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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B

IT'S HAPPENING. Everyone knows it. I don't know why everyone is making such a big deal about the timing of this thing. We all know it's going to happen sometime in the next day or so, what's the difference WHEN it happens?

The only thing that matters is that we're finally going to a real conference, and just as awesome is that since BSU has joined the MWC, I can look forward to at least another beatdown suffered by TDS every year.


Let's see . . . . . . even if Utah is the fifth best team in the PAC-1x they will play in the Vegas bowl. How's that for respect for the MWC. I'm just wondering how come Craig Thompson is still the commissioner of the MWC. He kills TV exposure and we have bowl alignments like that mentioned above. I'd have to happily say good-bye to the MWC. Miss the teams but dislike the management.

Also, recently there was an article about the amount of money that students subsidize athletics in the MWC being around $700.00. In the PAC-1x I would expect this number to go down. This is another strong argument to joining the PAC.


I have to say, the news reports are interesting.

Bottom line is that if the U is asked to go, you all will go in a heart beat. Who wouldn't? I hold no grudge for you going and wish you success, but the reality is there will be no more undefeated seasons.

I hope that many of the 'so-called' BYU fans that say the U will come back to the MWC begging to be included are really U folks posing as Y folks. Y fans can't really be that stupid. it is either posers or 16 year olds. Washington State is not begging to be in the WAC with it's neighbor the Idaho Vandals. The PAC-10 conference is a dream conference for the U and the Y.

If the Y played on Sunday, they would have been in teh PAC 10 over 15 years ago. Too bad for us. That is life.


Hedge you are making some assumptions that may or may not hold in the future. In the recent past it has worked just the opposite. BYU wins over Utah did nothing and a loss caused a big poll drop.

It is reasonable to assume that Utah will beat CO and WSU with some regularity. They have demonstrated they can win 1/2 of the time against OR and ORState and WA and Stanford are probably similar. CAL, USC and UCLA and maybe AZ and ASU will probably beat Utah more often than not.

Depending on how the Divisions break Utah has a reasonable probability of getting into a Rose Bowl in the next 5 years with 3-5 losses.

Playing BYU is an extra loss that Utah can not afford. So running from decent competition is smart in someways.

Utah's recruiting should be helped mostly out of state. But BYU will be forced to be more national in their recruiting which is good.

Since Utah has twice as many NFL draftees as BYU (in recent years), you can say that BYU has over achieved and Utah has underperformed since their records are similar.


sammyg | 7:40 a.m. June 16, 2010
Ha Ha! I knew some Ute would bite at the chance to comment on my message about Utah and BYU playing at Vegas a little more often!


If you need someone to talk to you try getting out of your parents basement its not healthy for a 33 year old BYU undergrad.

As far as Vegas BYU IS the poster boy for the MWC, so I guess you are speaking from experience.

Why compete for BcS game when in the PAC-X we have a much better opportunity to compete for the national title?


Isn't it ironic that the very BCS conferences that play weak OOC schedules and are highly overrated, are the very group of teams that both BYU and UofU want to dance with.

It's just a short matter of time when the U schedules Nevada, Idaho, and Eastern WA as their OOC games...because their conf schedule is sooooo demanding.

Outside of USC and occasionally Oregon, the pac10 in football is pretty weak. We all know money talks, and BYU, or any other western univiersity would love the opportunity for more revenue.

It just seems ironic that the U will become the very thing they've mocked the past several years.


Some Utah fans have stated that they deserve the PAC invite because they have played and beaten more PAC schools consitently over the last 10 years (life of the MWC). The following are the facts.

Utah vs PAC-11 (including CU) = 9-8 (played 7/11 teams)
BYU vs PAC-11 = 9-8 (played 8/11 teams)

Soon the record books will likely change to show BYU as 11-6 as USC may lose 2 years worth of wins (03-04).

Regardless of the USC issue it looks like things are very similar.

Neither team has played CU or ASU.

Utah has not played Stanford or Wash.

BYU has not played Wash St.

Utah is undefeated against only USC (Las Vegas Bowl 2001).

BYU is undefeated against Oregon, Oregon St and Wash.

Utah has a losing record to Oregon (1-2).

BYU has a losing record to AZ (1-2), Stanford (0-2) and USC (0-2).

Likely division rivals (UW/WSU/OU/OSU/CU) Utah = 3-4; BYU vs same group 4-0.

Utah may hope for a division (USC/UCLA/AZ/ASU/CU) where they are 4-3.

Just facts-doesn't change likely selection-just facts.


"Utah's recruiting should be helped mostly out of state. But BYU will be forced to be more national in their recruiting which is good."

I agree that Utah out of state recruiting will spike. But I was speaking directly about Utah vs. BYU head to head recruiting. The majority of the instate LDS kids will now choose Utah. The few of the big names BYU lost to BCS teams in the past will now select UTAH.

All signs point that within a few years BYU athletics will become marginalized


This came from the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson)....

"The Pac-10 can use a bump in glamour, and especially one at the bank, but I don't see how Colorado or Utah can help either. I'm aware of the negative variables and politics about adding BYU, but the Cougars have a history, a brand and a presence that neither Utah nor Colorado can touch....

