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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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The so called Big 12 is now in a position to raid and cherry pick the PAC 10 and the Big 10 with their new contract arrangement with ABC/ESPN and Fox. The Big 10 has it's own conference network, the PAC 10 plans one.

However, now the Big 12 can sit back and wait for the right opportunity to pull in a couple of big TV market teams who would want their own networks. ABC and Fox paid top $ to not lose Texas and also have to renegotiate the SEC and ACC contracts if realignment continued.

This dance is not over. However, the big power brokers are both the big media schools and the big media outlets.

The conference networks are at risk now. No big media team will jump to a conference network. They will either work their own deal or they will jump to a conference that allows each team its own outlet.

The ACC and the Big East can now follow the Big 12 lead and prevent the Big 10 from raiding them (for the most part) of their best TV market teams.

It also sets a precedence for the lesser conferences.


Utezone is now reporting that the UofU has given notice to the MWC.

Utah = BYU's Big Brothers

With Utah joining Pac-12, BSU will become BYU's big brothers ?????


Utah would be chasing dollars instead of athletic success in the PAC 10/11/12.


As a die hard BYU fan, it stings a little that Utah will make the jump to the Pac 10 and leave BYU is a meaningless conference. With the Utes, the MWC had a chance at becoming a BCS conferece. Without the Utes, it will be very hard.

While the Utes will have a challenging climb to the top of the Pac, it's the right move for them to go to the pac 10. Congrats, Utes. Hopefully the rivarly can continue.

Maybe the MWC can add Nevada and Fresno State to make the MWC a little more competitive.

Ben H

Expansion is not the correct word to use. It was always realignment for more money.


They don't like the fact that BYU won't play on Sunday. That might be a handicap for BYU athletics, but it shows character. That's what the school is all about.


Take the Utes.........Please! It would be so nice if BYU never had to play the Utes again, in any sport. Particularly now when the Ute athletic program has begun a serious decline. Switching out BSU for Utah means a huge upgrade in MWC football competition (not to mention overall fan intelligence).

MUSSing with U

It was a fun little ride having a couple of perfect storm years, busting the BCS, and being a cinderella team, but with success came pride, and with pride came arrogance, which will be Utah's downfall.

The PAC 10 will come calling and Utah will greedily accept their return to mediocrity; a bigger paycheck for finishing in the middle of the PAC.

In good years, their 3rd or 4th place finishes in the MWC will now be a 5th or 6th place in the PAC 12.

In very good years, their undefeated, conference championship, BCS busting teams will now be 3rd or 4th place in the PAC 12.

Good years (7-5 or 8-4) = Las Vegas or Poinsettia Bowl

Very good years (9-3 or 10-2) = Emerald or Holiday Bowl

But at least they'll be guaranteed a BCS bowl and a trip to the Rose Bowl, IF, they ever win the PAC 12 championship.

Be careful what you wish for Utah fans.


"Let's not kid ourselves in thinking that Utah has done anything that BYU hasn't done to earn a BCS conference invite. This is about religion and everyone knows it."


And your point is?? As far as I can see you have two options. Root for a mainstream program or bite your tongue and continue to support a team that be it’s own actions will not be involved with mainstream athletics.

Simple as that.


Texas A&M blew up the Pac-16 which I think would have been a very exciting league. Plus it would have allowed the MWC to become a very premier conference with the addition of Baylor. Baylor has been playing better football and their other sports are really good. Even though TCU didn't want them it would have been good.

Utah has it's head in the clouds. I don't understand all the hype about the U of U. BYU has much much better facilities, a stronger fan base and more consistent teams. Aside from the medical school the U of U is an average academic state school. I'm not a Utah hater I think they have good football I just do not understand the hype.

I guess it would make sense for BYU and Utah to join the now 10 team Big 12 if they were able. Going together makes more sense. This leaves out TCU and that bothers me. I would love to see some loyalty between the MWC teams it would be refreshing.


"BYU is a higher ranked academic university"

BYU - a highly ranked university without a medical school, where science is not an important core subject, and where data and hard facts play second fiddle to faith and fairy tales.

"Let's not kid ourselves in thinking that Utah has done anything that BYU hasn't done to earn a BCS conference invite."

