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Published: Saturday, June 19 2010 7:00 p.m. MDT

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I was there.
It went well. Good answers on both sides overall.

Tim Bridgewater

I have watched Tim for over a year, and I believe he is the best US Senate candidate in the primary. Tim's attitude and methods and his actions have impressed me. Words alone are not enough.


Good debate.

Mikes the guy for me.


Still a Tim fan. I'll just be glad for it to all be over on Tuesday. Can't wait to see what the silent majority has to say!


I don't like that Mike Lee waves his little pocket constitution around like a prop


Actually, there was one more "last debate" yesterday evening where Mike Lee not only didn't "shine," he didn't appear.

I listened at length to the two organizers of the event that was held at Merit Medical yesterday trying to be gracious but having a hard time given the grief they've been put through in the last several days since Mike Lee and his staff pulled him out of what was to have been a debate that would have been moderated by former Republican Governor Olene Walker.

Somehow, it seems that Mike and company could have handled this better. A lot better.

Which brings me to the question of what is Mark Shurtleff doing hosting a debate when his name, face and voice are all over Mike Lee's campaign literature, his television and radio ads, and his autodialers as an endorser?

silas brill

"Lee said while Obama's children attend a costly private school, low- and middle-income kids don't have that same opportunity."

- This is the same argument the advocates of government health care are making.

"Bridgewater said wartime isn't a good time to be messing with military policy."

- This is bogus argument. We're always at war.


I have followed the election for the entire year, attended Lee and Bridgewater presentations and debates, and concluded that Mike Lee's pocket constitution is far from a prop - he actually believes in the Constitution. Listen to him for awhile and you will know that Mike Lee knows and loves the Constitution. It is his lens for viewing every issue. Anyone who would say that "he waves his little pocket constitution around like a prop" has either been poisoned by ugly campaign propaganda or is simply a Democrat. Whether you support Bridgewater or Lee, at least give each the credit they deserve for the sincerity of their own convictions.

Warren Kay

Agree with previous writer, both are good men and will represent Utah's values well. However, I believe Mike Lee will be much more effective in working within congress than what Brigdewater would be.

Mike Lee on June 22nd.


As I understand the situation, the Mike Lee camp pulled out of the debate at Merit Medical debate because of changes made in the format and location. Some of Lee's advisers felt that the debate events were being manipulated by several people closely connected to Bridgewater, including Lampropoulos and Eagar. Someone calling into question the appropriateness of Shurtleff's hosting would probably have known these details - yet they seem to be deliberately unmentioned.

Whether or not someone disagrees with Lee's concern about the involvement of Lampropoulos and Eagar, it seems a bit disingenuous to harp on Shurtleff's connection and ignore the Bridgewater influence on the Merit Medical event.


I'm a Democrat, but I have to admit that Republicans have a way of cutting to the chase. Ben Horsley's question asking what would they do if Congress attached a repeal of the "Don't ask, don't tell," policy onto a military funding bill is one of those questions that separate the candidates of the two parties.

Republicans don't want to manipulate social policy in the military when our service men and women are at war. Democratic leaders in the U.S. House, though, saw fit to add the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" as an amendment tacked onto the "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011" (H.R. 5136). It passed the House on May 28 with Jim Matheson voting for both adding the amendment and voting for the final bill. Chaffetz and Bishop both voting in opposition.


Mike Lee is a true Constitutional Conservative. If you (Like Me) are looking for a Senator who can and will fight to limit the federal government, and get government spending under control, Mike Lee is your man. He can quote the same Supreme Court decisions back to Congress that they use to justify many of their actions, and point out where they are WRONG.

Mike Lee is the only candidate in this race who has NEVER profited from earmarks and federal stimulus money, never used taxpayer dollars to fund private overseas business ventures, and how has never supported (and profited from) non-conservative legislation such as No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D (with $19 trillion in unfunded liabilities).

Mike Lee is the one in this race who can and will do what he says. He has the conservative Coalition in place, with Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey, Ken Buck, Sharon Angle, and other, to hit the ground running on day one of the Senate to fight for Constitutionally limited federal government.

Vote Mike Lee.

one vote

Shawn Hannity vs. Coulter, same difference and logic.

Samuel Adams

Two good and honorable men, in my estimation, but Mike Lee will be my vote.
Mike Lee has a better grasp on the issues and the expertise to make a difference. He is rooted in the same solid principles upon which this country was founded and the common sense and down-to-earth demeanor that will represent us well. Go Mike!


It matters not rich or poor, lawyer or businessman, country or city, brown or white; the principles and values are the standards to use to determine who's the person for the office; dog catcher or president for whichever party. I have studied and studied the issues and how these two men have lived their lives and applied their words. All of us have a ways to go to be in concert with what we believe. I feel that Mike Lee is more close to that application of word and deed. He is not perfect, but there is a shorter gap between word and deeds than his opponent has expressed. In my opinion Mike Lee is the Man for the Senate Now.

pam dale

Mike Lee is the right choice for Utah's next US Senator. Mike has the experience and the education to fight Washington and win.

Mike is a constitutional attorney, and that's the kind of statesman we need. Both men have been successful in business, but Mike Lee is the man armed with knowledge to back up what he wants to get done - for Utah and for the USA.

Mike Lee definitely has my vote - it's not even close. Sending Bridgewater would be a resurrection of Bob Bennett. Is that what's best for Utah and the USA?

pam dale

Short and sweet — Tim Bridgewater uses the same tactics that the Left uses to hijack the voters — lies and false promises. He’s desperate and is now saying and doing whatever it takes.

There is only one constitutional conservative running in Utah for the US Senate, and that’s MIKE LEE.

We must rise to the call of our countrymen. Utah must do it’s part to send the most qualified and most conservative representative to Washington to defeat them — otherwise, my friends, we have lost all.


MIKE LEE is an attorney.

BARAK OBAMA is an atorney.

MIKE LEE is an expert on Constitutional Law.

BARAK OBAMA is an expert on Constitutional Law.

We don't need any more MIKE LEE or BARAK OBAMA types in DC.

WE need a person with a background in business.

TIM BRIDGEWATER has my vote!


My husbnd and I have seen enough of the candidates to put aside our independent registration for this election (and then re-register as independent/no-party as soon as we are able . . . and tell the Republicans to take us off their data base). We are doing this because we have seen one candidate who would be an absolute disaster if he ever became Utah's Senator. We will be voting for Bridgewater and (specifically against Lee) . . . not because we think Bridgewater is the best, but because he wouldn't be a disaster for Utah. He's not good, but he's less bad than Lee.


I know Mike Lee personally and can honestly say that he's a very good man and completely true to what he says he stands for. I believe his skill and experience in working with those who debate and create laws for our land will be a great strength in upholding our core conservative values. While both candidates are good men, I sincerely believe Mike can best represent the majority of Utahns as a Senator, including the key area of business and private sector focus, which is where real economic growth originates. Mike understands that as well as all other issues extremely well. Please get your friends and family out to vote in the primary, I have no doubt that this is going to be a very close race.


Furry1993, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, and your comment speaks for itself. Especially if your values don't support the common sense view and values from either candidate. Get informed. Btw, I'm supporting Mike Lee as he's head and shoulders a stronger candidate all round, and one with a rock solid constitutional foundation that he's built his platform on.

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