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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah's Quest to Mediocrity

It's funny how Utah fans constantly poke fun at BYU's "Quest", but those same fan are now acting like Utah is going to step into the PAC 12 and play in the Rose Bowl for a national championship as soon as the big BCS bucks start flowing.

That's never going to happen.

It remains to be seen whether Utah will ever be anything more than a middle of the PAC team.

8-4 and 7-5 seasons will become the norm for Utah.

But at least the Utes will be rewarded with more money and a better bowl for their mediocrity.

So, stop beating your chests and leave already.

Welcome to Utah's Quest for Mediocrity!


Day 3

... of Utah not being contacted by the PAC 10.

Anti Bush-Obama

The MWC will not get AQ status in a million years. College Football is all about money and greed. In the PAC-12, Utah's off week will be UCLA. In the MWC, it would be San Diego State. The competition in the MWC from the botton up is nowhere close to what it is in the PAC-12. Both of the conferences are structured pretty evenly at the top but a lowly PAC-12 team like Washington would totally dominate Wyoming. I think Boise and TCU will get invited to the Big-12 before BYU. But the Big-12 will be staying at 10 so this means the MWC and every team in the conference will fade into oblivion when it comes to football anyway.


I don't really understand how some of you BYU fans are scratching your heads saying "Why Utah and not BYU?"

What has BYU athletics done in the past 15 years to gain NATIONAL attention besides win a few decent BCS teams during the regular football season and GOING to a few bowl games (but not winning a very high percentage of them), going to the NCAA second round once, and winning the MWC a few times in both basketball and football.

What has Utah done? In the last 15 years, Utah has been to the NCAA second round 6 times, NCAA Sweet 16 three times, NCAA Elite Eight twice, and NCAA National Championships, busted into the BCS bowl system twice and won both times - once against a national powerhouse in Alabama, recruited Urban Meyer as head football coach - now a national football star and two-time national champion, and given birth to two #1 draft picks in two different sports...

THAT's why Utah gets more national attention. THAT's why we are being talked about for the PAC-12 and not BYU.


@ Rockwell

it hurts pretty bad, we know. But dont worry, nothing is official yet. I know its rough for you, but keep your head up.

Wiley Old School

Hey Rockwell,
You're wrong. Utah fans are excited about the opportunity to achieve a Rose Bowl berth. You'll find no "Rose Bowl Bound" t-shirts, no airport celebrations after starting the season 1-0. Nope, we're just excited to compete at a higher level... and we'll let play on the field determine any bowl bids. If Utah wins a Rose Bowl, I'll admit I'll then be among the first in line for a t-shirt.

If Utah achieves 8-4 or 7-5 seasons, our consolation prize will be knowing that it still gets us a better bowl game than the Las Vegas bowl.


@ Archie 10:01

You yewts can stop the holier than thou attitude. It's so funny to hear BYU fans be called self righteous and then to see the yewts criticize a byu fan for saying he/she hates the yewts.

It's also pathetic when yewts are the ones to bring up the religion card. You yewts don't like it when religion gets brought up by byu fans the context of sports, so why bring it up?

I disagree with a lot of things about the LDS church, but I frankly think it's pretty hypocritical when yewts bring up BYU and assume byu fans should act differently due to their religious affiliation. When this happens yewts are basically saying "God is ok with me being a jerk but you can't be a jerk because you go to a church schoool"

Not sure that logic flies with God. Wouldn't you think he would want all people to act the same?

I dislike both your schools, but I feel like the self righteousness is coming from up north these days.


1st, How do you know NorMans is LDS?
2nd, I have a hard time believing there are that many BYU grads delivering pizza and even then, I don't see why delivery drivers have to report to other delivery drivers.


"Day Three of Utah not being invited to the Pac 10!"

I wouldn't be so sure an invite is coming. Pac 11 isn't interested in Utah for their 2 BCS wins, heavens, they took Colorado first didn't they? What have they won in the last 10 years? Past seasons don't matter. They really don't care about getting the "Salt Lake City TV Market" either, it's not worth that much to the future TV contract. What they really want is a Conference Championship Football game.

It's interesting that there is so much talk about the old Big 12 petitioning to keep it's Championship game with only 10 schools. If that happens, don't you think that the Pac 11 could get approval too? If there is a possibility that they can get the Championship game and not share a cut with a 12th team, it means more money for everyone else.

My prediction? The Pac 11 holds for now to see how the Championship issue plays out and then only adds Utah next summer if its required to get the game, that is the only value that they add right now.


Life in the MWC (1999-present)

Utah - best decade ever - includes 2 greatest Ute seasons ever bar none

56-26 conf record (+30)
4 Conf titles
4 Top 25 finishes
4, 10+ win seasons (2 undefeated)
Avg conf finish = 2.73

BYU - maybe 3rd or 4th best decade - also includes 3 worst BYU seasons in 40+ years

59-23 conf record (+36)
4 Conf titles
5 Top 25 finishes
5, 10+ win seasons
Avg conf finish = 2.73

Seems evenly matched - congrats on the added BCS games and your best decade ever you have now reached a comparable level with your biggest rival in conference.

Life since KW and BM hires

28-12 conf record (+16)
1 Conf title
2 top 25 finishes
2, 10+ win seasons
Avg conf finish = 2.8

34-6 conf record (+28)
2 Conf titles
4 top 25 finishes
4, 10+ win seasons
Avg conf finish = 1.8

Those are just some facts on what you've accomplished amongst those that you likely will be leaving soon.

