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Published: Friday, June 18 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I will never understand how anyone can consider the death penalty a form of justice. Ronnie Lee Gardner's death didn't bring back those he killed 25 years ago - it served no purpose other than to illustrate that people haven't evolved beyond barbaric acts of violence and cruelty. How can we teach our children the difference between right and wrong when our "justice" system doesn't even seem to be able to distinguish between the two? What Gardner did was wrong, but killing him didn't negate that wrong - only added to it.


You know, it's always sad to see someone die, but knowing in this case, that the world is a better place without him, brings a sense of peace.


Ronnie, I hope you and your victims can all now rest in peace.


What can one say at such a moment... we should all prepare for eternity.


The world may be a better place without him, but it's a worse place because of what we did to him.

Steven Harper

M. said it best, "Ronnie Lee Gardner will never kill again, but the state of Utah will." State-sanctioned, premeditated murder... It lets us know who we REALLY are.


EliseM i guess you have never had a loved one murdered , you cant explain how you feel , Jesus said and eye for and eye , now get out of this country and go to Iran where things are so much different, get a life !! better than that take another murderous monster to the same chair , , i agree with Chuckie , the world is a better place , end of his story.


An eye for an eye,
And a tooth for a tooth.
A life for a life,
And a truth for a truth.


I wish he could have just been kept, for a very very unbearably long time, until time ended for him, in prison. It would have cost us UT taxpayers less, it is a much more effective form of punishment, and it just might have been an opportunity for this individual to do right. I am so sorry that this person was killed in Utah tonight.


Ronnie died to pay his debt to society for what he did. We will ll someday die and will pay our debt for our own sins. No one gets out of here alive and we will all pay our debt for what we have done, both large and small. Ronnie was lucky, he was able to leave his burden behind and move forward. We all have to continue to bear our burdens until our day comes to be releived from them. Rest in peace RLG.


Elise- Teach your children that if they do wrong, they end up like gardner. He had no remorse until he saw the end. I'm sure if he could have escaped, he would have and hurt someone in the process.


The only one who made this difficult was RLG and his attorneys. They stalled it out 25 years adding enormous cost to the process. In cases such as this, where the identity of the killer is absolutely certain, the mistakenly-executing-an-innocent-person argument does not hold up. Furthermore, exonerations have occurred because of DNA testing. Now that we have DNA testing, uncertainly can be greatly minimized. The Oklahoma City Bomber was executed in 6 years from the date of the blast. Shortening the appeals process is doable. We need to do it and we need to bring back the firing squad. It's very quick, reliable and humane.


To all of you who feel the need to keep "quoting" the Bible: 'An eye for an eye' was the Law of Moses. If you know your Bible, what did Jesus say about the Law of Moses? Well? This particular execution didn't need to take place; it really didn't.


"No court has given us a full and fair adjudication," attorney Andrew Parnes told reporters. Well Mr. Parnes what "full and fair” adjudication did Gardner give to those he robbed and MURDERED during his escape? You got your money Mr. Parnes, now go chase another ambulance and tie up the courts so you can rack up your client's bill. And to "attentive", you'd better go back and re-read your Bible; Jesus said that he did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. Just as He told the woman caught in the act of adultery, "I don't condemn you either, go there for and sin no more." Gardner must have missed that day in Sunday school.

Cal Coug

My only regret is that it took 25 years for justice to be served. To all those who feel badly for him, it's really a shame that you can't see what ignoring justice will do to our society. His victims' blood "cried from the ground to the Lord for vengeance." A just society needs strict laws. Killing a murderer is not evil. It's administering justice. Punishing the rest of society by letting them live comfortably in prison for 25 years is a much greater miscarriage of justice.


Attentive made my point for me while I was registering. Jesus brought a New Law, He never said, "An eye for an eye." If you must quote, then please know who and what you are quoting.

I used to believe that capital punishment was fine, but then I realized that it's impossible to value life and agree with the state taking it at the same time. I pray for the day when life without parole replaces state-sanctioned killing. I will never again believe that execution is acceptable. It's immoral, and all it does is show that Utah and the other states that practice it think life is cheap. It's not justice--it's just another murder by a different name. And it diminishes all of us.


@ attentive, "Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed" (Genesis 9:6), is what the Lord said to Noah, well before the Law of Moses was instituted.


We are a much less of a cicilized society whenever vengence and revenge are heeded at the expense of human life and dignity.


I believe the death penalty is a clear form of justice borne by the jurors and those who passed the laws permitting this type of resolution to violent and heinous crime and criminal behavior.

What makes it problematic is that it is not distributed evenly across all classes in our society. There are lots of people who grow up from abusive families who choose not to kill others to act out their aggressiveness and revenge.

The key lies in something I don't clearly understand, and that is how deception works within the criminal mind. I think if we had a better understanding of this process, many would embrace this form of justice as a sure remedy and deterrent to violent and vicious crime by rejecting the idea that any fantasy, even if life threatening or life ruining, as in killing/murder, is not sufficient to be considered akin to mercy.

As a society we need to be protected from vicious criminals and the fantasy that deep down they are really good people. Capital punishment does this by making their rationalizations and nonsensical pleas come to an appropriate ending in death.


This execution is not Revenge or Retribution. It is simply the protection of innocent citizens from a violent murderer. By Ronnie Lee Gardner's heart being stopped by 4 bullets, he is now unable to murder again. It is a shame that he was not executed 25 years ago. This was not Swift Justice, but it was Certain. Better Late than never.

Peace to All.

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