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Published: Wednesday, June 16 2010 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Congratulations Utah!

To the classy Utah fans, good luck in the PAC 12.

To the arrogant, classless Utah fans that will descend on this blog like a hoard of locusts,


Those thrilling last second Cougar miracles over the Utes will just be that much sweeter!

Johnny Triumph

Good Riddance!!! Now the Utes will fit in their place at the middle/bottom of the Pac-12


Congratulations to the University of Utah!

Even Brigham Young, the founder of the institution, would be proud.

Now the real work begins!

Chris B


Have fun hovering around .500 this year, and peaking at #3 in the conference ocassionally.


GO UTES(and anyone who plays tds)




From possibly the biggest BYU fan on the planet:

Congrats Utah. Big day. Great school, great program, you deserve it. Go kick some California tail and let's keep the game going in November, eh?

Salt Lake Sam



Welcome to the grind, where you have to bring it every week. Best of luck.




Why tommorrow?

Is there a board of regents meeting tommorrow, like Big Ben sais on another board?

Nope, it's been really bugging me why the invite has taken so long.

Now, I just assumed that all PAC-10 teams would continue sharing the payout equally.

It just occured to me that maybe they offered Colorado and Utah payouts based upon results. Maybe Colorado was confident with their payplan, but maybe Chris Hill isn't.

I'm thinking Hill has asked for more, and if there is a board of regents meeting, it's to approve a payout the Dr. Hill has asked for. The 1:00 press conference maybe to announce whether the Utes are going to the PAC-12... or not.

Why else would the regents have to meet again? I'm sure the Utes have been cleared for the invite. But another meeting for the regents?

Maybe Hill rolled the dice and came out with a better deal for the Utes. If so, congrats to Dr. Hill, and good luck to Utah.

Whoa Nellie

Congratulations to U. Good luck but I don't believe this will help fill RES unless the other PAC schools bring a lot of fans to Salt Lake. Furthermore, this will not be enough to move U athletics, including football, ahead of BYU as being the best program in the state.

Bring on Boise.


I would like to thank BYU for being high enough ranked annually and a small amount of prestige for Utah to beat on the way to 2 BCS games and a victory over Alabama that has lead to this day. We couldn't have done it without you, now be gone from our presence.

govt rocks

Awesome. Cannot wait. Ideally, the Utes will win at least 10 games this year and 2011 (if they go into the Pac12 in 2012) and help the MWC get an automatic bid. But that third criteria depends more on the UNM, WY, SDSU, UNLV, CSU of the league than the top four or five.


I sure hope that the BYU-Utah rivalry stays strong. I'd love to either see the MWC get an automatic bid or see BYU get into an expanded Big XII.

But ... GO UTES!


Yes! ! ! !

Got Utes! Sorry we can't take you along with us BYU. It would have been fun to have you in the same league.

Ute Bird Mascot

It sort of makes you wonder how much of the SLC TV Market the Utes will be able to command. If they have a shot at winning, curiosity will get some viewers at first, but if they lose, they will probably get less of a share than Eugene Jelesnik did.


Please BYU fans no SOUR GRAPES.

If you somehow manage to get into a BCS league I will be cheering for you just as much as I am for my beloved UTES.

Let's all have a little class on these posts.

I hope Utah still plays you year in and year out. The rivalry has been great and I do not want to see it end.

Now go out and pound the heck out of BSU and TCU.

lex loci

As a Ute fan I couldn't be happier. This will really move the institution to the next level in both sports and academics.

However as a Utahn it will be hard to watch the great rivalry games with BYU fade to the past. Although given the acrimony with BYU it may be for the best. Thanks for the memories BYU.

I guess I can start focusing all that energy towards the Buffs.

On a brighter note at least we have a legitimate shot a national championship, especially with the state of the rest of the PAC-10.


This is the best news ever!

Not only will Ute home games get much better, not only will the Ute’s get an infinitely better TV deal, but one subject that nobody is talking about is as a Ute grad I think my resume just got better too.

yankee doodle

Its good for Utah and for BYU, I don't understand why all you P-Ute fans think BYU is somehow tethered to you and by them leaving for the Pac-10 is some huge blow to BYU. They will be fine, you'll see.

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