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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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U shouldn't sell out. Stay in the MWC & make it stronger. We can see that the big 12 is getting weaker & PAC-10 is looking to make itself relevant. Don't help them.


If Utah goes to the PAC I will be sad for the MWC and the Holy War, though happy for Utah. I expect they will have several mediocre years as they adjust to the week to week grind but in time I think they will excell.

The real loss will be the value of Utah and BYU hammering it out in-state. So what if BYU goes to the Big-12, maybe. Its neat to have Texas come here every other year, or USC to Utah but seriously...who cares! The highlight of my year is watching BYU and Utah scratch it out in November. Football is about character, team work, etc. I understand business drives this but in the end it is the competition on the field that drives me.

If Utah is invited and goes, congrats. They are a class school, program and people (minus their economics department, another story.)I hope it doesn't happen.

And in any case, go BYU!


The reason why the Pac 10 wants Utah over BYU I think is fairly obvious. If it was about money BYU obviously has more draw, so it’s not about money. It’s the fact that everything BYU teaches is taught through an LDS lens.

BYU’s version of truth is different than the Pac 10's.

The Pac 10 wants to maintain its free thinking reputation and adding an institution that places a higher precedent on religious philosophy than the search of secular knowledge goes against that.

I don’t think this is religious persecution, it’s just that the Pac 10 believes that adding an institution with an obvious religious bias goes against their philosophy.

Apocolypse Cow

USA Today just announced that Utah has "officially given the MWC notice of intent to leave".

BYU Fans, I would like to sing you my favorite song. Na, na, na, na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye. Na, na, na, na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye


show some class old ute, we dont know anything about what will happen


"Xpat | 9:04 a.m. June 15, 2010
BYU, TCU, SMU, ND, Baylor, AFA, Army, and Navy should form the Church and Military conference, the Christian Soldiers' Conference (CSC)!"

This was an off the wall suggestion I had way back in the imploding 16 team WAC days - But I called it the "God and Country" conference. Don't forget Boston College as a top FBS private religious school as well.

I'll be happy where ever BYU ends up if they can negotiate their own network like TX. They can already leverage KBYU/BYUTV. If I can see every game in my home/ward meeting house again I'll be happy.

That said with the TX TV deal - ND may be interested in the Big 12 since it appears they'd be allowed to keep their NBC contract all to themselves.


So you r saying just because a school plays on Sunday they have no character? NO! It's just your school that has those rules because it's part of YOUR religion. Don't blast off on other schools because they do.


@DaveKnowsWhatsUp | 9:44 a.m. June 15, 2010

Well said...I couldn't agree more.

Folks on both sides of the rivalry are talking like this is a done deal...it isn't.

The University of Utah has taken a no comment approach and we should all follow suit...just wait and see.


apo cow, as much as I want it to be true, the source is utezone, which is a load of garbage. just be patient.


Why so excited, Utah?

Look, if the PAC-10 (11) really, really wanted Utah, it would have invited them when it invited Colorado. Get the conference to 12 schools and then work on the TX/OK expansion. The fact that it went to Texas first should tell you something.

Now, Utah will probably get an invite--the PAC-11 doesn't make much sense, does it? Utah is probably the only logical choice at this point. Okay athletics and good enough academics.

But this won't be about Utah's "academic" fit with the other schools. The PAC-11 was very willing to take both Texas Tech and OK State, both of whom are classified as "High Research" schools (not "Very High Research") and are clearly inferior universities to the rest of the PAC-11 (and Utah).

Academically, Utah fits with the bottom 3-4 schools of the PAC-10. Athletically, about the same. Pretty solid (and potentially very good) in football, obviously great in w. gymnastics, but after that, what?

I would imagine that there is some handwringing in the PAC-11 offices now. Will they invite Utah? Probably, but clearly a default (and third) choice.

Johnny Triumph

If Utah leaves then we'll all be better off. MWC loses an also-ran team in most sports. Utah gains TV exposure to another conference. BYU remains top dog in their conference. Boise State replaces Utah as the next best football team in the conference. Utah drops to Arizona State-like depths in a deep conference. Utah basketball continues to suffer in a stronger basketball conference.

What's not to love here?


Utah deserves to go to the PAC10. Two BSC bowl wins in Football proves them. I would think that losing Utah would really leave BYU out in the cold. I would think that the BIG 12 would look to invite TCU and BYU to bring them back to 12 teams again.


I went to Utah for a while, a lot of good people, but so much hate there against Mormons and BYU that I think it would be good for them to go.

MUSSing with U

Sorry to rain on your parade, Utah fans, but things won't be quite as "ROSE"y in the PAC 12 as some of you seem to think.

The one thing the PAC 12 will give Utah is more money and a better bowl, regardless of how mediocre Utah may become.

Utah will be on FoxSports, which means more television access, but look for most of Utah's nationally televised games to be late Saturday night when most of the fans in the east will be gone before halftime.

The PAC 10 adding Colorado and Utah isn't going to change the lack of interest that fans in the east already have for teams on the west coast.


re: 42istheanswer

Lets see, stay in the MWC and get the $1.2 million from the terrible MTN TV deal, or join the Pac-12 and get an estimated $12-$15 million per year from TV contracts.

You give KWhit Pac-12 money and resources, and just watch him keep doing what he does, win.


This next season Utah will be the most hated team in the MWC rather than BYU. (at least for one year, then it will go back to BYU) BSU, BYU, and TCU will probably take turns each year going to a BCS game. Eventually a college football playoff will be here and the MWC will have an automatic bid. Will Utah eventually regret going to the PAC-12?

By the Way the PAC10 is basically on record as saying they dont want religious schools. They didn't want Baylor and they dont want BYU. They are an open minded conference. As long as you dont have views they dont approve of. When did open minded mean anti-religion.


"You give KWhit Pac-12 money and resources, and just watch him keep doing what he does..."

lose to PAC 12 teams instead of MWC teams.


no offense to anyone, but those who are saying that utah is a football/gymnastics school and everything else is awful is extremely ignorant. Womens basketball is a perenial power, volleyball is routinely at the top, ditto for soccer. track isnt very good, but baseball is coming around. Add to that the growth that is sure to come this year in mens bball, and you have a very solid athletic program. just my two cents, but i think some of you are letting your jealousy get in the way of rational thinking.

Tom in CA

It would be hilarious to have the:

PAC 11 (Colorado brought so much to the table)

At least all the west coast fans could see the top of the Rocky Mountains on the fly overs.


"Lets see, stay in the MWC and get the $1.2 million from the terrible MTN TV deal, or join the Pac-12 and get an estimated $12-$15 million per year from TV contracts."

#1. Get invited.
#2. Gloat from there.

You Ute fans look so classless and silly.

You're storming the field in the third quarter.

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