You really don't think winning 2 BCS games in 5 years was a factor at all?


"Except...BYU is a higher ranked academic university, is in the same geographic location as Utah, has better athletic programs, and brings a larger fan base and more money. So no, you are incorrect."

It may well be the case that certain of BYU's academic departments are more highly ranked than their counterparts at the U. However, the sheer lack of Phd/Doctorate programs at BYU is a big factor in assessing its academic quality. It this respect, the U is far stronger and consistent with the sort of academic strength the PAC 10 is looking for--BYU is not a complete academic institution, as good as it is with what it does have.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Re: Spokaloo

There is obviously religious discrimination involved, but you'll have to excuse us Ute fans for being a little short on sympathy. My only suggestion would be to try to cut back on the arrogance.

The difference between Utah and BYU academically is Utah is a major research institution, BYU is not. As Michael K Young describes it, BYU is based primarily on undergraduate programs. That's not to say that BYU's undergrad programs are not very good, if not better, than Utah's. Or that BYU isn't harder to get in to than Utah, because it is. Its the research that distinguishes Utah academically.


This is a win win for us Cougars. If Utah goes to the pac10, they will never see a championship trophy again, except from the opposite side of the field as Whittingham's son tries to stop people from taking pictures. If the pac10 doesn't extend the invite, then it will be a snub of gigantic proportions, especially with all of you already planning the celebration. This will be cool either way.

With regards to the "mormon bias" of the pac10, everyone that cares just needs to take a deep breath. The issue is sort of related, but it has to do with the Sunday play issue. I strongly doubt that that the pac10 hates BYU because of the mormons, they probably just don't want to rework all of their schedules for one school...unless someone has insider information that indicates a true bigotry.


TO: BYU Dude, Marky, any other Sour BYU fan. Keep telling yourself whatever makes you feel better. I am not so delusional that I think the U will go dominate the PAC 1(2), but I'm certainly not stupid enough to think that they, or any other school, would be better off in the MWC.


"I strongly doubt that that the pac10 hates BYU because of the mormons, they probably just don't want to rework all of their schedules for one school...unless someone has insider information that indicates a true bigotry."


If it was Texas who had "no Sunday play" The PAC10 would have accommodated. Keep trying.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Re: MUSSing with you

You'd be right if it weren't for all factors pointing to Utah football improving beyond what it currently is. Utah's yearly payout from their conference will go from 1.5 million to over 15 million. Whit will be recruiting kids to play in a major conference where they'll actually be seen on TV. They'll play quality opponents almost each and every week(which is in fact an advantage, not a disadvantage).

They've already got superior coaching, based on how they've been able to accomplish more with less. Now imagine what they'll do when they don't have the recruiting disadvantages that come with playing in the MWC, and when they can pay their head and assistant coaches much more money.


No Andrew, the Pac-10 does not have a particular anti-mormon bias. It is more of a secular school vs any private religious school issue. They didn't want Baylor either.

As to realignment, personally I'd love it if all the MWC schools gave a polite 'No thanks' to any invites from other conferences. I'd love to see them sputter and fluster over what to do then. What a reality check it would be if a 'mid-major' turned down their condescending affectations of superiority! We've made a lot of progress in recent years as a conference, and have a good thing going. Certainly we've shown that we are much closer competitively with the Pac-10 than we have ever been before. I know money is the driving force, but I'd like to preserve our traditional rivalries, and continue to throw a wrench in any plans the elitist BCS conferences have by not playing their game whenever we can. Much preferable to my mind to stick together and break them down on our own terms, instead of vice-versa. Sure, it is far-fetched, but I can dream.


Don't kid your self Esquire, BYU would also jump at the chance to go to the PAC 10. You're like the pot calling the kettle black.

Adding Colorado/Utah makes sense for the PAC 10 from a TV market share perspective. These market share number are a few years old but still accurate, making CO/UT #3 in the PAC 10:

6.4% SoCal (USC, UCLA)
4.1% NorCal (Cal, Stanford)
2.5% CO/UT
2.1% WA
2.1% AZ
1.3% OR
18.5% TOTAL

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