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Published: Wednesday, June 16 2010 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Rock Of The Marne

Congratulations to the UofU as they were the most logical choice in the West to join. And for the BYU fans that loved to dog on the UofUs B-Ball program this last year please re-read this quote from the article “its men's basketball team had played in 32 NCAA basketball tournament games between 1991 and 2009.’ Dear BYU fan how many NCAA tournament games has your team played in during that same timeframe, let alone won? Go Utes.


Way to go Utah. Yeah, it hurts being such a blue-blood to see the Utes graduate because I am a little jealous. But hey, even I'll admit seeing the Utes beat the Crimson Tide was thrilling. Kudos the the Utes. Yes, you deserve it.

LA Ute

Minor nitpick. Its Washington St that currently has the smallest stadium in the PAC 10 with a capacity between 35k and 40k, depending on which source one uses.

Andrew J. Marksen

This conference move will benefit the entire state of Utah including BYU. There will be growing pains but the hurt and divisions will eventually heal. Soon everyone on both sides (BYU and Utah) will work for a more positive future. Congratulations to the U of U for their fortune and their hard work. The direction that the U has taken to date has seemingly paid off. BYU will have their moment I have no doubt. Their direction is no less visionary or important it will just take longer. Who could have imagined that the university Brigham Young started would rise to these heights. Today is most definitely Utah's, the university and the state. Good luck to everyone involved may your future be bright.


I'm a devote Ute fan and after the Max Hall affair a devote BYU-hater. That being said, BYU (just like Utah, TCU, and Boise St.) has gotten the shaft a couple of times because of the current BcS system. My fear is that a once anti-BcS group will now become complacent because they're in an automatic BcS bowl conference.

When, and it'll happen, the Utes when a "National Championship" under the current system I won't be celebrating. It won't be legit until they change the system and make it fair. I'm a huge Ute fan but an even bigger BcS hater.

Down with the BcS! Go Utes!


It will be interesting to see how this change affects recruiting of LDS athletes by the University of Utah. Utah is a great school, but it is a stretch to say that Utah was accepted to the PAC-10 because it has a stronger academic reputation or that BYU had an inferior athletic program when compared to Utah. I always rooted for Utah except when they played BYU. It is hard to root for a team that was only invited after a mediocre Colorado program was extended an offer first and at least 5 other better schools refused the offer. Doesn't it seem odd to be joining a conference that doesn't approve of a university because it is affiliated with the Mormon Church? I am not sure this move will be in the best interests of the University of Utah. The Utes did fine in football without the PAC-10. I guess Utah will no longer insist the BCS is unfair.


Because of the move this years rivalry game will be even more exciting to watch.
Both teams will try to make a statement.


Now that the shoe is on the other foot, will the newts turn down a chance to play in the mythical national championship game should the opportunity present itself? ...or will dollars win again at the expense of fair play?


Let see, with Boise on board, had the Utes stayed, they would become more of a power conference then even the PAC Conference. Now they move to become bottom feeders. Well, they will do better then Colorado will.


To Smith9294 - I am a BYU fan. Accept for the BYU hater comment (can't hold a university responsible for the stupidty of an athlete) I agree with your comments. A national championship under the current system is tainted in every aspect and yes, I agree that BYU's was even tainted because it was a voting system. When we finally have a true championship like they do in basketball, there will be a true reason to gloat for getting one.

high school fan

Utah will now make more money but i am afraid that they will also find less and less success on the court or on the field. Colorado was added because they were a great athletic success but because of the tv market, why was utah added? probably not to win. good luck utah, you probably will need it.


Do the anti-Mormon bigots at Stanford and Cal realize that;

1-Brigham Young himself founded the U.

2-The Coach and President are active Mormons who both attended BYU. As are the two Coordinaters.

3-Over half of the studentbody are LDS.

4-There is a room in Kingbury Hall named after Joseph Smith.

5-Nearly half of the buildings at the U are named after devout Mormons. Talmage, Widstoe, Gardner, Sill, Olpin, Park, Huntsman, etc. Oh there's more.

6-There were nearly 30 Returned Mormon Missionaries
on Utah's team last year.

And you better take down the dedicatory prayer plaque of David O'Mckay's prayer, hanging in the Student Union building.

