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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@Richard | 11:36 a.m. June 16, 2010

You sure have a lot of opinions...are you my father-in-law?

@Bugoff | 11:34 a.m. June 16, 2010
You forget that most (about 50%) of the women who enter BYU don't graduate. A statistic like that is a blemish for most institutions. Yeah, we all know what happens to BYU co-eds. Another reason that the high ACT scores don't tell the whole story.

Last Stand

Have a nice trip to oblivian, Utah! Let's see who's the next team from the state to go BCS Bowling now!


The really big news in all this is conference switheroo is that BSU gets a better playing environment, and they're headed places if they can keep it up... I remember ASU and UofA moving to the PAC from the (then) WAC - they were going to dominate the PAC, yadda yadda yadda... and reality ? not so much........and it's been a good 30 years now to get themselves established, maybe it'll still happen - who knows ?

Good luck to the U regardless of conference, and good luck to BYU against BSU - they're just as worthy an opponent at present as the U...

MUSSing with U

In 1993, Arizona finished #10/#9, 10-2, losing @UCLA and @California, and ended up playing in the Fiesta Bowl (not a BCS bowl then) with no PAC 10 championship.

In 1998, Arizona finished #4/#4, 12-1, losing one game all season, to UCLA, and ended up playing in the Holiday Bowl with no PAC 10 championship.

Arizona's very best seasons since leaving the WAC STILL didn't result in a PAC 10 championship or Rose Bowl appearance, and Arizona didn't even come close to winning a national championship.

The more BYU fans shed light on Utah's real prospects in the PAC 12, the tighter Utah fans close their eyes.


I love it! Bring the hate! The more I hear from BYU fans, the more I like Utah's situation. The more these boards get filled up, the more I can tell that our little brother is jealous and bitter about what still is only rumor.

Quince Orchard

What-if Auburn met Oklahoma in 2004 BCS 'Ship?
By Ryan Fowler, WhatIfSports dotcom

Two was company and three was a crowd in the race for 2004 BCS National Championship.

At seasons end, and for the first time in the seven year history of the BCS, three college football programs wrapped up the regular season undefeated.

Ruh-roh raggy! Now what?

USC, Auburn and Oklahoma were all competing in an intense round of musical BCS berths. When the music faded out in early December 2004, Auburn was left without a chair.

USC has yet to be cleansed of its sanctions.

Hit the fast-forward button five years later, USC is about to take a seat again: in the NCAA timeout chair.

After so many seasons riding free and easy on their high Trojan horse, the USC football program got smacked with severe sanctions by the NCAA on Thursday.

The punishments include a reduction in scholarships, a two year ban from any post-season bowl games and forfeiture of wins from the 2004 season.

A college football simulated Auburn versus Oklahoma 1001 times.

The Sooners dominated the 1001 simulations, winning by an average of nearly 10 points a game.


1280 the zone has reported a board of regents meeting scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow. At 1, there is a press conference scheduled from the U. Gee, I wonder what they are going to announce?


Re: Big_Ben,

Call it jealousy, maybe it is. Truth be told, I don't want Utah to leave the conference, just like I wouldn't want BYU to leave for another conference without Utah. I think the two need each other. I think both schools are where they are in the CFB landscape today because of each other and the interest they've created in Utah and beyond because of the rivalry. I still think both BYU and Utah's best interest is to stay in the MWC and work to see BCS AQ come to fruition where they can both be the top dogs, instead of in a Pac-12 where you compete regularly with other, more storied, athletic programs.


Congratulations Utah and remember BYU is still THE football program in Utah and though you'll reap financial rewards as a member of the 12 PAC (apt name for your fans) you will always come in second in our hearts.


@MUSSing with U | 11:41 a.m. June 16, 2010

Let me use your logic to make a point:

...a disheartened [OSU in 2009] team going through the motions [after losing the Civil for and Rose Bowl] playing a [BYU] team that was thrilled to be playing in the Las Vegas Bowl... after going 3 of 4.

ONLY losers make excuses of "motivation".


@ Alterego

Its ok little brother, its ok. I know its hard, but please try to stay classy.

MUSSing with U

Don't shut those eyes too tightly Big_Ben.

That BCS light at the end of the tunnel might just be the BYU train crushing Utah's hopes for a BCS championship game.

If the BYU-Utah rivalry continues, after the still uncertain Utah move to the PAC 12, BYU should insist on the game being played the last Saturday in November, or not at all.

What could be sweeter than an undefeated MWC champion BYU "upsetting" an undefeated PAC 12 champion Utah.

Utah settles for their covetted first Rose Bowl.

BYU earns an invitation to the BCS championship game.