BTW 8 of your new conf opponents have gone to a combined 15 BCS games they may not be impressed when you come to visit.


@ Archie-

"Ignorance is bliss" and your comments make you sound ignorant. BYU is a very reputable institution world-wide. We can act like a little kid, but most Ute fans (such as myself) will not deny the achievements and respect that BYU has. Many BYU students go on also and get Ivy League degrees, and have just as many top jobs as you claim yourself to have. Lets not forget that the main issue this entire expansion deal is about is TV's and who can appear on the most of them (Which equates to money). Kind of ironic that the TV came out of an educated BYU mind, but yet they are left behind.

I do hope as a fan that the rivalry, if my Utes jump to the PAC-10, diminishes. Fierce rivalries are fun, its fun to poke fun of the hated, and its fun to talk smack or not like the hated. But this rivalry makes grown men sound like 7th graders. Maybe a few years away from each other will help us realize how much we miss each other. God help us the next 2 years if my Utes leave.


I wonder if there is a delay in the invite while the Utes finalize some USC transfers of the juniors and seniors before the PAC transfer rule can be applied.


Uteology | 9:56 a.m. June 16, 2010
@BYUFAM1 | 9:18 a.m. June 16, 2010

Soon the record books will likely change to show BYU as 11-6 as USC may lose 2 years worth of wins (03-04).


:) Are you serious?

Does that mean the record books will now show that the only undefeated teams Auborn and Utah as BcS co-champions?

Yea baby!! Oh wait... never mind.


If you've followed it you would know that the NCAA is recommending they vacate their wins in those seasons. The AP however has decided that they will not do a re-vote. I have not heard what the Coaches Poll will do, either way Utah finished 5th in that poll so even a revote likely wouldn't move you up to 1st. But if that is what it takes for you to back into a national championship then celebrate. It seems weak to me to back in on a penalized team 5 years later. I'd rather be ranked #1 for 3 weeks of the season and after all the bowls in all major polls to get a title, but to each their own.



Your experience is yours alone and cannot be applied generally. I have two young BYU grads working for me that are head and shoulders above others at their pay grade. I have another Colorado State grad in the same boat. That is my experience. 10 of 40 up and comers in my region are BYU grads, far surpassing any other university.

That being said, programs at Utah State and Colorado State mop the floor with BYU's and Utah's program in my field. Different programs and individuals yield different results. I think all of these schools are fine institutions.

I emphasize each individual and what they do with their degree as opposed to where they graduated from. We have Ivy Leaguer's and put them next to the BYU, ASU, and Cal Poly guys and say 'prove your worth.'


Utah will be a very good fit for the PAC 10. Good luck. Hope it turns out better for you than the Arizona schools. Just over 30 years ago Arizona, with the dominant football team in the old WAC along with its weaker football rival Arizona State moved to the PAC-10. They have never been dominant since. Although the basketball program did become dominant for most of the 90's. From a fans standpoint, I hate seeing us lose most of the time with only occasional big win seasons. Guess it makes sense for the budget and the media boys. But, I know the stadiums are not as full or excited as they were in the old WAC.


Congrats to Utah! Looking forward to great things.


Congrats to Utah! Looking forward to great things.


AZguy | 9:27 a.m. June 16, 2010

So what, having one guy mention BYU history. Here let me try to counter from SportingNews writers, notice no mention of BYU history yet BcS wins:

The Utes make sense geographically for the Pac-10, and they are strong in football, having won BCS bowl games in two of the past six seasons. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah would bring the Pac-10 the nation's 31st-largest TV market. Plus, Utah is a public institution, like nine of the 11 current Pac-10 teams.

The same can't be said for Utah's archrival, BYU, which wasn't seriously considered in Pac-10 expansion talks, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. When the conference was still considering Big 12 schools, there reportedly was reluctance to add Baylor because of its ties to the Baptist Church. So BYU's affiliation with the Mormon Church may have hurt its cause, as well.

PAC-X is not a good fit for BYU, personally I think the bible belt Big 12.


Actually, Big_Ben, I just think Utah will be shooting themselves in the foot for a bigger paycheck.

More money - yes
More exposure - yes
More prestigious conference - yes

Better chance of playing in a BCS game - no
Better chance of winning a NC - no
Better chance of finishing in the Top 25 - no

Bottom line - Utah will be trading wins for money, with worse prospects for what should be the most important goals of any major football school

Winning a National Championship
Winning a Conference Championship
Playing in a BCS Bowl
Finishing as high as possible in the Top 25

Utah is MUCH more likely to be the next Arizona in the PAC 12 than they are to be the next USC.

Put your sanctimonious "jealousy" barbs aside and wake up and smell the coffee.


Why would anyone be proud Utah is gong to the PAC10? They are turning their backs on a conference that is on the verge of automatic BCS status. The underdogs are about to have their day and Utah is going to leave? This will possibly give the BCS an excuse to not award the automatic bid. They should not sell out to the highest bidder. If Utah stays and the MWC becomes a BCS league they will not make that much less money. Utah has the chance to keep the MWC the true contender it has become. However, like everyone they will probably stand up for what is financially beneficial. The other schools TCU, BYU, and BSU should be visiting Utah and trying to convince them to stay.

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