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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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If the PAC 12 doesn't rip Utah fans' hearts out by jilting Utah bride-to-be at the altar, expect the following divisions:

Pac-12 North

1) Washington
2) Washington State
3) Oregon
4) Oregon State
5) Cal
6) Stanford

Pac-12 South

1) USC
3) Arizona
4) Arizona State
5) Utah
6) Colorado

Magna Ute Fan

This is getting really old. Just make up your mind commissioner. Take us, leave us, whatever! I'm buying season tickets either way.

Go Utes!!!


If you don't think religion played a significant role in all of this, ask yourself why Baylor (a better academic institution than Utah, with a better medical school) was never in the PAC 10 conversation.

But there is much more to this. BYU has never aspired to be a primarily research oriented university. BYU is still an undergraduate teaching institution with some graduate and professional programs. It will always be that way. For that reason alone, the U is a much better fit for the PAC 10.

BYU is a university that also fosters a culture of belief. It has strong commitment to providing an environment built around the honor code, devotionals, campus wards and stakes, religious education, etc. The PAC 10 does not share the same commitment and has no aspirations of that sort for its students.

Someone has been suggesting that a culture of belief is inconsistent with teaching all the skills associated with critical thinking (the core mission of any university). That is an extraordinary insult to the students and faculty of BYU who demonstrate their commitment to the finest principles of higher education daily.

Good luck to the Utes. May they prosper.


If this becomes true this is awesome. This means that if the stars, moon, and planets align perfectly BYU can beat Utah twice in one season????

Could that be possible???

We will be seeing Ute guys at Vegas a little more often.



Wish the Utes the best. On realist note, I'm not sure that the local Salt Lake TV market will not bring much in the way of ratings $$ to the Pac 12, especially if Utah Football does not continue to win. BBall is even more doubtful. It's a good thing that what drove this decision was the desire for a 12th team and a football conference title game.


Don't accept the Pac 10 invitation University of Utah. With Boise State now at #3, TCU now at #6,
Utah at #24 and BYU finishing last season at #14 and having the best recruiting class to start the 2010 season should be enough to get us a BCS Conference.

If Utah goes to the Pac ten, it will hurt our chances for the BCS invite than it will help Utah be a respected member of the Pac 10.

Stay and remain a power house, along with Boise State, TCU, yourself, Utah and BYU. Air Force is rapidly coming up and wanting to be among the powerhouses of the MWC. Stay with us and be a part of the big event.


I am one of the lone Ute fans that will not be excited to see the Utes go if that happens.

I like the Utes being a big fish in a pool of smaller fish. Middle of the pack year after year will be reality, with an occasional top first or second place finish. This will get old fast.

Anyway, I hope I am wrong if the Utes get invited.


Wahhhh wahhh -- lots of crying from the BYU boys.. personally as a Ute I'd rather see us stay with the MWC but if we go we'll get stronger with the opening of doors because of the conference.
Perhaps the haters down south will miss us when we are gone..
Maybe the MWC should check out Fresno State....


Moodyblue and junkie have it right,

BYU never was a candidate for the Pac10 to invite.

The mission and standards of BYU far exceed the secular pursuits of a west coast athletic league and its possible new entrant from Salt Lake.


Well let me be one of the first Pac 10 (12?) schools to welcome Utah. It will happen soon. We have had great experiences with Utah in the Pac 10 and look forward to having you with us. Utah will do just fine in the Pac 10.


We actually should add a few more teams and do the Pac 16. I don't believe that it will happen this year. Welcome Colorado and Utah


Let’s address this research and academic issue once and for all:

According to US News and World Report for Best Colleges 2010, under National University rankings the following statement proceeds the list, “Schools in the National Universities category, such as Yale and UCLA, offer a full range of undergraduate majors, master's, and doctoral degrees. These colleges also are committed to producing groundbreaking research.”

The Pac-xx rankings with BYU and Utah included in order as they appear in the list:

4th Stanford
21stUC Berkeley
106thWashington State
121st Arizona State
Tier 3Oregon State

I don’t know what Tier 3 is but for comparison, Utah State is also ranked Tier 3. Either way, BYU fairs pretty well academically with the current Pac-xx. Just the facts ma’am.

Noah's Lark


Why would the Pac-12 break up the California rivalries. I see Utah and Colorado joining the Washington and Oregon schools more than the Southern California and Arizona schools.

Dave S

The jealousy of our little brothers and I do mean little brothers with all of the negativity never ceases to amaze me. Of course the money year in and year out is too much to pass up. In addition this will absolutely help recruiting more than anyone can imagine right now. That excites me more than anything!!


I hope this isn't just a rumor. I hope it is true. Furthermore, I hope that Utah and BYU end their on-field rivalry. I don't like hating anyone and I don't enjoy being hated. I don't like being called "classless." I would love cheering for both schools to succeed in their separate spheres.


@sammyg | 10:32 p.m. June 15, 2010

Only a Zoob would be proud of playing in Vegas in December.


If Utah is asked to join the Pac 10(12) soon.I ask Is it better to be a BIG fish in a small pond or a LITTLE fish in a big pond....Go figure.


Go Utah! PAC-1? stinks. You could do a lot for their conference. BYU and the PAC 1? is not a good fit. BYU will not change the Sunday play rule. I hope the rivalry stays. If not, good luck Utah! I will always cheer for you even though I am a Cougar through and through (except if you play us).



@ Junkie

By far the most insightful posts from a Utah fan. I couldn't agree with you more on the sad day it will be when Utah leaves the MWC. I'd say the same thing if BYU was leaving instead. The MWC has come a long way, all thanks to the BYU/UTAH duo. To break them up will be the beginning of the end. Playing a rivalry game at the beginning of the season isn't the same as conference championships being decided year after year in the last game.

To the envious BYU fans and the arrogant Utah fans, instead of focusing on the pro's/con's when the invite finally arrives, mourn the death of Utah's biggest event of the year.


Well, if it is true (there is still nothing solid saying it is happening for sure), good luck in the PAC whatever, Utes. I am one Cougar that actually hopes if it does actually happen that you will be in the Rose Bowl or even the National Championship in a few years. And I hope our rivalry with you can continue with the same intensity.

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