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Witnesses not certain he died immediately

Published: Friday, June 18 2010 4:00 a.m. MDT

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Dear kkodey: There's no such word as "irregardless."

Christ said nothing in opposition to the death penalty for murder. He also stated that his purpose was not to take anything away from the prophets. To say it was God and not Christ who made statements in favor of the death penalty is ludicrous. Christ IS God. Christ and his Father are one in purpose and in the commandments.

Look, I understand why someone wouldn't like Capital Punishment. It is a very gruesome thing. But, it is the only way true justice can be done. Would you rob the criminal of his opportunity to pay for his crime and work toward his forgiveness in the next life?

These occassions are tragic, but it's something that just has to be done. So sad for everyone.

LDS Liberal

garrjo | 11:57 a.m.
Their can be no doubt that the Old Testament teaches capital punishment.


1. This is a State law - not God's Law.

2. You can't pick and choose what OLD tesament laws to accept and reject.

If you insist of living them,
Change the laws and call for public executions of adulters,
People with flat noses, the blind or the lame can not go to church,
Don't graze cattle with other cattle,
Don't wear clothes made of more than one fabric....

and my all time favorite;
Anyone with a different religion should die.

Is that what you want?

LDS Liberal

Cats | 1:43 p.m.
But, it is the only way true justice can be done. Would you rob the criminal of his opportunity to pay for his crime and work toward his forgiveness in the next life?

Wait a second --

1. true justice? This is a State issue.

2. If it is about a sinner and forgiveness - Stop using the Governemnt from "FORCING" redemption on people - that is against free agency.

If that is what you want, allow a criminal to commit suicide.
Keep the State out of the business of taking lives.


I feel "sorry" for him.Yes what he did was wrong when he was 23 and 24. I would blame his youth and wrong upbringing(his step dad took him for robberies).He must have changed over the years and so many years behind the bars was enough penalty(being in the prison since the age of 23or24 he hardly saw the good side of life).When I read the comments most of them are merciless, cruel and cold. I think those people who are more concerned about "taxpayers money" than for mercy are bigger murderers. If we are told that only the sinless should throw the 1st stone(pass judgement), none of us would be here.Also God desires "mercy". Mr Gardner is now liberated from all the shackles and prisons and I hope he made the right choice of accepting Jesus to live the eternal life God promised.


techhie211, stop signs? Do people stop at stop signs because they can be punished. Maybe. What about when there is no one around, do people still stop? I would think that they can't be punished if there is no one there to punish them. Then millions of people wouldn't stop at stop signs, red lights, run overing curbs, running over pedestrians, etc. If it isn't the punishment that stops them, what is it. It could be that they just want to do the right thing. The stop sign is there so they stop. They don't want to hurt anyone so they don't run over the pedestrian. Some people can't be punished for not stopping at stop signs but they still do it; it cold be that it is just the right thing to do.

Maybe, it isn't the punishment; really is that what it is for you? If it was night and no one could see you go through a red light or a stop sign, I believe you have other reasons why you stop, just doing the right thing.

New Testament is the completion of the Bible, by showing love, Jesus.


Some day we will be the worlds worse end.
The human being ist the worse of all animals on this planet.
I'm ashamed from our doing.
Who give a human the right to kill an other human?
Nobody....and it will not make the sin go away or the victim alive again.....
Every bad person will be get punished on judgement day and only the Lord will make this decision.
God forgive them, because they don't know what thet doing!


techhie211, just saying that I believe that America has changed for the worse. As I noticed, the only countries that don't believe in rehabilitation or people that don't believe in rehabilitation are countries that believe in hate, Muslim countries, countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, China, Afghanista, countries that makes women wear Burkas, countries that treat women really bad, even whole continents like Africa, and the United States.

Countries that care about people, countries that are more advanced like Canada, England, Sweden, Norway, etc. even Mexico believe in rehabilitation. They don't have a death penalty.

People don't think about the consequences. We are the ones that sit back and think of what is right. Maybe, we could do something right. Maybe, we could look at rehabilitation. Death penalty didn't work for Gardner. Death penalty just doesn't work. Why can't we use something that does work.


