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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Now that the MWC has Boise St. in the mix, we have ourselves a nice little conference, and for Utah to even accept a Pac-10 invite would be insulting, considering that they [Pac-10] wanted teams out of the Big 12. Utah shouldn't play second banana to anyone.

I don't like it and I hope Utah stays in the MWC.

As for the crying about BYU not getting invited because of religious factors, all I can say is... you have pigeon holed yourselve in that respect.

If it's true... that's disgraceful for the Pac-10.

... then again, 5 Las Vegas Bowls doesn't really make anyone notice, unless of course your from Provo.


@Johnny Triumph | 10:50 a.m. June 15, 2010

"BYU remains top dog in their conference. Boise State replaces Utah as the next best football team in the conference."

Good one, Johnny. You are making an attempt at a joke here, right?

First: you failed to account for TCU...

Second: You refuse to admit that BSU isn't going to lay down in front of the bus for BYU, and they will beat the Cougars...probably consistently.

Whether Utah leaves the MWC or not, the one thing that has become clear over the last couple of weeks is that no one, and I mean NO ONE, thinks as highly of BYU as BYU fans think of themselves.

For that fact alone, the journey the last couple of weeks has been well worth the ride.


Buster, come on man, youre better than that. Dont get frustrated so easily. Show some class


I hope that Utah moving to the PAC will be the catalyst that will be the demise of the BYU football program. I say that as a lifelong BYU fan, who has come to realize that there are more important things in life than football. The BYU football program is a symbol of the competitive nature of the LDS people in Utah that has begun to go too far. You see it within wards, among students at BYU, and in sports: Good LDS people who get so caught up in trying to be perfect that they get so competitive and start treating others like garbage, so that they can appear to be superior and thus feel better about themselves. Ending BYU's football program and the silly rivalry with Utah would go a long way to remedy this enormous pride that has gradually crept in to the church. Letting go of BYU football would have a huge positive impact on individuals who currently take it way too seriously. Give up your pride, and let the U have their football.


It amazes me how much vitriol the Y-ner fans are spewing over Utah's pending promotion to the "big dance".

Its not even a little brother syndrome anymore. Its more like a "little sister complex".

"We are more deserving, why don't they like us?" Then the religious persecution excuse comes out as a rationalization against the denial of the Y program. Pac10 hates Mormons. And so on.

Hello? Utah Utes are full of Mormons too! The head coach of Utah football is a Mormon. I don't think religious affiliation is the main problem.

Here are the facts:

Utah is close to transportation hub. SLC airport. Easy in and out. BYU is still an hour away from the airport via the ground. Get airlines to fly into the airport in Provo then we'll talk big leagues.

Major research institution. Utah has world class cancer clinic and medical school. And full complement of grad school offerings and research.

BYU has too many grade inflated "Mrs. Degree" seekers. Dating and marriage classes and mandatory religious credits scream "inflated gpas" per student. Granted BYU does have some legit programs, like law, engineering etc.

Two BCS bowl wins, nuff said.


Texas turns down PAC10 making them look stupid. The ultimate now would be for Utah to turn them down and tell them they feel the MWC has a brighter future. That would be great. They could also add they dont feel the PAC10 lives up to their academic standards. Utah would be my favorite team if they did that (which of course they wont, but still it would be awesome).


"unless of course your from Provo."

Let me rephase that, " unless of course your a Cougar fan." Whoops!


A few more reasons why Utah was selected.

We had scheduled over the last 10-15 years numerous home and home dates versus PAC10 opponents like CAL, Stanford, Oregon, and UCLA.

While BYU was scheduling Eastern Washington, Northern Iowa and Tulane.

Now when you want to join the in crowd/PAC10/BCS Conferences doesn't it make sense to get to know the in crowd/PAC10/BCS Conferences first?

Come on little sister... we'll dance with you for the next few years. After that you need to stand on your own.


Chris Hill: We will not be responding... This response should in no way be considered a response, we are only responding to say we aren't responding because we won't respond. Just keep the story alive so the Pac-11 knows we have a following. We just don't want to have to respond anytime after this response to say that we haven't responded. Don't respond to this.


