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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Okay BYU fans so Utah ends up in the middle of the PAC-12. So what . . .

Just remember . . . its a VERY RICH middle of the PAC.

And there isn't going to be anything sweeter than having USC, UCLA, CAL, et al coming to Rice Eccles Stadium even if it's only every other year.

And no matter what happens I sure hope the Utes keep you on their schedule. I don't want to ever see the rivalry end. It's just too much fun . . .

Best of luck to you BYU. And Yes, I really do mean it!

Go UTES! ! !


Be leary of information from sources, "close to the situation." Look at all the misinformation from "highly-placed sources" as was repeatedly quoted in the Austin newspaper having UT and their little brothers going to the Pac10. When both parties announce anything that's the news. Anything prior to that is rumor at best aimed only at selling a product.

oh ye confederacy of dunces

I gotta admit U fans, it does eat me up inside--though I never expected anything different. Question? Would we use up one of our out of state games every year to face the U? No thanks. I'm all for letting the rivalry whither away.

Salt Lake Sam

@Wasp1990-Because of the same reason that the Pac-10 didn't want Baylor if the Texas teams moved over. BYU is a religious private school. Not to mention the lack of a medical research/hospital facility. It has nothing to do with BYU's athletic program.


Yes, I am a lot jealous, but I'd still rather be dead than Red. Good luck Utes...I'm looking forward to having nothing to talk to Ute fans about...kind of like a family member that you don't like die...feels good, feels right. RIP


I think if the U was placed in a Northern Division with Colorado, Washington, WSU, Oregon and OSU they could fare pretty well. That would be a winnable division with Washington and the Oregon schools being our toughest competition.

But, if the U was placed in a division with UCLA, USC, Arizona, ASU and Colorado --- forget about it. USC, UCLA and Arizona State would dominate that division year in and out.

Luckily, I think the Pac-12 would keep the California school rivalries intact. I don't see USC and Stanford playing bi-annually.

Needless to say ... I can't wait to see if/when the U gets an invitation. GO UTES!



According to Dick Harmon and others, BYU's major drawback was religion, most specifically that Cal administrators are opposed to PAC 10 admission of any institution with religious ties.

Another issue is the fact that BYU will not play on Sundays, and the PAC 10 has been scheduling events on Sundays for several years.

Also, Utah has a better reputation as a research institution, and the PAC 10 is proud of the academic standing of its schools and wants to maintain a strong reputation in the research and academic area.

I'll agree with Jack Ryan on the misinformation comment. Everybody wants to be first with the scoop, and it seems if they've talked to the mother in law of the babysitter of some Ute Assistant Coach, they're reporting as "fact" things which are actually pretty speculative and unsubstantiated.

If it turns out to be true, the Utes obviously have to accept this opportunity. But I for one will feel regrets over leaving behind rivalries with teams we've had a partnership with for 50 years or more.

Show Me The Title

Awesome sauce.


RE: Cynic

Don't be silly. I am a BYU fan from way back in the day. I gutted it out on the cold asphalt of Rice stadium during the 57-28 debacle. I bleed blue. But Utah has everything to gain by moving and they will be good in the PAC 10. It's the PAC 10 that has everything to lose. Utah brings a small TV market and the other teams in the PAC 10 will have to compete with them for the Rose Bowl. I don't see how the PAC 10 really wins.


Utah has done fairly well against PAC 10 teams. They should do even better with (a) the exposure for recruiting and (b) the additional money. There's no reason they can't play with PAC 10 teams. They beat USC a few years ago and have dominated in two recent BCS bowls. They're not at the 2004 and 2008 level every year but twice in 5 years isn't bad.


Utah would be getting 15 times more TV revenue. They could go winless and it would still be a no brainer for the cash and prestige coming from the Pac 10.

However, they have proven they can beat the better teams of the Pac 10 (in good years) and luckily for them, the Pac 10 appears really down right now, especially USC after probation/lost scholarships. Any MWC fan should hope they put on a good showing to prove that the best of the MWC is just as good as the best of the Pac10 and other BCS conferences! (something we always try to argue for respect!) I hope they do great and I am a big BYU fan! Of course, I also hope the MWC gets an auto bid or BYU goes to the Big 12 within the next year or two!


Here's my take... "IF" the reports come about to be that Utah gets the invite and they leave the MWC, then it should be celebrated and mourned at the same time. Though I'm a Ute fan, I have an empty feeling in my stomache thinking of departing from our long time friends of the MWC, and especially.. gulp, BYU. It's like moving away from your life long buddies. Yes, we can continue to try and salvage a historic and fun/bitter rivalry; but lets be honest, it will never be the same.