Dear LDS Liberal: I don't believe you are really LDS.


Cats, the LDS church does not espouse blood atonement anymore. It is only alive and well in Utah LDS culture, which is NOT doctrine or part of the LDS church.


Dear JBs: I did not espouse blood atonement.


There seems to be a lot of chatter against capitol punishment. To those against capitol punishment, consider this --- To me life in a small prison cell for the duration of my life IS cruel and unusual punishment. Until the time comes when we can imprison criminals with the freedom to be free and productive in an economical and just way without risking the lives of others, then the only compassionate, safe and humane option is to end their life. It's not worth the risk to society, cost to the rest of us and suffering of the imprisoned to do otherwise.

Pam in Illinois

Usually I am not on the side of LDS Liberal or Visions of compassion, but in this case I most certainly am. If we also believe the New Testament to be the word of God, then we should know that the law of moses was done away because of Jesus. The death penalty is wrong. On the other hand.....prison ought not to be so comfortable and have these murderers get a college education with three meals a day. Utah roads could use some work and I am sure there are many more uses for people who do not like to follow the law.


"Dear LDS Liberal: I don't believe you are really LDS."

Dear Cats, I feel that LDS Liberal exemplifies what LDS is then you do...

Jason F.

"We must send the message that we value human life so highly that, if you take a life, YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR OWN."

No, we must show that we value life by showing that we will not even murder those who commit murder themselves. Otherwise we're saying: "Hey, life is really valuable and you deprived someone of it, so we're going to kill you now to show how valuable life is."

"You may not like it, and if you can't accept it you most likely "believe" you support justice but you don't really. You just waffle your way through life thinking murderers sitting in a cell, wasting away is somehow justice."

How about we turn this around - if you support the death penalty you may "believe" you support justice but you don't really. You just waffle your way through life thinking murderers being murdered by the state is somehow justice.

The death penalty is not justice - in fact, it's actually antithetical to the notion of justice. You've just fooled yourself into thinking otherwise.

How sad.


That is a good argument, although I wouldn't ever call ending a life safe, compassionate, or humane. Neither is life in prison.
However I'd still side with life in prison because of the rare occasion when new evidence emerges, the conditions in modern prisons being less cruel than it ever has been (If you see prison as a defensive maneuver of removing danger from society and not as a deterrent), and the possibility of true redemption happening.
For those who believe the death penalty isn't being used as a deterrent tool, why a firing squad? Why the ritual, the show?! It could be less painful and less foreboding if we wanted it to be only about removing the individual from being a threat.
For the comment about Jesus saying nothing about the death penalty..what a hoot! He also didn't say anything about the ipad..


One commenter did make a point: who were his victims and what were the circumstances? I don't live in Utah and have no knowledge of those circumstances. I'm glad he has "repented", but no amount of repenting in the world won't undo murder and bring back those lives he took.


Yet another sad chapter in this the most peculiar culture in the United States.
Killing people for any reason will come back to haunt all those that expouse this god-playing tragedy.

David B.

I support the death penalty but what I don't support is sitting on death row for 25 years at our expense! We have the technology now to totally confirm the identity of a suspect if not see him actually do it. The constitution provides us with a fair trial and appeals process but thanks to the whiners somehow they get appeal after appeal after appeal and this has stop.Even though the system does need to be fixed though,prison is not suppose to be a country club like it is now.Mandatory 8 hrs hard labor,grow their own produce(but that depends on climate)Calif.has a couple of prisons that grow their own food.


Rox|11:28 a.m. June 18, 2010
Hey MarkyMark...Yup. You bet.


MarkyMark? Well okay.

Well your lack of maturity is one of the reasons you would have never been choosen to be a member of the firing squad. Imagine being proud that you would want to be unprofessional in a situation like that.


Personally, I think he should have been executed a long time ago instead of being supported by our tax dollars. I don't think he is remorseful at all....he killed 2 innocent men and he lived longer than they were able to. You would think that he would at least said he was sorry as his last words! Good Riddance.

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