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Published: Wednesday, June 16 2010 5:00 p.m. MDT

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John Charity Spring

Pierce has completely missed the mark this time. Indeed, it is extremely disappointing that he is encoiuraging viewers to tune in to this crass, vulgar excuse for a show.

Pierce has apparently ignored the fact that this show makes a life of crime to be a harmless, care free pursuit. Crime is not a laughing matter, and the producers of this show should be ashamed of themselves for belittling crime victims.

Pierce was right about one thing: this show continues the modern Hollywood trend of pushing more and more nudity and indiscriminant sexuality on the public. That is not what the public wants, and that is why this show is doomed to failure.


I am copying everything John writes and I am putting it in a book. I think that it is the funniest book that I own.

Jason F.

three11stu -

That's going to be an incredibly repetitive book. Repetitious and hilarious.

Twin Lights

Neal McDonough has just gone way up on my must watch list. Not enough like him out there.

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