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Witnesses not certain he died immediately

Published: Friday, June 18 2010 4:00 a.m. MDT

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Mike in Sandy...Loved your comment.


"How backwards we've become in some ways!"

Indeed, why have justice at all? Let's forget the laws and rules that bind a society. Let's just close all prisons, why have police to enforce the rules of a society. why even have a court system.

Best solution is no rules, no laws; everyone for themselves, since is what some of you out there want.

I know, let's install a system found in the movie: Excape from New York. Throw all the pick-pockets, rapists, arsonists - all together and let them fight it out.


Brother Chuck: whether or not he was a mormon had nothing to do with it.


readAbook: What compassion did he show his victims.


vic|8:32 p.m. June 18, 2010
"How backwards we've become in some ways!"

Indeed, why have justice at all? Let's forget the laws and rules that bind a society. Let's just close all prisons, why have police to enforce the rules of a society. why even have a court system.

Best solution is no rules, no laws; everyone for themselves, since is what some of you out there want.


Uh. . . so, uh. . . so who said that that is what they want? Who "out there" said that is what they want?

Wow. Just wow.


Do you REALLY want prison inmates doing Community service..fixing roads? And where does it say that the death penalty is wrong? This has nothing to do with the law of Moses. I believe it is for HIS own good to give up his life if he has any chance at all at being saved! I sure don't want guys like this fixing my roads..Sheesh!


techhie211|1:31 p.m. June 18, 2010

Perhaps a better idea would be to allow the people to arm and protect themselves, rendering all this a moot point. An armed person is rarely a victim, and if someone is stupid enough to get killed in a robbery, rape etc. attempt, they deserved what they got.



You've gotta be kidding me!

Okay, conservatives, I know most of ya don't agree with this guy, but you know something? He's on your side.

Pam in Illinois

To Enough: Have you ever seen prison inmates out on the road working? There are supervised by heavly armed guards. It isn't a frolick out in the sunshine. It is hard labor. It would save a lot of money having to pay people to do it. I would rather see the money go to other systems who need it more. You might need to study the New Testament a little more often. What would Jesus do?


vic | 8:32 p.m. June 18, 2010
"How backwards we've become in some ways!"

"Best solution is no rules, no laws; everyone for themselves, since is what some of you out there want."

I don't even feel like responding to your post since all it shows is that there are really evil people like you voting for other really evil people and there's nothing we can do about it. You will do what you want and so will your neighbor who represents you. Justice doesn't mean anything you and you use it to make yourself feel good and powerful. You can vote, you can serve on juries and if your vote is wrong that is fine too. If it kills someone that is fine too and the people on death row who were convicted and appealed for decades only to be proven innocent should accept that it is the rules and the laws and they had the opportunity to stand before 12 of their ignorant neighbors and let those neighbors vote to kill them, an innocent person, for something they didn't do. Do they get to vote to kill their evil juror neighbors?



"Condolences to his victims and their families and to his family as well. Brighter days will follow."

You have no right to talk about his victim's family or to use them to advance your agenda.

The family of the person he's being executed for killing DID NOT want him executed so leave them out of it. There is a reason that the only family member quoted in the article is that of a guy who was only WOUNDED and not killed. Why she was even allowed to attend this execution when she was not the family of a victim of a crime someone can be executed for escapes me. What's next? The family of a store clerk who was robbed will be allowed to attend the executions of someone who commits a murder 10 years after the robbery?

If I was the family of someone who was killed and you dared use my family in this manner you will see about your brighter day when. Do you have no shame? Do you have no compassion or do you intend to victimize them more to advance your agenda? You are truly evil.


As sad as the taking of a life may be, as Donne said no man is an island, there is no doubt the world has become more violent and locking up murderers is not a fair exchange for the lives they took. As an English writer resident in Spain, I commend Utah for having the moral courage to deter killers and defend its population with the ultimate deterrent of an eye for an eye.


Perhaps being from IL you are unaware of what happened here in "Happy Valley," UT last week. A young woman was out for a walk on a nature trail and was attacked by a man who pulled her off the trail, into the bushes, and raped her, then beat her severely- including breaking her jaw, and left her for dead. Who is the alleged assailant? Just such an inmate as you're suggesting- out working in the community, he escaped the day before from those "Heavily armed guards." Only he was in for minor crimes such as theft and drugs. You might want to rethink that, "Let's put murderers on the community workforce" idea. I sure don't want them working on my roads!

Broken Hearted Mother

Being the mother of a Murder Victim there is no pain like that of someone taking the life of your loved one. And as with my case this family chose to think only of their feelings not the feelings of the victims families. Murder is not just a mistake you can say I have changed for. He needed to pay for his choice to kill. He did not give his victims a choice but yet he got to live for years and then chose the way to die himself. I send the families of the victims my thoughts and prayers and I pray that his family starts to think of the suffering their family member inflicted on others and show enough compassion to NOT inflict more pain. If a member of my family took the life of another I could not bear to add to that pain by not giving them a day to possibly find a small amount of closure.

LDS Liberal

Cats | 3:12 p.m. June 18, 2010
Dear LDS Liberal: I don't believe you are really LDS.


Born, raised, and card-carrying since 1977.

I'm truely sorry that is so difficult for you to believe.

I am however curious,
What was it exactly that I have said that makes you believe that I am not active LDS and not in good standing?

[BTW - Thanks Sutton | 4:07 p.m.]


All of you people sound as blood thirsty to me as RLG was. God is the only one who can take a life and don't you think that God had already sentenced Mr. Gardner to death he had luekemia can you imagine a life in prison with no medical care to speak of for a disease like luekemia how much suffering you would go through, the pain and the sickness....that was Gods sentence to Mr. Gardner and yet the state of Utah chose to overlook God's sentence and chose to carry out their own. and as for the money aspect if you do your research it costs an average of 37 Million dollars to us taxpayers to take a deathrow inmate through the appeal process and finally execute them and it costs an average of 11 million to house/feed them on a life sentence. However this should not be about the money...Murder is wrong, Period!!! God had the siruation under control to where RLG would have suffered more than any of his victims did and Utah just gave him his freedom with no more suffering and no pain involved....you guys screwed up!!!

LDS Liberal

My final word on this thread --

I'm totally against the State or Government having the ultimate power and authority to decide who lives and who dies, period.

The Europeans don't have such laws because of the horrors committed by abuse of such laws during WWII.

From a people who once had the State issue an "Extermination Order", I am sadder still.

Keep the Government out of the execution business.

Ronnie Lee Garner won't ever kill again -
but the State of Utah will.

BTW - If you want to save innocent lives -- each of you should slow down and don't text or use a cell phone while driving.


I personally don't own a cell phone but I agree with everything else you say LDS Liberal


JBs: The LDS church has nothing to do with this.


JRJ: If he did repent he will be forgiven but he will suffer the consequences of his actions.


I am very private about my political and spiritual thoughts. The only thing I will share is how appalled I am with are the marksmen on the firing squad. Because only four rounds are fired and the fifth is a blank so each member of the squad can pose the question in their conscience of they were one of the team who actually put a person to death. This is reasonable and compassionate for them. What I am HORRIFIED about is the firing squads lack of skill. The bullseye target was only 17 FEET away from where the shots were fired from. From the pictures of the death chair only one round struck the target where the kill shot was to be. Shame on them. I am a female marine and wear the insignia of an excellent marksmen. This means I can hit a target at 500 yards directly in the bullseye with a service rifle(no scope used). These men were 17 feet away and only ONE was on the target for the kill shot. Though I would not want to have had this job at least I would have been true to whom I was to kill.

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