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Published: Saturday, June 19 2010 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Wally Ballou

Too bad Utah doesn't have a binding "None of the Above" on the ballot - then we could start all over!


I'm voting for Bridgewater because Bennett supports him. It's the least I can do to frustrate the extremist delegates who ousted Bennett. Lee is too conservative, too rigid. He won't be able to work with the other party.

Had Enough

Good for Tim Bridgewater. I hope Dan's more accurate in this poll than he was in calling the Chaffetz race a couple of years ago.....

Had Enough

Go Tim! Let's hope the lead holds.


How exactly do you want our senator to work with Obama? Be more liberal? That is ridiculous! We need a real true conservative to stand up to Obama, not go along with him - that is Mike Lee.


Mike has been pulling it out over the last week! Way to go Mike! You are rockin it. Me, my family and all my extended family are going out to vote for you.


Unfortunately for Bridgewater he had high rankings early in the week and then towards the end of the poll Lee started gainging. Bridgewaters extreme negativity and bold faced lies are going to lose him this election. Just like the last 27 he's been in. Dan Jones couldn't get a poll of children who want a lollipop accurate. This poll means nothing.


I hate polls. It's so hard to know how legit they really are. Especially when this one was SO wrong, something like 20% wrong, a couple years ago in the Chaffetz and Cannon race.

I don't really know who will win this one, but read my screen name and know that I'm afraid of Tim Bridgewater. I can't believe how crazy he's acting lately. What is it with his campaign really thinking that people will believe this madness about EnergySolutions and Mike Lee getting Bob Lonsberry fired?! That is SO ridiculous.


Two problems with this poll. First, when you only poll about 500 people, it is hard to represent all the people involved. Also, with 25% undecided, this is totally up for grabs.


Polls are interesting. Two other polls this week, one done for the Lee camp and one by a group supporting him show similar numbers, only favoring Lee. With margins of error at 4 percent, I think it's going to be a close race.

I hope Lee wins! He is the true consistent conservative, and his expertise on Constitutional law is amazing. We need him to fight the liberals in Washington.


Tim Bridgewater

I have watched Tim for over a year, and I believe he is the best US Senate candidate in the primary. Tim's attitude and methods and his actions have impressed me. Words alone are not enough.


There are enough attorneys in Washington and Bridgewater is a strong conservative and has run a solid well paced campaign.

Good luck Tim, you'll be a great leader.

Older Reader

Lee has been part of the problem in Washington. He is too close to the system. He is a lobbyist and we don't need that.


"A true conservative?" What's that, I'm sick of all the slogan, titles, and headlines. I just hope people do their own research and find out for themselves who they think would be best.


A true conservative says no to every form of government spending except for national defense including protecting the borders. They don't need much money to run the government so they cut taxes. That pretty much sums it up.

DN Subscriber

Lee's negative ads were the deciding factor for me.

We don't need more lawyers back there, especially those with close ties to lots of career politicians.

Bridgewater's business dealings do not upset me at all. He was not the one to pass the laws, and he was advising his clients how to comply with them, much as a lawyer works the law to his client's advantage, even though he may not pass a similar law if he were in that business.

Bridgwater has the energy and drive to fight the Obama administration tooth and nail, and will be less concerned about pleasing political cronies than Lee.

I'm voting Bridgewater!

verum peto

With Utah being one of, if not the most conservative state in the union, it's about time we have a Senator that will religiously defend the Constitution. Mike Lee is the only one in the race able to do this.

Mike Lee's whole career has been focused on getting the federal government OUT of our lives, and he can do that for us, as Senator from Utah.

Mike Lee will bring the constitution back to the debates in the senate,

That's why I support Mike Lee.

Conservative Veteran

Most of the comments here are from individuals who have already decided who they are voting for. The facts are these.

1. This is a small sample size for a statewide race.

2. 25% are still undecided - according to the poll.

3. Whoever wins this primary will be the next Senator from Utah.

All we can really say at this point is that no one (who is being honest) has a clue regarding which will pull off the win on Tuesday.

I wonder if there is any information regarding those who have already voted early - regarding how these two are stacking up for early voters?

Captain Morgan

Can Mike Lee, the lawyer who works for Energy Solutions, represent the citizens of Utah when it comes to tough decisions concerning nuclear waste without being influenced by his employer: Energy Solutions??? I seriously doubt it!!!

I'm voting for Tim Bridgewater. It's a no brainer.


Actually Lee has already said that he is in favor of changing the law to keep waste out.

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