And last but least, how will the nickname "Utes" sit with the muckity-mucks at Stanford.

After all, they used to be the Indians and now they are the "Cardinal", not the bird, the color. Never want to offend the birds, you know.

Oh and their mascot? A tree!

Congrats Utah on your step up. And your self-annointed "Elite Status".

Welcome to the land of OZ.

We'll see if BCS bowls and top 25 finishes are as regular as they have been.


Utah should do well in the sports at which they excel like football and gymnastics. With USC doomed to return to mediocricy on life-support probation and without Pete Carroll, they may have a chance at a conference championship in football, and gymnastics was the only sport at which Utah took a MWC championship last year. At least now they won't have to play TCU, BYU, and Air Force each year. The MWC dominated the PAC-10 last year.

And on another positive note, their basketball team is also moving to a less competitive conference so they will have a chance at winning a game or two.

Any way you look at it, the MWC was a stronger conference in football and basketball than the PAC-10. Utah is moving to the weaker of the two conferences. The only things the PAC-10 has over the MWC is the tradition, the name recognition, and the MONEY.


Utah is jumping prematurely. The money will come to the MWC, especially teams like BYU. When the financial disparity with Utah becomes evident then watch and learn.
I am sorry Utah is choosing to jump ship just as the MWC was going to get exciting. I wonder if the BCS vows are making this happen to try and shut out the MWC?


Let's play a game... How high with the ticket prices go now?
I think the Utes have an opportunity to still make the Mountain West look good. Think of the stink that was put up last year when pac-10 washington played BYU? (yes it was because of a stupid call) I thinking having the rivalry with teams in different conferences might add to the national spotlight (although it won't mean as much to locals).

So. Cal Reader

As a big Cougs fan (via my daughter) and as a USC alumn, I welcome Utah into the Pac 12? The coals are hot to join a much more lucrative conference. Utah's got to make the move. While I agree the MWC is making headway into Nat'l recognition, the MWC still has a long way to go- with the lives of SDSU, UNLV. Wyoming & New Mexico. All historically weak football programs. Good for the Utes. Memo to MWC, get rid of Thompson (still love the "great" TV contract with The Mtn, which sooo many viewers get) and get a real visionary commissioner as the Pac 10 got with Scott. Thompason is a joke of a commissioner


To Bluto: Stop playing the victim. Cal and Stanford aren't anti-LDS. They just don't want their schools to be affiliated with a church sponsored school.

To BradleyC: Are you seriously saying that the MWC will begin to make as much money as the PAC-12?? THat's hilarious. You truly live in a bubble. The PAC-12 has two of the top 10 TV markets in the nation.
BYU is irrelevant. Mostly because they haven't done anything of national relevance in the past 15 years.

Go Utes!!

What's up?

It cost the U nothing, (no money)to leave from the MWC, but I have heard nothing about the cost to join the PAC. I am sure there is a big ticket for membership to join the PAC.


The LDS church was not discriminated against! BYU was discriminated against because it is a private religious school. The PAC 10 gave Baylor the exact same treatment. Last I checked, Baylor is not owned by the church that I am an active member of, the LDS church.

Yes, the PAC 10 did not want any private religious institutions, BYU, Baylor, TCU, any of them. If they were descriminant against the LDS church, they would not have invited Utah either. Half of the students and more than half of the football coaching staff are LDS. The president of the school is a direct descendant of Brigham Young! President Monson graduated from the U! It was not an anti-mormon issue, Utah's invitation proves that!

Chris B

Oh it's good to be a ute. Perfect timing too. UCLA is nothing like its former self, USC is descruting from the NCAA violations and Oregon just kicked its QB out.

A rose bowl game is a very likely result within the first or at most 2 years. If things continue, running the tables is not out of the question within the first couple years. I'd say that TCU, Air Force, and our out of conference opponents in the past 2 BCS runs were just as tough as the new schedule will be, so it's a definitely possibility.


TDS - If you have any suggestions on how we can spend our money let us know. When you're already a top 10 team, not a lot of room for improvement.

Have fun dwelling around #4 of #5 IN THE MWC in the coming years - it will be satisfying to watch.

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