The most famous man in the history of Utah sports is Rick Majerus. Big dude. Lived in a hotel. Told lots of funny stories. If Utah enters the Pac-10, can it arrange to get Majerus back?"

As a Y fan, this is not a Ute bash. It is a reflection of how the NATION (as someone put it yesterday) views you. He did not bring up the 2 BCS wins and perfect seasons. It will take longer for the nation to view the U as a football powerhouse.

Basketball is a perfect example, everyone remembers RM and thinks the U is still a power U really is at .500. It will take a longer to develop a football resume.

I am happy for U, but you will not be Oregon in 2012.


I despise the yewts, but I'm very interested to see how this all plays out. If yewtah does join the Pac-12, the first few years are going to be critical. If the yewts fall falt those first few years and end up middle of the pack with 6, 7 win seasons....things could certainly get ugly. It's a fact of football, if you don't have a winnig program, the fans won't come out. I remember what RES was like before Urban and KW came along.....more empty seats than filled ones. BYU went throught teh same during the Crowton years. I remember several games at LES that only 2/3 of the stadium was filled. Every team faces it...you lose and the fans stay home. If yewtah gets into that rut of mediocre seasons, it's going to be rough to dig out of it. Attendance will go down, recruiting will be harder and the program will lose the success it's had the last 6-7 years. If they can keep up their success, they could be a player in the PAC-12..so it'll be interesting.


Utah's record vs PAC-11 schools since the inception of the MWC:

California 2-1
Oregon State 1-1
UCLA 1-1
USC 1-0
Washington State 1-1
Overall 9-8

BYU's record vs PAC-11 schools since the inception of the MWC:

California 2-1
Oregon 1-0
Oregon State 1-0
Stanford 0-2
UCLA 2-1
USC 0-2
Washington 2-0
Overall 9-8


@ AZguy

I disagree. I am not saying Utah will go undefeated every year, or that it will happen often. Heck, it wont even happen once a decade. But NEVER underestimate Kyle whittingham. Just ask Nick Saban.

@ Bugoff

Hilarious post. Please enlighten us as to what AZ, ASU, Cal, and UCLA have done to make you believe that they will "probably beat Utah more often than not"


Bugoff | 9:08 a.m. June 16, 2010
Since Utah has twice as many NFL draftees as BYU (in recent years), you can say that BYU has over achieved and Utah has underperformed since their records are similar.


Not so, winning 10+ games and going to 3-2 Vegas is not "over achievement".

BYU recruiting classes have been ranked higher than the Utes. But it seems KW does a better job of building NFL talent.

Those NFL draftees lead their Ute teams to #2 and #4 finishes (four top 25 overall). BYU playing in Vegas doesn't even come close, it hasn't finished in the top 10 since 1996.


ESPN has just confirmed the Utes move to the PAC10


AZguy-the "nation" is not represented by some guy writing for a paer in Arizona....


Yeah, I wish Utah had BYU's church membership as a fan base and BYU would like to have Utah's research revenue. Imagine what we could do together.

Instead, we fight like a twin brother and sister.

Give it a rest, people. Let this thing play out.


@BYUFAM1 | 9:18 a.m. June 16, 2010

Soon the record books will likely change to show BYU as 11-6 as USC may lose 2 years worth of wins (03-04).


:) Are you serious?

Does that mean the record books will now show that the only undefeated teams Auborn and Utah as BcS co-champions?

Yea baby!! Oh wait... never mind.


@NorMans | 8:50 a.m. June 16, 2010

"I hate the yewts and everything about them..."

Nice! And a wonderful ambassador of the LDS faith you are.

"Academically, BYU is as good, if not better, than most of the existing Pac 10 schools."

Oh, now BYU is better than the PAC-10 schools.

My wife went to BYU and now holds a PHd...earned at a institution outside of Utah. She laughs at these laudatory remarks about BYU's academics. Yes, certain areas at BYU are very good but good grief people, you are not what you like to portend to be. I have BYU graduates reporting to me...believe me, I know.

I graduated from the University of Utah and have since earned a degree at an Ivy League school. I have to assume that BYU is only school the people making these comments have been to. You don't know know what you're talking about.

Scott needs to get this over with, one way or another. Either take the U or announce a different strategy. You BYU people are going to look back at this and be ashamed of the way you are behaving.


Utah would be crazy not to accept the deal . . . but it's sad that the reason to go to the PAC 10 is mostly about money. I dare say that an MWC which includes BSU, TCU, Utah, BYU and Air Force is on par with the PAC 10.

Carry on Cougars . . . it's only football . . . (football with a lot of money attached . . . but a game nonetheless).

Johnny Ace

The fact is that this will kill the rivalry. Every indication is that BYU will NOT make any extra effort to schedule the Utes every year as one of their non-conference games. They're still a MWC team chasing an undefeated season. Why would you add a tough non-conference game with no upside (winning in SLC doesn't give you the same national exposure as playing in Austin, TX). Plus, don't think BYU won't take any chance to stick it to U for abandoning them. On the other side, if you have USC, AZ, ASU, Oregon, etc on your conference schedule, why schedule a trip to Provo on top of it?

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