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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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As a BYU fan, I would like to congratulate the Utes for getting the Pac 10 invite. BYU has been trying to get into a better conference for the last 40 years and maybe we will be able to someday. Am I jealous? Yes. Would I like to see BYU join the Pac 10 instead of Utah? Yes. Am I man enough to congratulate Utah? Yes.

Let's face it. Even if the MWC is granted AQ status, Utah is much better off going to the Pac 10. Conservatively, Utah stands to make more than 15 times the amount of money it would make in the MWC. It's a no brainer.


I think a wait and see approach is best here. I dont think the pac 10 is under any pressure to add utah, so they may wait. Remember, the big 10 played with eleve teams for 15 years. The proposed change would not go into effect until 2012, so it could be that the pac 10 will wait until next year, if at all, to invite utah. The way things are going, I wouldnt be surprised to see anything happen. Heck, BYU could end up in the SEC and Utah could get demoted to the big sky for all I know.

Several concrete things have happened:

1. Colorado is going to the pac 10
2. Nebraska is going to the big 10
3. Boise st. is coming to the Mountain West
4. ESPN has lost more credibility every day as this has unfolded, reporting false rumors as truth.


To Hedgehog, "If it was Texas who had "no Sunday play" The PAC10 would have accommodated. Keep trying." So, are you saying it is a bias against the church, or is it just you that's a bigot? I was honestly trying to get some of my fellow Cougs to take the anti-mormon chip off their shoulder.

However, you did hit the nail on the head, and that is money, the pac10 would have sold their own families to get Texas to join.


Re: MUSSDad. Excellent point about the media, their constant drabble is almost as annoying as talk radio.

I will give you that if Utah is invited, it would be huge for the school, and would be something to be congratulated. However, I don't think the rest of us would be suicidal because we have never had hopes of being in the pac10, so we're not losing anything there. And to be quite honest, I wouldn't feel a huge sense of loss with Utah no longer in the conference. You would still be up there annoying us, we would still be down south annoying you, and I am sure there would still be plenty of games scheduled between the two, so not a whole lot would change.

Jacky Blue

I would love to see Utah go to the PAC 12 and BYU go to the Big 12 (or whatever it is). Keep the rivalry alive and enjoy big time college football every week. Looks like Utah is shoe-in; BYU--here's hoping!


As a BYU fan...its hard to see this happening. Not only are we losing some traction in the race to become an AQ conference, but our rivals are making a jump that many of us feel should be ours (BTW, anybody who doesn't think that BYU was excluded because it is a private, LDS institution needs to stop drinking the fruit punch. If it were only about money, BYU brings in a lot more revenue than Utah, and the teams have been about even since the new coaches were hired).

However, I've got to give Utah props for putting themselves in this situation. They are a strong athletic program with great leadership, they have an excellent football program that, in some ways, is more prepared for a jump to an AQ league, and this jump should permanently keep Whittingham at Utah (which is a good thing).

My hope is that Utah's successes will all be counted towards the MWC getting an AQ bid. I wouldn't put it past the folks at the BCS to discount all of Utah's success because they are going to become a Pac-10 team.


By joining the PAC 10, Utah will paint a giant bulls-eye on its jersey. After ASU and U of A left the WAC, it was especially fun to watch them play on an even par with BYU, a team they were supposedly superior to.

So the Utes may want to move sooner to get BYU off their schedule. By 2011 BYU football will be capable of dominating the Utes for at least 3 years straight. Oh . . . shall we bring up basketball?


Hey Apo Cow,
The real sign of class in an institution is not in mocking the schools that got you where you are. Your rise to recognition was forged on the field against the likes of "UNLV, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State, and Boise," and that rise was primarily in football (and maybe gymnastics). Remember that you have to play the PAC 12 teams in all sports. And since your score was 15.5 to BYU's 45.5 in the Deseret First Duel this year, maybe your entry into the PAC 12 should come with a measure of gratitude for those who prepared you, and a measure of humility for what you are about to experience.


Wow, talk about little brother syndrome -and hypocritical as well. On one hand you say how sorry the PAC11 is and how much better the MWC is and then you follow-up on how Utah will not succeed in the PAC11.

