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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Of course not alterego, why would they be in any hurry? Utah is always going to be there. The proposed realignment would not take place until 2012, so there is no rush. As far as your other questions, I guess you have been asleep for the last several months. The answers to your questions have been discussed over and over again.


The PAC is being suspiciously quiet today. I wonder what they have up their sleeve. Given the fact that their master plan of stealing away half of the big 12 failed, and they are now looking at a consolation prize, I almost wonder if they won't try something else to give them the super conference they were dreaming of, even if it means stretching their own criteria a bit. They tried to eliminate their competition in the Big 12 by inviting half of them in. The MWC is looking more and more like a legitimate challenger to the PAC, especially with the addition of BSU. They could get their super conference and stifle the competition by adding 3 to 5 MWC schools who fit in nicely geographically with the rest of the PAC.



"Meanwhile, I maintain that if the PAC 11 wants more $$, BYU is a better choice. BYU brings better attendance and more television sets."

Let it go Altergo, Let it go...


i guess this is all related to football and the PAC 10's hopes to freeze out the MWC as an automatic BCS qualifier since football is the money sport. Another way to look at the bigger picture, though, is who has the best total package to bring to the PAC 10. The Sears Cup, which measures which NCAA schools have the best all around sports programs, shows Stanford at #1, UCLA #7, Cal #11, USC #12, Washington #28, Oregon #30, Arizona #32, ASU #33, BYU #34, UNM #35 and TCU #41. Utah isn't even in the top 50. Utes sports aren't that hot -men's baskeball 6th, baseball 6th, women bball 4th,football 3rd, mens golf 9th, women's golf (no team), women's soccer 3rd, softball 5th our of 6,mens swiiming 5th our of 6, women's swimming 6th,mens tennis 5th, women's tennis 1st, women's volleyball 4th. It becomes obvious that the PAC 10 is really inviting the Utes for their powerful women's tennis and gymnastics teams - otherwise, the Utes are going to get schooled in the PAC-10. Get used to the 4 and 5 loss football seasons again.


Chris B... who is the perennial third place team in the MWC with the occasional hiccup again? I'll give you one hint. It isn't BYU. =)

Oklahoma Cougar

re: Wldflwr

Media sources indicate that PAC-10 commish Larry Scott is having nightmares about what could've been and about the leftovers he has ended up with:

"Had a bad day: Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott went from the verge of having the nation's first super conference to likely having to offer invitation to Utah just to get the Pac-10 to 12 schools. Imagine that. One day you think you're adding Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, the next you're reduced to offering an invitation to the school Urban Meyer left for Florida. I'm not sure if Larry Scott drinks. But if he does, he probably is right now. Or at least he should be."

Oh well, you roll the dice and you win some and you lose some and this one the PAC-10 lost big time.

re: Chris B/hedgehog

Please cease the delusions about another Utah BCS run. BYU will have several BCS games before Utah ever gets another sniff. In spite of your hatred for BYU, we want to take this opportunity to wish the Utes the very best and root for you in the PAC10.


homers, that is taking into account the current year. And yes, utah was down this year. But sports across the board were relying on underclassmen. dont worry about us, we are going to be just fine. thanks for the concern though.


Oklahoma Coug: an anonymous blog is not a legit "media source"

Alpine Blue

re: Big Ben

BYU has always been ranked much higher than Utah in the Sears Cup standings. Is it any wonder since the Cougars have won 137+ combined conference championships since the inception of the Mountain West-while the mighty, mighty Utes have only won around 40? Utah down this year-how about every year compared to their counterparts in Provo?



Once again let's re-learn what it means to be a collegiate conference member. Its more than just athletics. There are numerous prerequisites that must be met before being invited into a conference.

Remember that word? Prerequisites? Its the word that told you what classes you needed to take a from a particular department or college in order to graduate from said college.

Academically overall, not just looking at a few select undergraduate disciplines, the U of Utah is superior to BYU. There are rich and diverse graduate level programs and research projects at the U. The U has a top notch medical school and cancer clinic.

The U is a school devoted to many of the same traditions as other PAC10 members. Academic excellence, gender equity and ethnic diversity, these are a part of the PAC10 mission statement.

