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Published: Tuesday, June 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chris B

Good riddance tds


Good for the Utes. Good luck. Please leave now.

oh ye confederacy of dunces

Here's to a middle of the "PAC" future!

govt rocks

Go Utes!


Congratulations Utah!

As a Utah grad, I hope you do well in the PAC 12.

It may be too much to ask for, but try to keep the dialogue civil.


lets go out with a bang fellas. hope it REALLY happens this time.

John Charity Spring

The Utes must not give in to greed and join the so-called Pac-10 in an effort to enrich its coffers at he expense of their long time league mates. The Utes will find that they will literally be at the bottom of the pack and they will seek to return to the good situation they had in the MWC. Unfortunately, they will find that their display of greed and disloyalty will cause the MWC to say: Never again.


LOL, Jealous Zoobies for sure!

Wiley Old School



I think it is a sham that Utah would leave the MWC.. They are really loosers.........in more way than one...........they will never get into a playoff game even in a BCS conference, and if they would stay in the MWC,,,,,,,,,,the conference would get an auto bid with BS on board. It is a sham to the MWC if they leave..........If they do ---good ridence............

Jacky Blue

Hope it is true, Good luck Utes. Here is hoping the Big 12 invites BYU. College Football in the state of Utah would be at a new high!


As someone who is pretty impartial on this story, why was BYU not considered for the PAC 10 (12)? Any opinions?


Good riddance, Chris B.


Chasing money instead of athletic success.


You byu people act like it doesn' t bug you but you know it I'd eating you up inside and that is why you are posting.


I have mixed feelings about this.

I do believe it will help immensely with recruiting, particularly the local kids.

Still, I was liking where the MWC was going.

But if it's true, the U would be silly to turn it down.

Jack Ryan

Given all of the misinformation in the past few days (e.g., ESPN "Sources: Texas to join PAC-10 today"), I'll wait for the actual press conference before getting too excited.

And I agree with BlueCoug -- let's keep some civility to the comments and try to be big boys & girls, eh?


Good move Utes!

I guess I would trade wins and national exposure for all that money too.




"There had been speculation that Big 12 powerhouse Texas would follow Colorado to the Pac-10" but when THEY realized what a stupid move that would be, the Pac-10 was forced to settle for a much weaker team that will just contribute to the downward spiral of the Pac-10's performance in recent years. After several years of abject failure in the dismal Pac-10, Utah will be begging to get back into the MWC.

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