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Published: Thursday, June 10 2010 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Mike Lee seems to want to be at least three different people so how would you know which one to endorse?

Another Perspective

I can understand Tim Bridgewater and Mike Lee both saying they would vote to end anchor babies if they get the chance.

What I can't understand is Mike Lee making such a bid deal about the constitution and how we have to follow it, when he himself admits when he disagrees with it, he is perfectly willing to go against it.


Once you have a foolproof way of interpreting the constitution, to know exactly how it applies in the myriad situations unforeseen by the founders, let me know.

The application of the constitution is the work of the government. The best legislators are students of constitutional interpretation.

Vote for the candidate you think best understands this process. I hope the state will not have legislators who simply rubber stamp the unconstitutional impulses of the executive branch. The past ten years have given us very little reason to have faith that our legislators will do it. Moral courage is very rare in this state.

Fiscal Hawk

Good move Bob. Enjoy your retirement.


I can't see voting for either Lee or Bridgewater. If they get into office they'll have absolutely no effect. They don't have any ideas to help solve the gridlock in Washington and will, almost certainly, add to it.

I'm voting for Sam, at least he won't make the mess in Washington worse!


Well I guess that means I like Mike Lee! What are you kidding me? Just get out of dodge and let the cards fall Bob, we don't need your dirty money and dirty politics in it! That's why you are not on the ballet! Enjoy retirement!


I'm not sure having Bob Bennett endorse you is a good thing. Bennett was seen as an unresponsive good ole boy while he served in the senate and if that is the sort of thinking that Bridgewater has (being a businessman like Bennett) then I don't see us gaining much by replacing Bennett with Bridgewater. I a couple of years Bridgewater becomes Bennett. What we REALLY need is a CLEAR and CLEAN break from the business as usual approach in Washington and that is why I support MIKE LEE.


I respect Senator Bennett, but I completely disagree with many of his votes and policies while in office. I also have serious questions about Bridgewater's business activities. Put these two together, and it is very troubling.

Mike Lee is the only candidate in this race who has NEVER profited from earmarks and federal stimulus money, never gambled taxpayer dollars on risky foreign business ventures, and never supported (and profited from) non-conservative legislation such as No Child Left Behind, Medicare part D, and others.

If you want a true conservative fighting to save our conservative values in government, support Mike Lee. I'm afraid Bridgewater will be more business as usual in Washington D.C., based on his ties and track record there.

Conservative Veteran

Not much of a surprise. One has a history of spending earmarks and the other a history of receiving them.

I want someone who will actually show fiscal discipline. That is why I support Mike Lee


I have had reservations with Bridgewater because I was concerned he was too connected with washington and old politics through his businesses. An endorsement from Bennett only confirms those reservations and pushes me to vote Lee.


Either would be preferable to Granato. Sam would be a yes-man to the spend and tax mania in Washington.


I'm leaning towards Lee. I think he's a clean break from the establishment. As for interpreting the Constitution...that's such a red-herring (see MoodyBlue77 above). There are not really a whole lot of unforeseen situations that the Constitution applies to, very few in fact. That is why there is a 10th amendment reserving the oversight of most of these issues to the people and the states. It was never the founder's intent to enlarge the size of the federal bureaucracy beyond the very limited, and enumerated powers spelled out in the Constitution.


If you vote for Lee, you are voting for an Energy Solutions shill. No thanks.


The last Utah politician endorsed by Bob Bennett was Chris Cannon. How'd that work out for Chris?


This doesn't surprise me. The more I find out about Bridgewater and his business dealing, the more I see he has a lot in common with Bennett. I believe the people voted him out for a reason. We need new fresh blood, some one who will ACT different. Bridgewater will be politics as usual, and this endorsement confirms it even more so. I'm definitely voting for Mike Lee.


The kiss of death. (interesting parallels...)

I guess I'll be voting for Lee.

Mike Richards


Have you taken the time to ask Mike Lee why he represented Energy Solutions? I did. On Sunday, I emailed him and asked him point blank how he could reconcile the claim that the Supremacy Clause preempted the State of Utah in the situation where Italy wanted Energy Solutions to handle their low-grade nuclear waste.

Mike Lee and his staff responded with a thorough explanation, AND, his argument had merit because his side prevailed in court.

In short, there is no conflict with the Constitution. The State has no jurisdiction between a private company and a foreign nation, but the Federal Government does.

Because it is now clear to me that Mike Lee stands for the Constitution, even when popular opinion opposes him, I will vote for Mike Lee. We need someone in the Senate who puts the Constitution above self and above Party. Mike Lee has shown that he will do that - even when castigated by those who disagree.


Ya know, why would Bennett endorse a guy that worked so hard to get him out of office? And why would Bridgewater fans go for this endorsement? I don't get it. This seems like the "politics as usual" many are sick of and trying to get rid of. That's why I like Mike Lee. He is a refreshing change. I've studied the candidates for months and I have always been impressed with Mike Lee's consistency and track record. His expertise on the Constitution and his passion for limited government, as well as his experience fighting for Constitutional principles in court will serve Utah -- and the rest of the nation -- well in the Senate. It's about time we had a senator with those qualifications. He's also reached out to other senators and candidates, so if elected they can form a coalition and not be a lone voice.


I hate that endorsements mean anything to voters. I can understand their meaning to raising campaign funds I guess, but I hate that we let other people tell us who to vote for. I studied the issues myself, studied these two candidates platforms, and I'm choosing for myself to vote for Mike Lee.

bald man running

I'm voting for Mike Lee for the reasons many here expressed. Bridgewater wants to control spending, Lee wants to return to Constitutional principles, which INCLUDES controlling spending. Sounds to me like Lee 2, Bridgewater 1.

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