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Published: Wednesday, June 9 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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While I fully support the LDS Church's efforts on this issue, this story makes it clear that if the Church is going to get involved in divisive political issues like this one, they need to be extra vigilant in following the rules, so as not to give their opponents an opportunity to make a mountain out of a molehill like they have in this case.


For those who think the LDS church members only contributed time and money--not true. The LDS church political wing was heavily involved in producing the TV ads--starring LDS members--and the campaign in general.


I don't care if the church makes administrative and accounting mistakes. That it is a political entity at all is my issue.


The LDS church political wing? You know nothing about how the Church operates friend.


The "churches lack of integrity?" I am just amused by the LDS haters out there, who know nothing of the church and the great work it does for the poor and disadvantaged throughout the world.
I was thinking of the "social justice" churches like the one Obama attended for 20 years, and how they get a total pass by the government and the press, with regards to the violations they make in actively getting into the political game. I never here the LDS church getting involved in elections and such...

Spicy McHaggis

So many blessings. We've baptized so many people in Calif because of Prop 8.

Rick for Truth

Hey Chuck, I'll take the "lack of integrity” you have expressed from you or from the likes of people with your opinions any day of the week. I proudly gave $ and walked the beat for prop 8, and will do it again and again for as long as it is necessary. Freedom is only lost when good people do nothing. You and others like you would not recognizes truth if it were to jump up and take a bite out of your (you know what!).


@Rick for Truth:
What a nice way for you to display the principles for which the LDS Church stands, by viciously attacking Charles for having the audacity to disagree with you.

Charles, I can assure you that Rick doesn't speak for all LDS members. Most of us fully respect your right to disagree with us.


A daily reporting requirement really is an abridgement of free speech guarantees. Can you imagine that the church must report within 24 hours if it pays for a representative to fly on an airplane? This California law is nothing short of a joke!



The LDS Church has had nothing but integrity on this issue. Integrity can be defined as, "an undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting". The church has had an undivided and unbroken, completely consistent position on marriage being between a man and a woman. They happen to feel that the traditional family is an ideal worth fighting for.

I am ok with you disagreeing with that position. But don't resort to cheap shots because you disagree. It is you, not them, that appears to lack integrity and cilivity. You simply come across as hateful and agry.

embarrassed Utahn!

Self-righteousness is a sin....and an epidemic.

ER in AF

Charles, please give an example of what you suggest is lack of integrity. The church was very open in its position on Prop 8. ask anyone and you will hear the same thing. there was no deception, no double talk or denials. The church spent around 1% of what was spent as a whole. The church participated in an issue that many other groups, both organized and not organized did. Ethnic groups and nationalities voted in a similar fashion resulting in an overall repudiation of marriage being anything anything other than between a man and a woman.

E. Klinche

I donated for the Preservation of Marriage Prop 8 in 2008, and I donated toward the cause a few pay checks. As an eight year resident of the state I felt it my moral obligation.

Many peope claim this vote was about hate: I beg to differ. To me it is about love of the law and the sanctity of real marriage.

To me, and a few other Americans and people worldwide, marriage is an institution between adult men and women, not to each other. Man and woman.

It is a moral belief enacted and sustained by law.

I am pro-civil unions for same sex partners, as I am in favor of having financial breaks for families to care for dependents like disabled or special circumstances. There ought to be economic breaks for people living together outside of marriage.

The LDS Church participates in some moral causes and they make mistakes like we all do. The ERA movement and the MX Missile were also causes it opposed.

It happens less often than some think that the Church publicly opposes or favors an issue to be voted on.

This is a constitutional freedom I cherish for myself and faiths.

utah guy

I was always taught to avoid the appearance of impropriety. By the Church (of which I am a member) getting involved in this the way they did, they deserve every ounce of scrutiny they are receiving. While I realize that other organizations were heavily involved, as well, the Chruch has always had dealing above board. Even a small error like this give the Church a huge black eye and will damage its reputation for years to come. I hope there is an accountant being reprimanded for this.


My guess is that any normal organization would probably not have been fined. No matter. The church will make sure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed next time.

utah guy


Perhaps they should have made sure all the i's were dotted and t's crossed last time. The Church has a staff of well-qualified CPAs. Someone dropped the ball. The funds of the Church are sacred and need to be treated as such and disbursed in accordance with the proper laws.


I agree with cynic and Utah guy. While a small thing, many will use any excuse given to further give the LDS church a black eye. This is only further ammunition.

While I agree that people have the right to disagree, to petition to nullify over 18,000 same-gender marriages in CA to me, is a bit much.

I mean, where do you see the LGBT community advocating against existing straight marriage?

Simple. You do not.

Factually, there is no petition to nullify YOUR marriage, is there?

As, being an active homosexual is against LDS teachings ('love the sinner, not the 'sin') I fail to see how this will affect their marriages, even less with temple marriages.

As such, I fail to see an real, factual way a gay marriage will hurt any straight one.

Some will choose to see an assault on their morality where none exist.

Regardless, I hope you all have a good day. I wouldn't want anyone to petition to nullify you and 17,999 of your friends marriages.

Then you would know what it's like to be gay in America.


@ER in AF
I would love to share with you firsthand knowledge about the Prop 8 campaign and the less than truthful way it was waged here in CA. And i've tried on several occasions. But DN won't permit me too--they've repeatedly censored my comments.

All in all i'm very disappointed and ashamed that the Church engaged in such a negative campaign--giving ammo to our opponents.


Spicy McHaggis wrote: " So many blessings. We've baptized so many people in Calif because of Prop 8."
How many people are joining the church who claims to be the Church of Christ not because of their love to their neighbor, but because, they found an organization that share their same biases. That is not a blessing that is sad.
WHat is also sad, that everyday God loving men and women raised as LDS choose to live their church and sometimes their families because they realized that there is no place for them in the Mormon community. People who don't know why they are homosexual, they certainly would rather not dissapoint their families. But, they are what they are and in order to be true to themselves and their God they need to move away from the congregation of the saints.
Re; to Pagan:
Thank you for your opinions and perspective.

Thomas Jefferson

We all know that the time for 'traditional marriage' is limited. We all know that gay marriage IS coming. As the old die off the young will continue to NOT CARE who gets married. And then the earth will stop rotating around the sun, cats and dogs will live together and the four horsemen will come down with their respective horrors. That or (almost) no one will notice a difference at all. Except the gays who at that point will have to deal with marriage.

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