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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Time to dispel this notion:

Cancuck commented

"BYU has not had recent success in mainstream athletics at a national attention grabbing level such as Utah."

Let's assume mainstream athletics is football. Let's assume national attention-grabbing level means Top 25 national rankings. Let's assume recent means the past five years.

2005 Utah (others receiving votes)
2006 BYU 16th
2007 BYU 14th, Utah (others receiving votes)
2008 Utah 2nd, BYU 25th
2009 BYU 12th, Utah 18th

Stick with the facts, please.


It would be refreshing not to have Utah in the conference. Their fans are a disgrace to the community. Go ahead and follow the yellow brick road and hope you don't have a big fall. Quite frankly I don't trust the Pac-10. They've shown dishonesty with their refs when playing non-conference teams. Just ask Oklahoma! You think they'll be honest with the Utes when trying to uplift SC? They're crooked!!


Mr. Canuck, a couple of minor revisions to your observations:

BYU opponents have been flying into Provo for several years now since the runway extension. Provo airport is closer to LES, than SLC Intl is to RES.

Some of your mentioned 'lower echelon' teams that BYU scheduled have flown into Provo, ie--The Fighting Irish flew into Provo on a Delta 757; Stanford flew in on an America West(US Airways) 757; as well as most all MWC teams, except TUN who comes down on 'old yellow'.

As far as BYU being a lower level institution, BYU recently ranked as # 1 in yield, (meaning percentage of students who are accepted actually enrolling), ahead of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

What this means is, BYU is nobody's back-up plan. Those who apply to BYU want to be there.


RepresentBlue forgot bowl games against Oregon, and Oregon State. Guess that just leaves WA St. off the PAC 10 been there, done that list.

Oklahoma Cougar

re: big ben + utelogy

This is my fourth post about the source you asked about. Not sure why the moderator has not posted any of them. Maybe I am too specific.

This quote was published this morning at 12:32 am on a national sports website (hint: cbssports) by one of their regular columnists (hint: Gary P.). It is an exact quote from one of his columnists and you can address your sincere apologies to this board for calling me a liar.

Moderator: Is this ok?

Alpine Blue

That's ok Ben. We will take our overall athletic superiority and up your two BCS wins by one National Championship.


alpine, thats cute. good for you!

The bottom line is, what we argue about is trivial. We all have our own biases which prevent us from completely seeing reality. It very well could be that BYU ends up in the Big 12 in a couple years and Utah is still in the Mountain West. As I have said from the beginning, we need to sit back, relax, and let the dominoes fall where they may.


FYI about the U's replacement, Boise St. University.
(In case you've forgotten.)

AP Post-season Rankings NCAA College Football:

2005 others receiving votes
2006 5th
2007 others receiving votes
2008 11th
2009 4th

What's the saying? Nobody's irreplaceable.


Don't be so provincial. Here in California there is a huge sigh of relief that Texas and Oklahoma are not coming. There is a shrug of the shoulders over Utah and Colorado. Just before exiting the WAC Arizona State was the Cinderella team that had beaten Nebraska and was going to move up to the big leagues. They have done well, and contributed to the conference. To contend for the championship is another story (unless you are willing to risk probation). No one is a doormat in the league for long. Even the king ended up in 4th place.

Oklahoma Cougar

re: big ben + utelogy

This is the fifth e-mail naming the source. The first four have apparently been censored by the DesNews moderator.

The exact quote was taken from a column written by Gary Parrish in his regular column on CBS Sportsline published early this morning.

Please address your public apology for calling me a liar on this comment board.


If you logically stop and think about this you might realize that UH in Houston makes more sense than U of Utah.

The Houston market is about 5 million people. That would give the PAC 10 a recruiting and TV footprint in a key recuriting and TV market for both UT and A&M. UH would quickly build into a stronger program because of the shared revenue from the PAC10. If UH wins games the potential for casual followers in that TV market is maybe 10 times bigger (not to mention San Antonio and Dallas/FTWorth) than the U of Utah.

Further, it would be a good defensive move by the PAC10. The Big 12 may be attractive to UA,ASU and UCLA or even USC now that they allow individual teams to have thier own network.

