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Witnesses not certain he died immediately

Published: Friday, June 18 2010 4:00 a.m. MDT

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If the death penalty is justice, then why do we not execute everyone convicted of murder?
If our intention is to teach others not to kill, then why do we do it hidden away behind walls?
Why do we not have public executions? If it is going to help the victims family so much, then why do we not let them see his face while he dies?
For those who want to argue a scriptural argument (which I find highly offensive)
I think all Mormons that support the death penalty, should be required to meet in the middle of temple square, and participate in a public stoning of the convicted.
If god approves, then it isn’t murder, right?
I leave out the other religions, because as far as I could see, they were all at church asking for forgiveness and clemency.


The Sixth Commandment clearly is a prohibition against murder; not an injunction against capital punishment, the death penalty.

God says to Noah and his family, "And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; and at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man. Whosoever sheddeth a man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.". Capital punishment, the taking of the perpetrators life, is what God demands for the murder of a human being by man or beast.

Their can be no doubt that the Old Testament teaches capital punishment. It began by demanding it for murder and expanded its application under the Law given to Moses. Therefore, the principle of capital punishment is well established.


I say not only kill the murderers but they should be killed in the same manner that they killed. If they torture victims in any way let them be punished in the same way. I think this might deter more effectively than shooting a shell of the perpetrator 25 years later.


I have always felt that it should be our personal privilege to have right to death, as well as right to life. If a person desires to die, then the state should act as executioner, irregardless if there is capital crime or not. If I or somebody desires to come forward and die or serve a sentence in behalf of another person, we should be given that privilege and right. I don't see why anybody should have to commit a crime in order for the state to end their lives.

Visions of compassion

Some follow the teachings of the brutal Old Testament god, "an eye for any eye" (which also is found in The Koran).
Others are more comfortable with the New Testament god preaching love, compassion and forgiveness, "Father forgive them - they know not what they do."
Taking the life of another can never bring back the dead.


As a person whose own brother committed murder (and admitted it after he got out of prison) I feel that death is the only true form of punishment for this sort of crime. My brother played the game while in prison, even cozying up to the warden. When he got out he was a professional "con". That's the only difference I was able to see in him. As far as "rehabilitation" there was none that I could see. I feel that justice would have been served had he been put to death.


We don't have the death penalty in Canada. Life in prisonment is only 18 years - they you're eligible for parole. What a joke. If you don't want the death penalty then life in prisonment should be just that, with no priviledges. It's supposed to be a punishment.


Sometimes when I reflect on what has happened for the day, I am reminded of how we have changed or who we have become.

Look at our neighbors, Mexico and Candada. They believe in rehabilitation; they don't have the death penalty.

Look at who we have joined, the ones that have the death peanalty, Middle Eastern countries, China, African countries, etc.

Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, is that really who we are?

I don't believe that anyone thinks about what the punishment is going to be when they commit a crime; the death penalty is not a deterent to crime.

Does anyone really believe that the punishment stops someone from commiting a crime. Has the punishment ever stopped me or you from doing the wrong thing, just a thought.

Today, I will be out on my boat with friends, having a great free time. Today, prisoners will still be locked up, never having a chance to see what life if like, maybe never knowing what life is really like.


Well said Chase!

This man has paid a mortal price for his actions. We now forgive him as Christ taught. But forgiveness does not come prior to paying a penalty.

Taking SEVERAL lives...Mr. Gardner is responsible for his own death, not the state, not the people who ended his life. Mr. Gardner's decisions were his own. He lost the right to make decisions for his own life.

God has always sanctioned loss of life for murder, what Bible are you people reading?

Christ did not say to the men on the cross, it is unjust what is being done to you...even the one man on the cross corrected the one who railed on the Saviour..we deserve what is happening to us, this man has done nothing.

Do not compare Christ (a perfect, innocent man) being murdered by "he state" to a guilty man paying for his crimes. His punishment is equal to his crime and may even benefit him in the next life...where I promise...he will continue to pay for his crimes. As all of us will if we do not accept the attonement...


