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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Utah football wins big games when it needs to. BCS bowls, longest bowl game winning streak. Out of conference record etc.

However, like I said... its not just athletics.

BYU is plain and simple not as well rounded an institution of collegial academics when compared to other schools.

What part of that do you not understand? There is more to college than the dating and marriage, BOM, D&C and other mandatory religion classes and football.


Once PAC12 affiliation kicks in for Utah, the Mormon population, the only population that regards BYU as a first choice school as you put it, will have options.

A parochial school (BYU) with great undergrad programs in certain disciplines, limited graduate degree opportunities and a second tier athletics program, based on athletic conference affiliation.

Or U of Utah, (off campus LDS Institute for a large LDS student body). Great undergrad and graduate programs, a first tier research program. Diverse student body. And a member in the one of the top athletics conferences in the nation.

I would figure that BYU's days of signing a majority of Mormon athletic prospects are limited.


It is funny to see all these Yners that support BYU through and through come one here and say some of the stuff they do, It makes people like myself not want anything to do with the religion... I was raised in the church but after seeing what higher up people do and get away with has drawn me farther from the religion... Just saying, If you claim to follow the standards that BYU has and what there school is all about, Please, Choose your words wisely!!


Oklahoma Cougar | 3:46 p.m. June 15, 2010

I didn't call you a lier on this board I did on the other board.

I asked for the "media source". The name of the article would also helpful because I just looked at:

Naive Big 12 boss will get fooled again -- just wait
June 15, 2010
By Gary Parrish

And does not have what was quoted by you.

Oklahoma Cougar

tagzz: perhaps you can head upstairs and ask your mom exactly how to find something on the 'puter.

Or you can go to the Gary Parrish "Parrish: The THoughts" blog on CBS Sportsline and find his "Expand-O-Meter, Monday June 14th" blog column dated early this morning (12:32 am) June 15th.

You will find the exact same "Bad Day" quote immediately following the "Good Day" quote about the Big XII's Dan Beebe.

You can apologize now that you have been called out.

Thanks for playing your mindless juvenile games.



You are right on with your comments and this is coming from a Utah Valley guy and long time Y fan. I do have two daughters however that are U graduates so I have always held the U in high regard academics wise and athletically they have paved the way for themselves with the BCS bowl wins. I am happy for the U if they get the invite because it will mean instant credibility both athletically and academically as well. The Y is finding it harder and harder to compete both academically and athletically but this promotion for the U will really hurt the Y no question.

Dee J

TAGZZ - aah, does somebody need a hug?

I'm curious as to which "higher up people" you're referring to, and exactly what they "do and get away with." Very odd basis for determining your religious affiliation.

Unless you're willing to name names, titles, and actions, perhaps you should choose your words wisely, or at least refrain from making such broad generalizations.


JayDee | 3:24 p.m. June 15, 2010

...and with the "greatness" the Cougars have had the last five years, still no BCS bowl game. You cannot even say the Cougars lost a BCS bowl game.

How embarrassing, but look at it this way, your team is 3-2 in the [gasp] Las Vegas bowl the last five years. That's a winning record.

Oklahoma Cougar

Utelogy: same advice for you as for tagzz. The now famous "Bad Day for PAC-10" quote is there in black and white on CBS Sportsline blog column written and posted early this a.m. It is still there.

BTW, I am not on any other comment boards, so it was here on the DesNews board that you called me a "liar". Why do so many of you Ute fans feel the necessity to be personal and disingenuous in your remarks. It really is getting old to listen to your attempts to belittle BYU-just because you hate it and all it stands for so much.

Still waiting for your apology for calling me a liar.

Oklahoma Cougar

Utelogy: same advice for you as for tagzz. The now famous "Bad Day for PAC-10" quote is there in black and white on CBS Sportsline blog column written and posted by Gary Parrish early this a.m. It is still there in spite of your false protestations otherwise.

Still waiting for your apology for calling me a liar.


The latest word I heard... Texas Tech and Missouri are going to crash the Big XII celebration and not accept the new terms of the "Give Texas all your money for them letting you be in their conference!" Newest word is that Larry Scott has been sighted in Lubbock and the PAC is doing some courting.

Sounds like Ute fans should have learned from Missouri fans and keep their mouths shut before you trump the horns.