Ute fans, lets be honest... BYU has done just as much for us, if not more in the last 30 years, as we have for them in getting recognition and respect for the WAC/MWC. BYU for a long time carried the load, and recently UTAH and TCU has taken it furthor. Leaving the MWC is a sad thing, it should be mourned. We fought long and hard to get it to were it could be, and now we are just bolting.

Personally, I would prefer to stay in the MWC, money aside and what it will do for us.


Hilarious to see how quickly Ute fans are becoming insufferably arrogant and over-confident. You have not even been officially invited yet and you are already having delusions of grandeur like you are going to become the next USC. But you will soon realize that just being in the Pac-whatever will not necessarily make the Utes a better program. Some of the worst teams in the country are in the Pac-10. And it will not necessarily make the Utes superior to BYU. That will still have to be decided on the field.


I hope it is true.

A few thoughts:

1. To those who argue that Utah will suffer from greater competition. Don't you want to compete against stronger teams. I do. I realize that we will likely not go to a BCS game for a long time. But the idea is to compete. That's what Utah will hopefully be doing.

2. The rivalry wont end. Clemson and South Carolina are rivals in different leagues. Same for Florida and Florida St. However both still play at the end of the year in a competitive rivalry.

3. BYU likely hasn't been invited by PAC 10 and the Big 12 because of the Sunday play issue. This is more an issue for the basketball tournament. I believe both conferences have their championships on Sunday.

4. Of course Utah is chasing the money. It's what both schools do. Football pays for the rest of the athletic budget. If Utah moves to the PAC 10 it helps to strengthen a lot more than just the football team

5. Personally I hope the Big 12 takes BYU. They could do well and I think it strengthens the rivalry.

Good luck Utes/Cougars


@ Chris B

See you vegas! Glad to see you want line up, like the rest of the Pac-10 and take a beating and plea for mercy from the Cougars!


BYU fans, though it hurts that we are getting the invite and not you; just remember that BYU is what it is. BYU is a religious institution first and formost that will always care more about what is good for the school, and I gaurantee sports is a distant second. When a school stands up for its values, there are consequences that come with that. That just happens to be that you become less attractive in conference standings. I know as a fan that is hard to deal with, but remember you are BYU fans because you hold those same values. Don't stand proud when your school stands up for the values (not playing on sunday's), but then complain when it is held against you. I respect you for those values, but it is also the same reason we got the invite and you didn't. I don't mean those remarks to be disparaging.

Though unfortunately in my opinon that the U will accept the invite, it is truely a sad day for the MWC and college sports when it happens.


It isn't over till its over. Just wait and see what the days bring. I for one would think it would be a laugher to see Utah banned to the PAC-10, they aren't that good of a team, they had two great years, and a couple fairly good years and now they are an "ELITE" TEAM? Not hardly!!! I think they should stay, BYU would be a great fit in the Big 12 although it would take them a few years to be competitive weekly! Just give it time, it will all come out in the wash, it always does! Perhaps the Mountain did the right thing claiming Boise State now rather than waiting? Now they need 2 more teams, I still say Utah State and Fresno are the best bets for a BCS Auto Bid Conference with a Championship game at the end of the season!


I am an alumnus of both BYU and the University of Utah. I say, "Way to go, Utah!" I wish them the best! I hope that it does a lot for the University and the State of Utah. I think that it also draws on some natural rivalries in the two schools in Arizona and in Colorado.


Love the comments & the jealousy. I remember the comments of the sportscasters before the Alabama game. The Utah program has proved themselves more than once and it wasn't at the Las Vegas Bowl. Hope the rumor is true. GO UTES!


If the Utes go, I will be excited! Even though I have been an advocate of the MWC and helping it get the AQ Bid, I am a Ute Fan First and foremost. To those Utah and BYU Fans who are saying the Utes are going to be Middle of the Pact, I would have to disagree. If you look at the last 10 years with the Utes facing the Pac10 in both the regular season and the postseason they have a strong winning record. The one team to be concerned with would be USC because of the immense success they have had over the years. However, with teams like UCLA, Oregon and Oregon State. Those teams are up and down as much as a roller coaster. The Utes have had a pretty steady team for the last 10 years. With the Pac10 Recruiting will become even stronger, making the already outstanding team and program an even better one. Keep an open mind Ute Fans, Utah can battle with the Pac.

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