away. While he recognizes the point that this article makes, he's also aware that he needs a coalition to bring about the changes that Utahn's really want.

Mike Lee has my vote.


This article only reveals how the attitude of Washington has become corrupted. Bennett has not said one thing that is related to the good of the country, it's all about state greed. Senators are in power to work as a unit to resolve federal issues and state representation. The current legislators in Washington spend too much time as bankers and financial brokers.

Every thing Bennett has brought up is about money, not security, the economy, and government overspending and bankrupting the nation. Bennett's generation has been responsible for jobs lost and cheap and illegal labor and mindless greed. The Senator's job is not just about a single state, it's about the entire nation.

Regardless of if any of the new people get on any committee's, they still have a vote on policy and what these committees propose. New faces and new minds are what will make the difference in the national economy and not just in Utah. Chavets has been a prime example of what a single new face can do in Washington. At this point in time, uniting the country and controlling spending is the goal.


Vote for whomever you want in the primary, I guess. Bennett is right, which is why Utah Republicans were short-sighted if they wanted to do what was in Utah's best interest. In the general election, Utah can vote for a non-player or vote for someone who can get something done. The non-player would be the Republican. A Democrat elected in Utah will have immediate credibility, like Scott Brown from Massachusetts. But, Utah is a one party state, unfortunately, and doesn't know how to leverage itself very well. The two Republican candidates are not pragmatic but are ideologues, and that will get Utah nothing in a legislative environment.


Utah_1 - That copy / paste is getting tiring...

Wayne Rout

Looking at what the "experienced" in the Senate have done to this country, a change can only be better. The two Utah Senators have been "friends" with the Democrats. They have been too willing to surrender values. I can't understand how any rational Republian can associate with Ted Kennedy or write songs to praise him. At least Bennett never wrote any songs or wanted to appear at the Democrat convention.


So, we should continue to put up with your corruption instead Senator? I think it is wonderful that you are being cast out of office, it is time for you to go. Bye, Bye, don't let the the door hit ya, etc.

L Anderson

We need change in Washington now more than ever. We don't need 'career' politicians. I think in the years to come you will see more and more new policies. And in time 'the junior senators' will make a difference. Changing the way Washington works will be a long road, but not impossible.
For now, we have to get our spending in check, and try to get back to the Constitution. Bob Bennett would do neither. Jason Chaffetz is doing a great job.


For a real example, check out Jason Chaffetz. He has sponsored some legislation, all of it has a status of "referred to committee".

He hasn't made a dent in the deficit.

He hasn't rolled back any provisions of health care.

An honest assessment is that Jason Chaffetz hasn't made any difference. Its not that he's not trying. He wants to make a difference. But he's the "new guy". Our new senator will face the same challenge.


These two guys are terrifying middle aged and elderly with their plans to cut off their life support. Granato should have a wide playing field here no matter which one the Republicans select. The questions is this: will middle aged LDS vote religion or their pocketbooks? Stay tuned, to say the least.


As one who has spent many years on Capitol Hill, I can tell you Bennett is right. SENIORITY IS VERY IMPORTANT. Utah threw all that seniority away. Now we'll have to deal with it.

Having said that. Both men are great and either one would be a great representative. I met Mike Lee years ago and, I must say, I was very impressed with him.

However, I think Tim Bridgewater's experience in business would be a real plus. We need businessmen and women who understand how things work. We already have Senator Hatch who is a constitutional expert. A businessman would be a good complement to him.

Having said all of that, I encourage all Republicans in the second district to cross ticket and vote for Claudia Wright. If we can take Matheson out early, it will really be a lot easier to win that seat in the fall. That's our only chance to get Pelosi out of the speakership.


common sense55

You know Obama was right with one thing he said, it's time for a change. I can't see why Bennett would make his argument that we need an experienced senator. The reason why Bennett is out in the first place is he wasn't much of a conservative. It's not that i didn't like Bennett, but we just need more of conservative values to achieve our goals of becoming a debt free America...which won't happen for years to come after what this administration has done. If you keep electing the same people, they keep doing the same things.


The most troubling part of this article was the last sentence. "...taking ideological stands 'may not be the best strategy for Utah's future growth.'"

So, don't take an "ideological stand" because we might lose money? Really?

Why didn't he just say what he really meant..."sit down and shut up."

In the words of American Patriot Samuel Adams, "If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!"

Now is a time to stand up and be heard. The animating contest of freedom didn't end in 1787, but is ongoing.

History has shown that there have always been those who are interested in gaining power and control over his fellow men...sometimes out of contempt for his subjects, and other times under the guise of forcing his subjects do what he feels is the right thing. Tyranny is tyranny, whatever the motivation.


Samuel Adams

Senator Bennett's sour grapes are old and stale. Time for him to go buy a Fishing License and leave the politics to the new and refreshing folks. Things in Congress take time to change, true, but as the rubish gets flushed out of Wahington, things will change.

Fitness Freak

Bailout Bob is referring to the way things have been done in D.C. for the last 40 yrs. The new crop of political servants will have probably noticed that if THEY don't act in the best interests and/or follow the constitution THEY will be fired also!


Vote for Bridgewater as a signal to the right-wing extremists who voted out Bennett. I attended my neighborhood caucus. There was no room for a moderate Republican in that meeting. We need to change the system so that all Republicans have a chance to vote. The caucus meetings eliminate those who have to work at night; those who can't get babysitters, etc. A two-hour meeting is not a fair system. A 12-hour period of voting opens up the system to more voters.


AWWW Cats 8:11am-- I agree with you about SENIORITY.
But what confuses me is why you talk throwing away seniority and in the same breath asking for the defeat of Matheson to throw away more seniority....
You people just don't get it and because you don't get it Utah will remain a joke to the rest of the nation.

Kyle loves BYU/Jazz

The last sentence was very troubling. We shouldn't stand up for our ideals because it might cost us future growth??

Yeah values don't really matter. Let's just do whatever we have to do to get ahead.


Especially don't expect much if Mike Lee happens to win the seat. His self-righteous piety would marginalize him even more than the typical freshman. The first time he took out his pocket-sized constitution and started waving it like he was the only who believed in and followed it he'd be shunted aside like a dust bunny in the supply room. IMO, the only reasonable GOP candidate is Tim Bridgewater. Barring that alternative I'll support Sam Granato.


Why always the calls for a moderate republican. Washington was correct, the parties do nothing but hurt the people and keep themselves in power and aggrandize themselves.

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