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Witnesses not certain he died immediately

Published: Friday, June 18 2010 4:00 a.m. MDT

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To the Victims families may you have a life of love and peace. To the family of Mr.Gardener may you have the same. All will be in my prayers. May the Lord lift you up and give you strength.

With sympathy to all,
Deborah Strong
United States Marine Corps


I can see putting those who torture and brutalize to death - Ted Bundy. Charlie Manso, etc... But for all others (including Gardner) I don't see the justifiication for the death penalty. Life in prision without parole in a maxium - no frills - prision would be enough. The death penalty is gruesome and inhuman and should only be reserved for the worst of the worst. Gardner is a murderer and the pain he has caused the victims familes will never be quenched but did he torture his victims .. no.


Just the agony on his daughter's face is enough for me. I allready opposed the death penalty on the bases of our legal system being corrupt but his daughter hadn't done anything wrong.

For her to have her first hug from her father since she was 3 the same day he would be killed is just a crime against her.

What did she do to deserve that? I'm sure she understood why he had to be in jail but her agony now came from Utah's sense of unholy vengence. If you support the death penalty you are a killer as well.

And you can't really be a christian and support the killing of repentant sinners as a sacrifice.


When I have looked at the photo of the execution chair, I, like someone else who commented here, can plainly see that the marksmanship of those who executed Ronnie Lee Gardner was far from perfect - far from even "good." At 17 feet distance, ANYone should be able to hit a 2 x 2 inch target. I think I could have hit it by throwing a rock. Rest in Peace to ALL the victims - Ronnie Lee included.



I'm not sure it is all as simple as that. Is his daughter's life harder because of his choices? Yes, but that isn't unusual. Often choices made by parents harm children. From her perspective, is it different for him to be jailed versus dead? I don't know. I will leave that up to her.

Ultimately, I don't think killing as punishment is a particularly problematic approach to dealing with criminals. I do think those who pass judgment should also execute but that is a different question.


I'd much rather face a firing squad than be locked in a cell 24/7 knowing that's where I'm going to die of old age. That would be the worst punishment I can think of.

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