I am not sure how I feel about the death penalty in general, but in this case it seems warranted and justice seems to have been served. For those who have been so enraged about the use of the firing squad as the means of execution, remember: that is what he picked. Condolences to his victims and their families and to his family as well. Brighter days will follow.


Peru and most other countries much more civilized. No jails like Guantanamo, and no capital punishment. O well, it's a kind of self purification to kill a mean man. Pity.


"Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind" It sickens me that some of you argue about the difference between murder and kill, that some of you find a sense of relief and even enjoyment in this grotesque act.

There is NO moral difference between this and the horrifying beheadings overseas. It's not complicated..no semantic debate..I don't need a lawyer or linguistics professor to figure out if something I'm doing is wrong. The justification that some are coming up with is frightening and emotionally based.
How backwards we've become in some ways!


Garrjo, yes, the old testament demanded death.

The New Testament says to live by love.

When I was young, I believed in getting even. I was probably as bad as anybody. As I have become older, hopefully a little wiser, I think there is a time for punishment, and there is a time when I realize punishment just doesn't work.

If I can get someone to really care about me, I don't have to punish them. I own some businesses, and I have about a hundred people that work for me, and I help out my friends that own similiar businesses, and that adds a couple of hundred more people that I manage.

I have come to realize, love is a good way to be in control. I care for everyone that works for me. They see that in me. As a result, they like being with me. They do so much more for me, then they would for someone else. Love can change people.

Maybe, we could rehabilite people and treat them right instead of saying, "oh, let's just put them away forever or let's take their life." I know I have made mistakes.


I see the wacky blood atonement people are alive and well.
These are the same people that supported a bogus cowboy for president, America's first and only preemptive war, torture, and most likely the snuffing out of innocent people's lives at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When you meet these types you find they are the happiest and anger-free people on Earth.


I don't think it works like a speed limit "well I better slow down or I might get a ticket" Do you think that a killer's mind thinks like that? "well if I follow through here and get caught, the worst they'll do to me is life is prison, ha ha suckers!" Premeditated or not, I don't think you'll find much rational thought going on in there. A deterrent will work only when we intelligently consider the consequences of our actions. It doesn't apply for these types of crimes. Ones so emotionally based.

Fiscal Hawk

Two things are certain...he will never kill again and the world just because a safer place.


A few thoughts...
Visions of compassion said: "Some follow the teachings of the brutal Old Testament god..." God is God, Jesus' father. Though you might think him to be brutal, he is the same person as Jesus, according to the bible

Bigfatdog... said: "...Has the punishment ever stopped me or you from doing the wrong thing..."
Of course it has, that and my self respect. Otherwise, what would be the point of stop signs, etc. Now, I'm not sure what (if anything) keeps YOU from doing the wrong thing.

Like many others have said in these comments, we need to reduce the appeal time so we don't end up supportsing these scum for 25 years. Especially the ones who've admitted what they've done.
Perhaps a better idea would be to allow the people to arm and protect themselves, rendering all this a moot point. An armed person is rarely a victim, and if someone is stupid enough to get killed in a robbery, rape etc. attempt, they deserved what they got.

AF ret

1. The death penalty was never meant to be a deterrant against crime. It is a way of permanently removing a person from this life so that he/she does not kill another person.
2. Nobody reejoices when an execution takes place. We just re-examine our own consciousness, our own values, our own faith (or lack thereof).
3. For all you Christians out there: That we should forgive always and leave the judgement up to Him. He also taught that "if you have ought with thy brother, go to him" and (basically) square things up with him BEFORE you come to me (Christ) to ask for forgiveness. An executed murderer can go to his REAL victim to make amends and ask for forgiveness from the one who was murdered. THAT victim spirit/person now has the opportunity to grow in their own right by giving that forgiveness (if they desire to do so). There IS God-given forgiveness for taking one's life - but ceretain eternal laws have to be followed to achieve it, some of which take place after we leave this mortal life.

Not So Fast

Quoting the Old Testament to use ancient Hebrew laws by Christians (those who follow Christ and believe what he said regarding his role and "The Law") is interesting and convenient for those who think somehow justice was served. Absurd.


Brainuser @ 11:09: Please Google "exoneration project" and let us know what you think then. Now THAT would be a sign that your name is meaningful

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