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Published: Monday, June 14 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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The PAC 10 (and the rest of the BcS conferences) does not want to see the MWC land an automatic bid into their club. This would effectively "steal" a potential at-large bid away from them. By expanding to 12 teams and adding a football conference championship game, the PAC 10 increases their chances of landing an at-large bid ... that is if the MWC does it take it first with AQ status.

The best way to land a potential at-large BcS bid is to expand to 12 teams and make certain the MWC doesn't reach AQ status.

The solution? Invite Utah into the PAC 10 and kill two birds with one stone.


Utah certainly will accept if invited to the PAC 11. The Utes should be reasonably competitive, although the experience of the Arizona schools suggests that losses will far more frequent, and championships far more infrequent, than in the MWC. If Utah joins the PAC 11, it will be interesting to see whether BYU begins to lose more LDS recruits to Utah. Certainly Utah's recruiting should be improved in its target markets of Texas and California.

It also will be interesting to see what happens to the BYU-Utah rivalry. With the conference switch, the game becomes relatively meaningless to Utah. Given the much more difficult conference schedule the Utes would face, they may find it to their advantage to avoid the annual brawl with BYU - a game in which they would have nothing to gain and much to lose.

As ugly as the rivalry has become, it might be a good thing for both schools to give it a rest.


As a BYU fan I must admit it is hard to take in what is happening. I realize that in the grand scheme of things football isn't one of the missions of the church, but to see the storied legacy of the last thrity plus years become an after thougt is difficult to swallow.

Congrats Utah. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little gealous.


How long will it take before USC and other big TV market teams demand a deal similar to UT's where they get the lion share of the conference TV money?

How much TV value does WSU have? Pullman has how many people?

How about FL or MI or OH? Why would ND even think about joining the Big 10 plus NE?

UT just rewrote the TV rules. It is no longer about creating 4 super conferences. It is about the big TV market teams demanding most of the money.

The conferences are weaker. The teams with the strongest marketing abilities just got stronger. The power has shifted from the conferences to teams with the biggest audiences.

Those audiences come from having very large student bodies and from having high national rankings.

It is a catch 22. If you have a high ranking you are relevant because more people will tune in to see if you lose and drop in the rankings. They are not routing for you. They are hoping you lose so their favorite teams can rise.

Sports marketing just took a leap forward thanks to UT. The prestige of the university is based on its ranking.


RE: stevebob

'As ugly as the rivalry has become, it might be a good thing for both schools to give it a rest.'

Are you a fan of college football, or a goodwill ambassador for the UN? No offense, but DANG!

Should we end Michigan/Ohio State?
Should we end Texas/Oklahoma?
Should we end Miami/Florida State?
Should we end Alabama/Auburn?

No! And we should never end BYU/Utah! It is a fantastic game! Sure, some hurtful words have been exchanged recently, but that's what is so great! It's a rivalry! And as a true fan of college football and one who has been following this rivalry for 25 years, I speak from my heart when I say that I would love to see Utah go to the PAC 10 and fall flat on their faces! Just make sure you show up for the big game in November!

Rhyan W

I can't help but think the survival of the Big XII spells potential disaster for the Mountain West Conference. The Pac-10 still wants a 12th school and now that Texas has declined, that looks to be Utah. The Big XII will want to replace the Huskers and Buffaloes in order to retain their conference championship game. The MWC looks ripe for pillaging. Any combination of BYU, Utah, Colorado State or Air Force leaving the MW for greener ($) pastures, cripples the conference. What irony if the remaining schools have to reach out to the WAC in order to retain some semblance of relevance in the FBS division. Things are beginning to get very interesting.


Sweet...now Utah can finally go to the Vegas Bowl. That is where the 5th place PAC-10 finisher goes.


Utah will leave and now BYU will trip up yearly against the Broncos and TCU. SO sad.


Maybe we should just let the big schools create a semi-pro leauge and then college football could have a real playoff system and a championship. I definitely will not be watching the games though.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Academically, geographically, athletically, and financially: Utah is the best option.

