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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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MUSSing with U | 7:22 a.m. June 15, 2010

Your penchant for fortune telling is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining yet bizarre behaviors on the DN sports boards. Good luck with that in your future...whatever you think it is.


spokaloo|2:03 a.m. June 15, 2010

You also forget that BYU is sited for lack of academic freedom by AAUP and Utah is not. In fact even a school like Oral Roberts University didn't make the list.


Adding BYU to the PAC would represent a bigger increase for the conference's revenue imo. Adding Utah because it is an institution more closely aligned academically is fine, but makes no sense if this decision is about $$$. If the PAC 10 wants more $, they should add BYU.


Arrogance & Jealosy. That's what I read here. Arrogance and Jealosy. Sad


Well - if the U gets invited to the PAC, more power to them. Best Wishes.

BYU hasn't proven itself in many big games for the last 20 years, it was in their control to do so and if they haven't made themselves a compelling choice - so be it. I still love my Cougars, still love the U-BYU rivalry and they'll both still be playing somewhere on any given weekend. No loss anywhere.


DaveKnowsWhatsUp | 8:01 a.m. June 15, 2010

"If the pac10 doesn't extend the invite, then it will be a snub of gigantic proportions, especially with all of you already planning the celebration."

Don't forget to include the media that's helping to gin up the talk.

Also, you fail to see that IF (and it's a BIG IF) Utah is invited to the PAC it will be a huge bonus for the Ute faithful. Why? Not only will we no longer have to deal with BYU and it's delusional fans but Provo Utah will immediately be put on a suicide watch.


I'll start by being hopeful. I hope the Utes stay put. With Boise in the mix, you have 4 teams that can be in the top 25. Then you can have the New Mexicos, Wyomings, and Air Force, that can have a guest appearence at times. That can only stengthen the conference. That can set us up for some better deals along the way, including BCS. Plus, it is easier to split the money 10 ways, then 16. I know I don't watch the PAC 10 on a regular basis, so they won't be getting my money anyway. You also have to look at the basketball program to. You can have NM, LV, Utah, BYU, and another school step up for tournament play. If Utah goes, I do think that BYU will jump to. I don't know how long people can defy logic. A 65,000+ seat stadium, and a hungry audiennce, it won't be long, before they are asked. Then watch out for them to, because the level of athlete will improve as well.


@Muss U

Cleo called she told me to tell you she wants her crystal ball back. She told me it was you who predicted the Quest t-shirts and airport celbrations for national title for teams that went 1-1 in Vegas.

Again how Utah does will depend on KW developing NFL talent if continues the current trend Utah wins if not then we lose.


re: Spokaloo

How can you be invited into a BCS conference when you've never even played in a BCS game?


I don't believe the PAC-10 hates BYU because of the "Mormons." After all, I'm willing to bet that the U has over 50% Mormons currently attending.

Bottom Line

This will go down as one of the greatest follies of all time. The PAC-10 had super agressive plans which had the makings of a super conference with effectively the best of the big 12 and Colorado (a throw in). Now they are potentially stuck with Colorado and Utah. As an unbiased observer this is a brutal blow to a conference already suffering image problems and declining atheletic performaance. The PAC-10 barely got 2 teams in the basketball tourney last year. The two programs added will not improve this situation. From a football perspective Utah is poised to make an immediate impact in a conference that will be viewed as weaker than the Mtn West. Bottow line is a dream scenario turned into a nightmare for the PAC-10.


It looks as if the Pac10 will have to settle with Utah. As far as the utes should be concerned it really doesnt matter HOW you get in, its THAT you get in. Congrats to ute nation, I would be lying if I said I wasnt a little jealous. Good luck in the pac12, you guys will be fine and more often than not finish top 3 most years.

As a BYU fan, I can only hope for wins against the teams the Cougars play. Reality is that those wins will come at the expense of the MWC.



Goog point. UofU has more mormons than does BYU. It has more to do with the uber right wing agenda ( i.e prop 8)

Chris B


It will be so great to finally be in a conference where we belong - with the chance to play in the national championship game every single year. Meanwhile, TDS is going to start each season knowing that the best it can do is #3 - in the MWC because we all know they won't be beatint TCU or BSU anytime soon.

This is the perfect scenario. Utah now in a real conference, and now that BSU has joined, the chance of TDS ever sniffing a BCS game is at 0%!

Looking forward to one last MWC crown, a potential THIRD bcs game, and a .500 year for TDS



Hey "T-Mac", I would say the same about BYU (except that BYU overall has a stronger program and would compete better with the PAC 10 in the minor sports). Don't assume this is an anti-Utah statement. It is a statement about chasing dollars instead of athletic success. Winning at a small school in a minor sport is better than losing regularly in a major sport at a big school. Few are the athletes that end up making money in sports. School should be about preparing for your future, not about enriching others. Great memories and experiences come from having success, and that happens at schools that aren't part of the BCS. This whole mess has lost perspective.

Ernest T. Bass

wow. This not fair. I'll be really mad.


Its been said before, but in light of uninformed comments posted here, it bears repeating just to try and set the record straight:

BYU is ranked by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching--the rating that so many of the Pac-? schools are clinging to--as an institution with 'high research activity'. There is only one higher designation on their scale. Not bad for a school with an undergraduate emphasis. As anyone who bothers to check can easily learn, there is plenty of 'hard' research going on at BYU, as evidenced by the many Ph.Ds offered there: biochemistry, chemical engineering, computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, microbiology, molecular biology, counseling psychology, neuroscience, physics, astronomy, developmental biology, psychology, wildlife conservation, among others.

So what. Once upon a time athletic conference affiliation was about head to head on-the-field competition, not whose school offers more degrees.

Henry Drummond

As a Ute fan I have read the comments with interest. It has happened yet and may not, but coming to this point does surprisingly have a measure of sadness mixed with elation. Yes the BYU/Utah rivalry gets ugly sometimes. The actions of many fans two years ago was an embarrassment to true Utah fans. Max Hall's outburst I suspect was equally embarrassing to true BYU fans. Somehow though, now that there is a chance that conference realignment may alter or eliminate that rivalry we both seem to realize what we will be missing. It has been good and even competition especially in recent years. Having a championship on the line and perhaps a chance for a prestigious bowl game does make it more interesting. Still we all know that if Utah get's the nod from the PAC they will leave just as BYU was packing its bags with it looked like they were going to Big 12 yesterday. Wouldn't it be nice if we could both go to the same conference?

** sigh **

Apocolypse Cow


Just remember that magic happens when you are living righteously. Live righteously like Utah and maybe someday you will be able to leave the MWC behind. Until then, have fun playing UNLV, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State and Boise. Wow, what a powerhouse conference the MWC is. lol!!!!!!!


I delight in the idea of a Utah vs. BYU bowl game where the only time we see each other in a given year is for a real slugfest with a national TV audiance. I hope Utah gets the nod from the PAC 12 and I hope BYU sees them after the regular season often.

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