The reality is that Utah can and will be very competitive in PAC12 football and basketball (in due time). What’s really going to be interesting to see in the next 5-10 years is the massive disparity between Utah and BYU (both academically and athletically).

It’s great to be a UTE!!!!!


Texas and the Big 12 regret going to Sunday-play being in the heart of the bible belt. Now would be a great time to revert by inviting TCU and BYU to join.

Meanwhile Utah can enjoy the hedonistic left coast...


@ desertrat

Show some class. We dont even know what is going to happen. just calm down and dont let your jealousy consume you.

Riot Man

Just one thing to consider about the rivalry IF Utah goes, and I think they will. It doesn't have to change the intensity of the rivalry one bit. Florida and Florida St play every single year, they are not in the same conference, and that is ONE INTENSE RIVALRY. I just moved to Florida a few months ago, and those two teams HATE each other.

Personally, I'd love to see TCU, BSU, BYU and AF join the Big 12 to make it the Big 14. It would give that conference a little more Texas coverage, all of Idaho, Utah and Denver, as well as the Mormon and Air Force populations, which are all over the country. Those markets don't generalize to segments like ND doesn't either. Not as powerful as ND, but they don't generalize like ND.

As for our rivalry, it remains in tact, and we still play every year, last game of the year as always. Nothing changes, but our conference prides will be on the line as well.

Jacky Blue

The PAC-10 is not religiously biased against BYU but Cal and Stanford most definitely are, especially following the prop 8 wake.


Let me get this straight:

The PAC-10 is looking to expand but bypasses a natural fit for league expansion in Utah & BYU. The Y is apparently not a good fit as a private LDS university and Utah, by association with the LDS state, isn't favored either. The PAC-10 turns to the Big-12 instead.

All of the Big-12 schools in Texas are invited except Baylor (a private Baptist university). Powerbrokers in Texas begin lobbying to get Baylor included in the deal instead of CU. The PAC-10, confident it had Texas & Co. in the bag, finds the religiously affiliated Baylor so unacceptable that it pre-emptively extends an invitation to CU, hoping to cut off any further discussion about adding Baylor.

Ultimately, Texas & Co decide they are happier where they are and the PAC-10 is stuck with underachieving Colorado. Begrudgingly, they appear now on the verge of extending an invitation to the U after all... and Ute fans are excited about this?

Good luck, Utah. I am not sure you are as good a fit for the PAC-12 as you seem to want to believe. I wish you were staying in the new MWC.


What if its to be a Pac 14 with more than just the Utes: Utah, BYU, and SDSU.


Stay in MWC utah and BYU..For heavens sake the confrance is getting better each year..More exposure and more reconization for the great confrance it is..With all the shake up and changes The MWC has even a better potional for exposure..Boie state is on board.Invite arizon or arizona state in anwe would really have a go at the big boys from back east or the snobs on the west coast.


"However, you did hit the nail on the head, and that is money, the pac10 would have sold their own families to get Texas to join."


Yes, my point is power conferences will take a strictly business approach when selecting the most attractive partner. Some positive can outweigh negatives. The PAC10 would jump at the chance to take a national brand like ND even with the religious connotations.

BYU simply doesn’t have strong enough positives to override the all the negatives. If BYU was in a bigger market or had a better national brand the religious aspect would be easier to ignore. Sorry Kewgs, it’s business, and bragging about winning a lot on MWC games and batting .500 in the MACO bowl just doesn’t tip the scales.

Utah would not be in PAC10 discussions if they had not gone to and won two BCS bowl games. The NATIONAL recognition generated by the BCS games propelled them above BYU as the team of choice for the state of Utah. Without those wins Utah (along with BYU) would have been ignored.


Snark, your argument holds up great, if the 2009-2010 school year was the only year utah had ever competed in athletics. Too bad its not. Just about every team should be better this year and in the future.

Old Ute

Miracles Happen !

Whine and Pout, the cougs got left out . . .

"I thought we were God's University?"

Jacky Blue

The PAC-10 is not religiously biased against BYU but Cal and Stanford most definitely are, especially following the prop 8 wake.

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