The Pac-10 must go to 12 teams, and that 12th team must be Utah. It's not wishful thinking, it's simply a total lack of plausible alternatives.


It would be interesting to see if the Big XII expands. I know that BYU and Air Force was mentioned as possible teams. Both teams would easily fit in the Northern Division. But, what about TCU? Would Texas be against another Texas team in their conference? Personally, I'd love to see BYU & TCU get into the Big XII, but they'd probably take Air Force over BYU because of the larger Denver market.

Oh the speculation.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Re:Rhyan W
Why on earth would they want Colorado State?

The addition of BSU puts the MWC almost exactly where they were 2 weeks ago in the quest for a BCS bid(which is pretty darn close).

And the Big 12 will remain at 10 for the forseeable future. A proposal based on a 10-team model is what saved the conference.

Rhyan W

Never said they wanted Colorado State, merely mentioned the Rams by way of speculation. As for Big XII expansion, don't be naive. They want that title game and will expand. I expect some duplicity from the Big XII, just the same as we got from the MWC when they claimed to not be interested in adding Boise just yet, and then invited them a few weeks later. The Big XII saved itself yesterday. Now that the big decision has been made, they will focus on the future. And the future is expansion.

Andrew J. Marksen

This a very fluid situation however one thing is certain. The MWC will get the short end of any stick with or without Utah. The U of U is a natural fit for the PAC-10 both in athletics and academics. The geography is also right but that does not mean that the PAC-10 will follow logic. As for BYU their athletics is secondary to its overall mission. The LDS Chruch defines BYU's role not tv deals or football re-alignments. That being said there is an obviously heavy anti-mormon school bias in the PAC-10 so they are out. BYU could go east but the NCAA would have to rule that the BIG 12 has to actually have 12 teams for a title game and not grant an exemption.


I would hope you are right Rhyan W, but I am going to bet it will be a few years before the "Big 12" expands. I hope I am wrong, though.

Utes 31 Tide 17

Not so fast. Beebe's proposal is based on keeping the Big 12 at 10 teams, and the idea that losing Colorado and Nebraska doesn't hurt a TV deal all that much.

Basically, that each team gets a bigger slice of the pie, having to only split it 10 ways.

Sorry to break it to you, but they're not going to rush out and grab BYU or whoever just to get back to slicing the pie 12 ways, and play a conference championship game(which to OU and Texas is just another obstacle to a NC bid).


"Academically, geographically, athletically, and financially: Utah is the best option."

Except...BYU is a higher ranked academic university, is in the same geographic location as Utah, has better athletic programs, and brings a larger fan base and more money. So no, you are incorrect.

The correct statement is...Utah is not a private religious school, that is why they are the best option. Let's not kid ourselves in thinking that Utah has done anything that BYU hasn't done to earn a BCS conference invite. This is about religion and everyone knows it.


I truly want to wish the University of Utah well in the Pac 12. And I especially want to congratulate Utah on the only Conference championship in Men's and Women's sports combined in the MWC. and what sport would that be well it was Women's gymnastics.
Congratulations to the Utah's gymnastics team for your attendance at your events you had more people attend your event's than the Men's Basketball team. That my friends is a true story check it out. What a year to remember.!!!
Now seriously go beat the Pac 12 teams so they know just how tough the MWC is.

RB Scott

Why is that the Deseret News knows so much about what is happening at schools and conferences outside of Utah, but so little about what's going on in the minds of the movers and shakers on Capitol Hill, at the University of Utah and Brigham Young? Whetever happend to "inside contacts and repretorial enterprise? I realize that "money talks" but I hope that the long-standing, if unspoken, "wither thou goest" pact between Utah and BYU is alive and well, even if that means both remain home (where they fit?) in the MWC.

What's up?

Utah is gone, who knows what might might happen to TCU? BYU football is attractive, but the school lack appeal for a lot of reasons for many other big time programs. A couple years from now it will still be the MWC and the WAC trying to piece together a conference, just like it has always been.

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