There are several good academic programs at BYU, just not enough. BYU is not diverse ethnically speaking.

BYU has not had recent success in mainstream athletics at a national attention grabbing level such as Utah.

The PAC 10 is the conference of champions. Utah will be a excellent fit.


Hedgie the hog said:

"Utah would not be in PAC10 discussions if they had not gone to and won two BCS bowl games. The NATIONAL recognition generated by the BCS games propelled them above BYU as the team of choice for the state of Utah. Without those wins Utah (along with BYU) would have been ignored."

And this explains the inclusion of your partner conference-jumper, the U of Boulder, in what way?
Let's hear it for Colorado's high academics and dominating national sports. LOL

Based on sports programs--football included--stadium, attendance, fan base, TV sets, financial attractiveness, etc., etc., BYU is as or more appealing than U. (But, we all know why they aren't invited to the party.)

The U is not nearly the "bees knees" as hedgie professes and the Y is much better than these denigrating posts proclaim.

Keep downgrading the team that holds scoreboard over you this year and 3 of the last 4 and your comments seem more and more ridiculous...if that is possible.


Utes will still get chomped by the Cougars, WASU Cougars, along with the MildCats and Sun Dummies. Meet the new doormat!


Ben, Uteology

The thing is, adding Colorado and Utah could have been done by e-mail. If they hired anyone, it could have Harry and Lloyd to ride out and do it on their mini-bike.

But Larry Scott has been hired, and CCA has been retained to create a grand conference.

Did he have just one trick, or is something else in the wings?

He could have invited Utah the same day as Colorado.

Utah may get the invite, I hope they do. I'll get great seats to watch the UofA play in RES.

But all the chest beating before the invite, the slamming of BYU isn't necessary. It's classless.

Everyone knows (who reads) why Utah is the "probably the only" choice left for the PAC-10 to make it PAC-12.

Hey, ya get the invite, throw a parade, dance around the campus, let's get a pizza at the Pie.

In the meantime, there should be a catious optimism at the U right now, not this classless act. Most real Utah fans, the ones that went there, are too classy for that.


Utes will still get chomped by the Cougars, WASU Cougars, along with the MildCats and Sun Dummies. Meet the new doormat!


homers | 2:20 p.m. June 15, 2010

Another way to look at the bigger picture, though, is who has the best total package to bring to the PAC 10. The Sears Cup...It becomes obvious that the PAC 10 is really inviting the Utes for their powerful women's tennis and gymnastics teams - otherwise, the Utes are going to get schooled in the PAC-10. Get used to the 4 and 5 loss football seasons again.


:) Okay Cleo thanks for your predictions.

Go enjoy your Sears Cup success becasue I am sure anytime now it will be announced that the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, ACC, and Big East are all fighting for BYU to join thier conference.


Good for you Alpine. You go ahead and take the sears cup, we will take the two BCS wins.


Oklahoma Cougar | 2:29 p.m. June 15, 2010

Sir you've already been called out on lies about "media sources" please proivde which media source or is this another email from your "friend back east".


Hey zoniezoobie, its WAZZU, and boy are we glad that CU and Utah are coming into our whoopin shed!


@The Canuck:

"We had scheduled over the last 10-15 years numerous home and home dates versus PAC10 opponents like CAL, Stanford, Oregon, and UCLA.

While BYU was scheduling Eastern Washington, Northern Iowa and Tulane.

Now when you want to join the in crowd/PAC10/BCS Conferences doesn't it make sense to get to know the in crowd/PAC10/BCS Conferences first?"

Are you serious?! Are you really that delusional? BYU has scheduled just as many home and home series with PAC 10 opponents as Utah, if not more, over the same 10-15 year period. In the last 15 years BYU has had home and home series with USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Arizona, Arizona St and Washington. You can also add to that list Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, and Virginia, to name just a few.

Utah hasn't even been invited to the PAC 10 yet, and already Ute fan arrogance is gone through the stratosphere. Don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.

Alpine Blue

That's ok Ben. We will take our overall athletic superiority and up your two BCS wins by one National Championship.

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