Oklahoma Cougar | 5:21 p.m. June 15, 2010

My bad I ment different thread you were called out as a lier.

Do you know what the difference between a "blog" and an "article" is? The quote you used is on his blog post not a published article.

So yes I owe you an aplogy, sorry if I hurt your feeligns. But your still a lier on the other thread for using a user's comment on a blog.


Mr. Eyepatch, Sir:

Why did you put the word "greatness" in quotation marks? I never said that. I was simply responding to Canuck with facts about Top 25 end-of-season rankings which was a relevant point to his earlier post.

I wrote nothing about bowl games, wins, or losses.

If those facts about rankings disturb you, I apologize.

I would appreciate the same (an apology) from you for misrepresenting my post.

Naval Vet

For all you zoobies who think the Utes should "show up the Pac-10" by declining an invitation.....WE CAN'T.

Several reasons...

First, there seems to be a lot of zoobies touting the higher level of competition in the Pac than in the MWC. That is a sentiment shared by most media and college football conferences. If the Utes decline, it would appear as though we were running away from the competition in order to remain a big fish in a small pond. All along, we've been trying to prove that we belong and CAN measure up to the power conferences, but we've been held out. If we turn down an invite, we lose that leverage, and we lose that argument. If we are extended an invitation, we have to back up our words with action and take it.

Second, Utah needs to expand their stadium. Since we'll be making 10 times the revenue in the Pac than in the MWC, it's really a no-brainer.

Third, jealous zoobie tears are delicious. It's ambrosia to the gods. The gods being the Utes.



Boy, what a crazy couple of weeks.

Stictly speaking in terms of shear awesomeness (as it relates to exciting football games and rivalries), ten team conferences are clearly superior to twelve.

In terms of money, I'll concede the championship game has worked...for the SEC. The Big-12 has argued in the past it has hurt them with regards to NC hope. And the ACC?---does anyone even know/care how they divide that conference in football?

Personally, I'm excited that BSU has joined the MWC. It is clear the MWC should have an automatic invite to a BCS game.

Bottom line: the PAC 1? will invite Utah it if thinks they will bring in money. If they don't they will shy away and stick with 11, like the "Big Ten" has done since adding Penn St. But if they do invite Utah, I'm sure they'd accept just like BSU accepted the invite to the MWC.

It's nothing personal, Y fans. Just buisness.


Maybe this dumb rivalry will finally die.


Nobody wants more money enough to have to accommodate the Cougars no play on Sunday or to have the RMs beat up their teams.


It irks me how many U fans believe how superior their football team is. I keep hearing how the U has 2 BCS championships which makes them the better, more talented, more athletic football team over BYU. Yes, the U played a surprisingly great game against Alabama, but that win was no more impressive than BYU's win over OU last year. Also, everyone knows that if TCU knew how to kick fieldgoals that year, the U wouldn't have even been in the Sugar Bowl in the first place.

Now Utah is projected to go to the PAC which validates the arrogance, right? Complete garbage. Let the tradition, awards, and championships over the past 35 years speak volumes.

5 conference championships
2 BCS championships
10-3 bowl games
3 top 10 finishes
1 Coach of the Year

22 conference championships
1 national championship
10-17-1 bowl games
4 top 10 finishes
1 Heisman
1 Doak Walker
4 Davey O'Brien
2 Outland
1 Sammy Baugh
2 Coach of the Year
6 Hall of Fame

Utah may get the weak PAC, but it may not be long before BYU gets the Big XII or a stronger MWC.

Are you kidding me?!


You're trying to say that Utahs win over alabama was just the same and byu beating OU?! Do you watch football....ever? There is no way that the OU team BYU played could have even lasted 10 seconds playing the alabama team utah played. What was OU's final rank at the end of the year? Were they even in the top 25?

PAC Member

As a Utah fan, I'm shocked that the TDS is not going to the Big 12. It really surprises me that they're not getting the invite given their big stadium and 26 year old NC. Oh well . . .

Congrats to the Utes. I guess the past 10 years of Utah's national exposure with two BCS bowl wins is better than a big stadium and an old NC.


Hey "PAC Member"...

Go ahead and join the PAC 12. It will be all the more sweet when we beat you.

You know, like we have 3 of the last 4 years.

You: "Doh!..."

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