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Witnesses not certain he died immediately

Published: Friday, June 18 2010 4:00 a.m. MDT

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CT98, the trajectory of the bullets was undoubtedly altered to a small degree as it passed through his body. You can't tell exactly where the bullets hit his chest based on the wholes in the chair behind him. And, like you said, some of the variance in bullet placement may have been intentional, although I doubt that.

Not So Fast

What a blood thirsty bunch I find here. I am sad that anybody thinks this solved anything when even the victim's family thought it was atrocious. His final judgement was always in divine hands. And we are more worried about money than human life? Those who are asking: It IS far more expensive to execute than to let a person live in prison for life. Where is love, forgiveness and mercy? Justice would be restoring a lost life, not making another one. The U.S. stands with third-world countries, and the Middle East in nations that actively execute others. It clearly, obviously, isn't a stopping murders. I am sure we made Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Lebanon, Somalia, Ghana, Iraq and Iran very proud.


Had I been one of the shooters...
.."Oops..I thought you said on 'one'."

So. Cal Reader

I thought I felt something last night about 12:15am. I thought it was another after shock. I didn't think I'd hear the shots this far away! Sorry, but Gardner got what he deserved. I'm just sorry that so many tens of thousands of tax paying dollars (for you in Utah; not me) was spent over the countless delays. 25 years for someone sentence to death to finally receive his true sentence, at least here in mortality. Way too long!

Just Me

I support capital punishment, however, 25 years is cruel and unusual.

We need to fix the justice system to punish these people a bit quicker...He deserved what he got, but if he really changed like he says he did...it was cruel (although correct) to do what they id.


Dear Not So fast: The fiancee of ONE victim was opposed to the execution. The family members of the others supported it. They said they felt relieved when it was over and they were at peace.

Having said that, this is a tragedy. The death penalty is the only way the punishment can fit the crime. In addition, life in prison is truly cruel and unusual punishment. That's why Gary Gilmore wanted to be executed. He had spent his life in prison and knew what it was like. He preferred death.

When someone commits a murder he/she destroys so many lives. Not only the victim but the victim's family. In addition, he/she destroys his/her own life and family and traumitizes society.

We should not celebrate these executions. We should do it with great sorrow. But, they must be done. We must send the message that we value human life so highly that, if you take a life, YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR OWN.


Rox|10:33 a.m. June 18, 2010
Had I been one of the shooters...
.."Oops..I thought you said on 'one'."


So in other words you would have been totally unprofessional.


Random thoughts:
Justice was served 25 years ago, with a fair trial and a jury verdict. What happened this morning was not justice, it was vengeance.

Whether you favor or oppose capital punishment, nobody should be happy or celebrating today.

Maybe everyone who favors capital punishment should have to watch it, to see what the actual consequences of their views are. It might make them think twice.

Yes, MapleDon, the DN DID write something about Gardner's victims and their families. In fact, over the last few days, there have been multiple articles describing the pain and difficulty Gardner caused to their families. I read every one of them. They are not nobodies. Their lives do matter, as much to those who oppose the death penalty as to anyone else. Trying to paint death penalty opponents as unfeeling or uncaring to victims is unfair and misses the entire point.

My most sincere sympathies go out today to the families of Gardner's victims, and to Gardner's own family, who are also victims. But my greatest sympathy is for a society that continues to think what happened today is right.


It's unfortunate that there are people in this world so evil that they cannot exist in society without killing and harming others even when confined as a prisoner. Gardner was one of those people. I thank the people that risked their lives every day tending to his needs and working in his vicinity. It's unfortunate that he had to die, but thankfully it was him and not yet another innocent. May his many victims find some closure and peace in his death after he dragged this out for so many years.


It's disheartening to see such unintelligent comments about "State Sponsored Murder".

Is it theft when the state FORCES you to pay for your traffic citation?
Is it unlawful for law authorities to FORCE you, against your will, into a jail cell?
Is it theft when when the bank takes your car and house because you didn't pay your bills?