The PAC10 may have made the first move but the last laugh may be made by the Big 12 by raiding the best of the PAC10 in future years.

The rules have changed. The big TV market teams now have more power and value than individual conferences. It is only the weak teams that NEED conference affiliation.


Hedgehog has one thing right. Without those wins (the end-all, be-all BCS bowls) Utah WOULD be ignored by the PAC-10. How many BCS bowl appearances does their partner, U of Colorado, have?

You're right hedgie, forgive us.


UT can add big TV market teams to the Big 12 North.

Rainding a couple of teams out of Phoenix and LA and adding them to the North does not hurt UT. UT would only play them once in a while. KS, KState, MO etc would be stuck with the travel and harder schedules.

The Big 12 would demand and get 2 BCS berths if they added a couple of PAC10 teams.

If the Big 12 wanted to they could add 5 teams from the PAC10 and Louisville. I am not saying they will but now the PAC10 has made and failed at a power grab.

UT is in a position to write the rules of realignment over the next couple of years. That is particularly true if they have help from ABC/ESPN and Fox.

The war has just begun. It is more than just one conference against another. It is major sports networks raiding their competitions key markets.

Utah is relatively unimportant in this war. The PAC10 had better be awake as they have just started a war with Texas. The Big 10 should also be on notice. They have a conference network with CBS.



I was just imagining the reception the yoots will receive in California because after the Trees/Golden Bears decide to vent their collective frustration/anger over prop 8.


Utah going to the PAC 10 will add INSTANT credibility to the U - not only in athletics but as a University as well. Now the U will be among the elite with Stanford, Cal, UCLA, etc.... When Arizona and Arizona St left the WAC years ago they joined the BIG time both athletically as well as academically. Even if the academic boost is percecption only it still benifits the graduates. Saying that you attended and graduated from a PAC 10 school means something. Certainly playing for a PAC10 school is BIG time and BYU will disolve into insignificance once the U takes the big step UP! BYU will lose recruits to the U (LDS recruits) since there is no comparison in playing for the PAC 10 vs the MWC. Do you want to play in Colorado St.'s little high school stadium or do you want to play in the Rose Bowl? Hmmmm- not too hard of a decision for football recruits. I think the U deserves the promotion with it's BCS wins in football and its finals appearance in basketball a few years back. The Y is finding it hard to compete athletically and academically.


I am changing my loyalty to BYU because there fans "Know It All" and prove it on da Interwebz!!

Dee J

For the money alone, I wouldn't blame Utah for bolting to the Pac-whatever if invited.

But here's what's really sad: the MWC has been building momentum in recent years, primarily by beating up on Pac-10 schools, and with Boise State and its 2-game winning streak against Pac-10 champs Oregon, the MWC would be guaranteed AQ status in the BCS, particularly with the Big-12 staying intact, forestalling a major realignment to 4 mega-conferences. But in spite of all the chest-beating and bravado from fans of MWC schools in recent years over the MWC success against the Pac-10, it would appear that all it takes to undermine everything gained towards AQ status is for the PAC-11 to grab Utah.

So financial incentives aside, if Utah said "no" to a PAC-whatever invite, barring further consolidation in BCS conferences, the MWC is virtually a lock for AQ status and continues to outplay the PAC-10 in both football and basketball. Utah would actually be more likely to make a BCS bowl under this scenario than as a member of the PAC-xx.

Anyone else see the irony?


ABC/ESPN agreed to the UT/Big12 deal to protect thier contracts with the ACC and Big East. Those conferences would have been cannibalized by the formation of 4 super conferences.

ABC/ESPN, especially ESPN could be a really big loser of market share as the 4 conferences develop.

Expect big TV market teams to demand and get individual network rights. The conferences are not weaker. They are based on traditions that made sense before TV was developed. Most of them have outlived thier efficiency.


Oklahoma... I have looked through his latest articles dating back to the first of June and he doesn't say anything in there about what you have Quoted him on... It hurts doesn't it? To be called out on a public forum


Zoobs are out in full force:

JayDee: add 2004 to your chart it will change the view of "recent history"

Homers: The Sears Cup, are you serious? You're gripping now.

All Other Zoobs: Why all the nasty comments? That's not the type of behavior your school stands for, or is it?

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