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Published: Thursday, June 17 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico

I wish Gardner hadn't killed those innocent people, and none of this would be happening.


I have a hard time believing we have people who still kill people. If they can be Judge, Juror and executioner, without any thought or concern for their victims why do they and their family have trouble with the state doing it in the prescribe manner. Lets cry for the victims tonight and know justice was finally done.


I wish Gardner had had a fair chance in life. Physically and sexually abused beginning when he was 5? Institutionalized when he was 11? His primary care-giver (if he can be called that!) teaching him how to be a criminal when he was 14? No matter how you view the events of 25 years ago, the ensuing 25 years, or tonight, this is a horrible scenario from start to finish. The families of the victims of Mr. Gardner's horrible crimes may find "closure - whatever that is - and if that's what they're looking for, I hope they get it. I wonder. however, if Mr. Gardner's professed transformation is real.


Never understood how someone who has killed doesn't want to be killed.


I have always been very pro death penalty.

When the stark reality of it stares you in the face, and you read lines like this, it's shakes my lifelong beliefs.... "The prison allowed the family to touch the inmate through bars.

"He's never touched no one but his lawyer's hand" since coming to prison, his brother, Randy Gardner said. "We kissed him goodbye.""

That's pretty rough. I hate this whole saga from beginning to end.


Sad his victims didnt get the chance to touch and say goodbye to their families. And this nonsense of the farm he wanted to start was garbage.. This was just for another escape route. If he was let loose today he would kill tommorow. The only thing that changed was his hairline..

Chris B

to RKC

Well said!

Older Reader

Enough of the weepy stories! His time and excuses have run out.

Brother Chuck Schroeder

HOW SAD. Randy Gardner reached through the bars of a maximum-security cell and shook his little brother's hand. Then he kissed him goodbye. Are them redneck Utahns paranoid, scared of prison riots, state prison inmates will be placed on lockdown as a security measure for Utah's first execution in 11 years. The Deseret News will be tweeting information from the Utah State Prison before and after the execution. A five-member firing squad is scheduled to shoot Ronnie Lee Gardner to death just after midnight, prison officials will move him to a room with a black executioner's chair on one end, gun ports on the other end and with viewing rooms on both sides, where he will be executed. Under Utah law, Gov. Gary Herbert has a very limited role in executions. He does not have the authority to commute a death sentence or issue a pardon. He does, however, have the power to issue a respite or reprieve until the next meeting of the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole. The request must come from the inmate's lawyers. Herbert has not received such a request in Gardner's case.

RIP Ronnie Lee Gardner


It's a shame the victims families can't touch their lost ones any longer. THIS execution is Justice. RLG's family finally has an idea of what RLG's victims families have gone through for so many years.


Justice can finally - after all these years - be served.


Complete justice in my opinion will come in the next life. It's impossible to get 100% justice in this life. That is why revenge never makes you feel good. I think people should be sent for life in prison, but I don't believe in the death penalty because who are we to take anyone's life, even if he is guilty of taking someone else's?


RKC, OnlyInUtah, and The NIT: funny how easily you can confuse "justice" with revenge.

Ghandi said, "An eye for an eye makes the world blind"

And as a side note, NO government should have the power to take the life of an individual.


His victims families never got to say their goodbyes. The justice system has showed more compassion towards him, than he did for the victims and thier families. Actions are stronger than words. May all the families have some peace.


All I see is a man who we know murder 2 people and how over the past 25 years we've wasted money on this guy--how much $ did the state pay to keep this guy alive--execution should have been a long time ago

dark chocoholic

RLG has had more rights than his victims. His victims didn't get to reach out and touch their families before they were murdered.


The condemned man's extended family is still innocent and suffering and grieving because of the events.

It does cost more to execute.

If there is no such thing as forgiveness we are all doomed.

Sally Smiles-a-Lot

Nice article. So often the family of the inmate gets overlooked and forgotten, but they are also victims. I for one am glad they have had a chance to say goodbye, and to be able to touch one another. Im glad God is the final judge in all of this. What RLG did was reprehensible, but so were all the terrible things that happened to him when he was a little boy. How different life might have been, both for him and for his victims, if someone along the way had found a way to touch this little boy, and later young man, in a positive way, to teach him a better way to live. Best wishes to Ronnie Lee's family, and to the families of his victims. There are no winners here.


For those that think capital punishment is murder, I refer you to Genesis where God himself says if a man sheds blood then by man shall his blood be shed...

Thou shalt no kill has been misinterpreted, it should say thou shalt not murder...

Jesus Christ himself said that not one jot or tittle of the law will pass until all things have been fulfilled.

The Almighty also made it clear in Genesis that for the life blood of all creatures he will demand an accounting... So read your Bible and quit taking things out of context.


For those that think capital punishment is barbaric or un-Christian, I refer you to Genesis where God says to Noah that any many that sheds blood shall have his blood shed by man. Jesus Christ never once mentioned capital punishment in the new testament.

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