What happened to the so called classy cougar fan?. I thought BYU fan carried themselves with grace and dignity. I guess it’s like a two year old child, let them tire themselves out with a tantrum and give them a juice box.


Buster | 11:23 a.m. June 15, 2010

#1. Get invited.
#2. Gloat from there.

You Ute fans look so classless and silly.

You're storming the field in the third quarter.


Says a Zoob wearing his "Quest for Perfection" t-shirt.


It was hilarious watching BYU fan gloat yesterday they were in the Big 12 only to have it dashed after all that classy grandstanding. You were like the kid who stood up to pick up an award as they announced someone else's name.

Oklahoma Cougar

re: Independent

A whole lot of truth in your analysis. Football season and even the off-season used to be fun-full of speculation and good-natured ribbing between Ute and Cougar fans.

Unfortunately, ever since the advent of these anonymous internet forums-this rivalry has because full of hatred, venom, dishonesty, pettiness, rancor, delusions, and hatred (did I already mention that?). Anything goes and you can same anything that comes to your mind-be it true or not. And it equally applies to both sides of the fence. Both full of themselves and a false sense of pride.

Perhaps it truly is time for BYU to go the way of Ricks and cease all intercollegiate athletics...

I hate even the thought, but it may be the best thing that could ever happen to the church. No more houses divided. On the other hand, maybe I am totally off-base and a bit of competition and rivalry is good for the soul.


Doesn't seem like the PAC 11 are in any hurry to invite Utah.

Meanwhile, I maintain that if the PAC 11 wants more $$, BYU is a better choice. BYU brings better attendance and more television sets.

So is it about $$ or not?


I hope this gets resolved soon. I am tired of all this speculation.


Hey, "Quest for Perfection" t-shirt zoob: I know that it isn't official, however, everything that I have been hearing is that the Utes will get an invite to the PAC-10. It is just nice that a lot of folks outside of Utah are talking about the Utes in a positive way concering how nice a fit they will be in the conference.

Rewind to the 1980s. All that we Ute fans heard from Coug fans was "BYU to the PAC-10, BYU to the PAC-10, BYU to the PAC-10, etc.,etc." Of course the only ones that were saying it were Coug fans. I never heard anything from the PAC-10 schools about how much they wanted BYU to join.

So it is nice to gloat a little about this possible new and improved situation for Utah especially when the attitude toward Utah over the last three to four decades has been rather condesending towards us.


Just watching ESPN's winners and losers:

Utah: Winners because they are probably going to the PAC 10

PAC 10 - Losers because Utah is probably going to the PAC 10?

Chris B

This all boils down to one thing:

Utah - 2 BCS wins with many to come in the near future, possibly a 3rd this year.

Cewgs - 0 BCS wins, and now realizing the highest they'll ever be in the foreseeable future is #3 - IN THE MOUNTAIN WEST!!!



What’s even more delicious is that for the past two weeks we’ve not seen a single relevant BYU sports article. It’s the Utes 24/7.

THEE University of Utah!!


Why must the MWC shoot itself in the foot.

With Boise State, TCU, Utah, and BYU holding tight together, with a strong Air force fighting to become one of the powerhouses of the conference, why must we make changes now?

Automatic Qualfier to the BCS is at hand with all said teams and their accomplishmnents in place if they all stay in the MWC. They could all remain power houses in the MWC.

If teams leave, like BYU to the Big 12 and like Utah leaving for the Pac 12, we are playing into the hands of hose that would like to delay allowing the MWC into the AQ BCS.

Besides, could teams like the BYU be as successful in the Big 12, if each year they had to play against
Texas Longhorn, Oklahoma Sooners, or the others, or would Utah be as successful in the Pac 10 playing against USC and the rest of the Pac 10. I wish so for both schools, but I doubt it.

Utah, do like the powerhouses of the Big 12 and stay put in your own conference. Have patience, and be glad you did. Just do it. Stay.

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