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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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@BYUFAM1 BYU has always had a great local athletics program... But they have never been able to finish on the big stage very well. You did not include in all your flowery stats BYU's bowl win/loss percentage or NCAA tournament win/loss percentage, which are both abysmal. Yes, BYU can win games, but not when it really matters.


Many of you are not old enough to remember how Arizona and ASU used to dominate the WAC. They made the move to the PAC 8 making it the PAC 10. Since then they've been a mere after thought in the national football landscape. Hope you enjoy the money, we'll see how much you enjoy being an "also ran" a few years from now.


i think i would cheer for the Utes a lot more if they weren't in the same conference as BYU, I've always liked them anyway, just not as much as the Cougars. I guess we'll see what happens

This also might make the "Holy War" a little bit more mature for fans on both sides. I for one would like to see tensions calm down between the schools and fans during football season, and I don't think i'm the only.



I remember that also ran AZ team beating a supposedly superior and favored BYU team in the Vegas bowl just recently.



But if that is what it takes for you to back into a national championship then celebrate. It seems weak to me to back in on a penalized team 5 years later.


Yet you have no problem claiming a victory over USC"

"Soon the record books will likely change to show BYU as 11-6 as USC may lose 2 years worth of wins (03-04)."

I wasn't celebrating 2004 NC, what I was being was sarcastic.


Utah to the PAC-10 is like putting lipstick on a pig.


A couple things:

1. Fiddler @ 10:32. Pure genious. Even as a ute fan, that was sweet. You are the man!

2. The more I see BYU trying to downplay this, or try to make their case to be included, or talk about bad utah will be, or any other smack talk, the better I feel about where Utah is headed, it shows me that the cougs are shaking in their boots.

PAC Member

As a Utah fan, I'm shocked that the TDS is not going to the Big 12. It really surprises me that they're not getting the invite given their big stadium and 26 year old NC. Oh well . . .

Congrats to the Utes. I guess the past 10 years of Utah's national exposure with two BCS bowl wins is better than a big stadium and an old NC.


amen to kevo, great point.


...one. (forgot to write that last word there in my last comment, heh heh)

scenic view

Be careful Utah fans, you're really going to look like fools if Utah is left sitting by the phone on a Friday waiting for a call from that cute beach boy...

and the phone never rings!

At any rate, it's fun watching the Utes, in their moment of triumph, still agonizing that it could still be nothing but a pipe dream.

Chris B


Did you studder?


becausewearebetter | 11:05 a.m. June 16, 2010
@BYUFAM1 BYU has always had a great local athletics program... But they have never been able to finish on the big stage very well. You did not include in all your flowery stats BYU's bowl win/loss percentage or NCAA tournament win/loss percentage, which are both abysmal. Yes, BYU can win games, but not when it really matters.

Reminds me of the story of the man throwing star fish back into the ocean that washed a shore and someone telling him he could never possibly make a difference as there thousands on the beach. As he tossed one back into the water he replied "it made a difference to that one".

Shouldn't it matter every time the whistle blows? In fact it does matter who every time who won/lost that is why they keep records of the event.

BYU has historically been to almost twice as many bowl games as Utah - most often as the conf champ while Utah usually goes as the 3-5 place team which means weaker bowl opponent (BCS and 1 of your MWC title years aside). This has an impact on results.


Rockwell | 11:02 a.m. June 16, 2010
Utah is MUCH more likely to be the next Arizona in the PAC 12 than they are to be the next USC.

Put your sanctimonious "jealousy" barbs aside and wake up and smell the coffee.


If Utah recruits and develops NFL talent like Arizona they will play like Arizona.

If Utah recruits and develops NLF talent like Oregon they will play like Oregon.

NLF players developed under KW: 19
During the same time: UofA 9 and Oregon 21

History is irrlavent, see Florida pre Urban. Now please tell me why I am wrong.


If you look at average GPA and ACT/SAT scores of incoming freshman then BYU is an elite academic school and better than UofU.

If you look at graduate programs then UofU is the stronger academic school. BYU has fewer grad programs but the few they have a highly rated.



alright so the money is better what else you got. U got in for what the U is not.

Now facts are facts The Pac 10 isn't a better football conference now or with Utah #3 in the MWC now # 4 with BSU on board. So make your point. You get more money. The MWC needs to make a national splash unfortunatly I just don't see the money without the TV markets.

Make a list

USC - TCU Nod USC in 3 years.
Oregon - BSU nod BSU
UCLA - BYU Nod BYU (I'm a homer)
OSU - Utah Nod Utah
Cal - AF Nod CAL
STAN- NM wash
ASU - CSU wash
AU - UNLV nod AU
UW - SDSU nod anybody but UW
CO - wy wash and that speaks to how bad wy is
WS- nobody Nod nobody

last point I would love to play Utah after 11-0 pac? season in late Nov and ruin that NC shot. BYU could go 1-11 and I would become a lifer in the cougar club.

Go cougs. Utes GO!

MUSSing with U

I remember BYU beating Arizona 20-7 just a year earlier, in 2007 and a disheartened BYU team going through the motions playing an Arizona team that was thrilled to be playing in the Las Vegas Bowl because it was their first bowl game in nine years.

Arizona and Arizona State have been in the PAC 10 THIRTY years, since 1979

PAC 10 Championships and Rose Bowl appearances

Arizona - ZERO
Ariz St - two

MUSSing with U

It's laughable how blind Utah fans are about the very real possibility that the Utes could end up being middle-of-the-pack also rans in the PAC.


I am LDS but I am not a BYU fan but I understand the standards they wish to abide by. Because of that, Sunday play is a factor so I respect that BYU doesn't want to do this. That being said, live by the sword, die by the sword in a SECULAR college football landscape. No conference is obligated to believe what we believe about SUndays.


I wonder how recruiting has been been an with the cellar teams of the Pac-10 including CU? Why can't they seem to pick it up?

Recruiting is a non-issue, so let's not pretend. BYU,Utah, TCU, Boise St have done a great job recruiting from Pac 10 hunting grounds.

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