Mercy can not rob the demands of justice. If mercy prevails, how his justice met?

When you take something, justice demands you give it back. Since those innocent souls can't be brought back, the next best thing - IF YOU BELIEVE IN JUSTICE - is having your own life taken; YOU MUST GIVE SOMETHING. Giving NOTHING is NOT justice.

Murder is malicious. Breaking the law is malicious.
Capital punishment is justice. Consequences and punishments issued by the law are justice. There is a fundamental and distinct difference.

You may not like it, and if you can't accept it you most likely "believe" you support justice but you don't really. You just waffle your way through life thinking murderers sitting in a cell, wasting away is somehow justice.



The Death Penalty is ineffective as a deterrent because it takes so long. One appeal then let justice take it's course.

I do feel bad for families all around, both victims and condemned, but Gardner got what he deserves. If only all murderers could get their just due then the world would be a better place.

DN Subscriber

Twenty five years from crime to punishment is absurd!

Exactly how much have we taxpayers paid to the lawyers working for the late Mr. Gardner? Was their goal to ensure a fair trial and appropriate reviews for their client, or just a lengthy career with a blank check to pursue every frivolous legal gimmick they can think up... with there obscene hourly meters running the whole time?

Gardner got his just punishmnent, but about 23 years late.

I send my condolences the the victims and their families.

LDS Liberal

Chase | 11:07 a.m.

It might do you some good to understand Justice & Mercy.

You advocated Justice and justice being served, but Mercy is also part of our judicial system.

Cry blood all you want,
State Executions are State sponsored killings - period.


The People are murderers no matter what the justification. So much revenge here under the guise of 'justice'. Kill this guy while the US still pays former NAZI murderers and Japanese murderers retirement from WWII because they cooperated with the US and turned over the results of inhuman experiments on Live US POW's.
There is no such thing as Justice when government is involved and the taxpayer is the willing accomplice to murder in each case.


For all those refering to the bible, make sure to at least be correct.

To readAbook "Thou shalt not kill. Christ made it very clear." The command it thou shal not MURDER and it was made perfectly clear by God to Moses, a long time before JC.

To Not So Fast "His final judgement was always in divine hands". His spiritual judgement of his deeds are in Gods hands. The bible hands down many examples of punishment for crimes between man and man. Capital punishment included.

And to RenoGardner "Not a Christian virtue. We break God's law--thou shalt not kill--to avenge the victims' families". Again, it is thou shall not MURDER. You are allowed to kill someone under very specific circumstances. It is MURDER when it is sporting.


Hey MarkyMark...Yup. You bet.


FOR SHAME! This is terrifying and disgusting. Everytime I read of an execution I feel physically ill. It is beyond appalling and utterly unacceptable, whichever way one looks at it. I am generally moderate and not one for "absolutes," but it is sickening and twisted for anyone to think that state-sanctioned murder is acceptable. Period. I have heard victims' families explain that it didn't give them the relief the expected. (Duh! The death of another isn't going to bring your loved one back.) Several studies have shown that it is more expensive to execute someone than house them for the remained of their life. It is not a deterrent to crime. It is simply barbaric.


Hmmmm. Gun men? No gun women? Also I find the comments about believing in capital punishment, but not wanting to watch it interesting. I'd like to see the actuall killing done by draft like jury selection. I wonder how long the death peanalty would last?


readAbook. Christ never said "Thou shalt not kill.". That was God and it is more accurately translated to "Thou shalt not murder." There is a difference between killing and murdering.

Also please read Deuteronomy 19:21. "A life for a life."

Now Christ did say "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." Which indicates that his view was those that sin should not judge/punish others because of their sins.


Justice has been served and fullfilled. There is other news in the making. It's over with Ronnie Lee Gardner. Let's move on people. Now they want to make a movie of his life. Write a book also. He got more attention than Gary Coleman. Move on.....

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