Of course, Utah fans would leave insisting that the Utes really won the game because BYU had to pull off another miraculous game-ending play.

The Utes might make more money in the PAC 12, but they still won't be anymore competitive against the Cougars.


@MUSSing with U | 12:00 p.m. June 16, 2010

"The more BYU fans shed light on Utah's real prospects in the PAC 12, the tighter Utah fans close their eyes."

Like BYU fans have some insiders knowledge about Utah's prospects, including and especially you.

Whose closing their eyes? I don't understand why you are so concerned about Utah's win/loss record in the PAC. You talk like you are a concerned friend. This is really about you, isn't it...all about you.

What could possibly be driving your feigned concern?? Hmmmmm, let me think...


@Alterego | 12:37 p.m. June 16, 2010

We wouldn't have it any other way. Your own mothers come in second place in your hearts next to BYU.


bostonblue | 12:51 a.m. June 16, 2010

"BYU will always bring more MONEY than Utah! BYU has filled its 65,000 capacity most of the last 30 years. Utah has trouble filling its recently expanded 45,000--unless playing BYU! At UCLA, 40% of the fans were BYU fans..."

Utah has had no problem drawing 40,000 fans, on average, the past decade. I'd hardly call that a problem in a 45,000 seat stadium.

BYU's drawing power on the road isn't what you claim. For the 2009 Oklahoma game, only 15,000 Y Fans attended in Dallas, versus 65,000 Sooner fans. Tickets went on sale in January 2009, 7 months prior to the game. Meanwhile, the U sold over 16,000 tickets for the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, a farther destination, during the worst of the recession, with only a month's notice.

"Utah Football was non-existent until Urban and a BYU PLAYER decided to coach there. Still, BYU controls the last 5 years!"

The last twenty meetings, the series is 10-10. Hardly dominance by either side. Overall it's 53-34, with 4 ties in favor of the Utes.


Press conference tomorrow at 1:00 at RES to officially accept an invite to the Pac-10.

Go Utes!!

Goodbye MWC! Goodbye Cougars!

MUSSing with U

It wasn't "logic", Uteology, it was fact.

I've attended every BYU game in the Las Vegas Bowl, as well as many other BYU bowl games, and I saw first-hand the moods of both teams entering the games.

Oregon State was highly motivated against BYU, but BYU was also very motivated to atone for their loss to Arizona the previous year and the Cougars handled the horrible weather conditions much better than the Beavers and dominated the then #16 team in the country.

Arizona fans was thrilled to be playing in their first bowl game in 9 years. BYU played with no emotion and it showed.


Only losers make excuses that wins don't count because the game was close or it was a "rebuilding" year. (See 3 of the last 4 BYU-Utah games.)


byu fans can continue to say all that they want but nothing that you say is going to change what is about to happen. If it makes you sleep better at night then please continue but it's not going to keep us out of the PAC-10 nor will it provide you an entrance to a superior conference. I wish the MWC the very best and I hope that the MWC is successful in the future. The PAC10 and MWC are the superior western conferences. Enough of this petty childish name calling. These boards are so tiring to read at times because it's pure hate and jealousy. Enough is enough!



Serious. You brought in moms. You don't bring in moms. You took bottmfeeder smacktalk to a new low.

I have apologized before. Maybe you should.


Regarding you comment about meetings and press conferences.

Nope, it's been really bugging me why the invite has taken so long.

Now, I just assumed that all PAC-10 teams would continue sharing the payout equally.

It just occured to me that maybe they offered Colorado and Utah payouts based upon results. Maybe Colorado was confident with their payplan, but maybe Chris Hill isn't.

I'm thinking Hill has asked for more, and if there is a board of regents meeting, it's to approve a payout the Dr. Hill has asked for. The 1:00 press conference maybe to announce whether the Utes are going to the PAC-12... or not.

Why else would the regents have to meet again? I'm sure the Utes have been cleared for the invite. But another meeting for the regents?

Any other ideas out there.



You're assumption is correct - I am LDS. And thank you for the self-righteous critique. That's like a drug addict telling others not to do drugs. In any event, I still hate the yewts and everything about them.

Anyway, I live outside of Utah, and overwhelmingly a degree from BYU carries a lot more weight than one from Yewtah. I didn't graduate from BYU, so that's an unbiased statement. If my company received two applicants - one from BYU and another from Yewtah - the BYU grad gets the call for an interview rather than the one from Yewtah.

The bottom line us that both schools have fantastic programs and fantastic athletic departments. However, any person with a mind has to realize that the religion does factor somewhat into the equation. Whether it's right or wrong doesn't matter - it is what it is.

Now, can both sides act like the adults we are and move on with our lives? I'm just glad I live where legitimate football is played - Texas.

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