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Published: Wednesday, June 16 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B

With the usc sanctions it is very likely we have a rose bowl win the first or second season. The pac 10 is not as dominant a before. No reason we can't run the table and make nc game within a few years. And it will be a real nc unlike the cewgs. Go utes!!

Solomon Levi

The biggest question isn't whether Utah can beat PAC 10 teams, the Utes have proven that they can.

The biggest question is whether Utah can beat good PAC 10 teams on the road consistently.

Utah hasn't even been able to consistently win road games in the MWC and the Utes have an abysmal road record against PAC 10 teams.

Utah hasn't had a road win over PAC 10 team with a winning record in over 10 years.

Jealous U

Can't wait to see Chris B. wearing his red "Qwest" t-shirt when the Utes get shut out by a lowly Washington State team.


wow Chris B, you owe me a new keyboard because I just spewed my chocolate milkshake all over it

you make even the most crazed BYU fan sound rational

the official announcement of Utah's move to the PAC 12 hasn't even been made yet and already you've got the Utes winning a national championship

and Utah fans complained about BYU's Qwest



Good luck guys, I admit, I am jealous - still hoping for the Big 12 invite, though it sounds less likely every day : (

BYU is still a pretty unique school that will do quite well despite this, but it certainly gives U the edge in-state for recruiting.

This is great for all of my friends and neighbors who are Ute fans though, and for all of our kids who end up attending the U...will be nice for sports, but great for academics.


Chris, you are always so far out there.

But, yes, Utah should be competative from the start.

Kyle has a great team going, and the PAC-10 has been struggling.

Might not be a good time to enter the Pac-12, but to get through the door when they are down, kick some tail and see how it plays out.

This could really elevate the Utah program.

Next step, is get a coach and compete in basketball.


Won't happen. Utah just became the Minnesota or Mississippi State of the Pac-10...


Great article. And the exact reason(s) why the Utes were selected to the PAC.

Ability to beat BCS teams and winning BCS bowl games.

You need that to get the call from the big leagues.


So, the take away here is this: Utah has a good team for the foreseeable future and they are heading into a conference in decline. Great.

No question, Utah. Your timing is fantastic. You get to romp through a mediocre conference and on to the Grand Daddy Bowl Game of them all. Thanks, BCS. You have truly screwed college football up.


"You get to romp through a mediocre conference and on to the Grand Daddy Bowl Game of them all. Thanks, BCS. You have truly screwed college football up."

B, Got'a love it! sometimes magic happens!


Hopefully Whittingham won't ever have to regret his "The best place to see Vegas is in the rear view mirror" comment.


I'm jealous, and I hope every team in the league gives the Utes a good kick in the pants on the way out. Utah going 2-6 in conference feels pretty good to me right now.

Joe Schmoe

Chris B alias hedghog,

You guys (I think you are the same person) are some serious humor on these boards.

Do you sit and check every 5 minutes to see if a Utah or BYU story has been posted?

Seriously, how do you get on here so fast after EVERY BYU or Utah story?


Highly doubt it. The utes will be 5th at best. Vegas bowl will be their curse.


It will be a dogfight in football. Ask SC, they lost on the road in the PAC 10 even when they were invincible.

For the rest of the sports, Utah couldn't even crack the top 50 in the nation in overall sports, they will take a step back from even that.

Enjoy being the new Washington State.


Which team in the PAC 10 will take New Mexico's place?

You know, the team that's never very good, but always seems to have Utah's number.

The team that always seems to mess up Utah's chances for a conference championship.

How many times will Utah come oh so close to their first evr Rose Bowl berth, only to see Washington State or Arizona mess it up for the Utes?

Winning conference championships hasn't been Utah's forte in over half a century.

The Utes have only won 6 conference championships in the last 60 years and Kyle has only won one as Utah's head coach.


Nice logic CG, let's apply what you're saying. Coach Whittingham has 1 conf championship out of 5 seasons. That's 20%. So In the first five years in teh league, you're predicting that Utah will get in the RoseBowl with an automatic BCS bowl berth?
Or were you using the 6 in 60 year logic that says it will be sometime in the first 10 years?

Where did you go to school my friend? That's not a bash on Utah, that's good news. 3 BCS bowl games in less than 15 years is something only elites accomplish.

DEW Cougars

have fun getting kick around but wait, the invitation hasn't been announce yet till 12:30 PM tomorrow. You will be wise to turn it down and stick around with MWC. Or Kyle won't be around anymor soon when his team get kick around. He either be the next head coach or be Head D Coach at BYU!


I had this little obnoxious brother, i used to haul around in his little red wagon. Well he grew up and left for the Pac 12 but he will always be my little brother. BYU will make sure of that in most of the Novembers to come.

Utah won just one conference championship in sports in the MWC. That is all of last year. That is men's and women's sports programs combined.

But hey, you can dominate the Pac 12 ?
Good luck little Brother. I really mean that, with all my sarcasm, I hope you dominate the Pac 12 The rivalry will continue Big brother is coming November 27 with a little added incentive. Beat USC Oregon Stanford and the rest and then BYU beats you it will make it all the better.


@BluCoug I don't expect Utah's expectations to be as lofty as the first poster by any means but what does it say when the worst case scenario for Utah (finishing 5th) is the best case scenario for BYU excluding a BCS game which has proven elusive to this point?

Utah has shown that it can beat Cal, OSU, AZ, with recent teams. What happened in the past irrelevant at this point. They've moved on and congratulations to them.

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