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Published: Sunday, June 6 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Carpe Diem

I'm trying to figure out if this 100 Club thinks highly of themselves. Cry me a river! Sheesh.

Joe Moe

So they bought these seats with the expectation of selling tickets on a regular basis? I can see why they'd be mad if they intended to sell their seats for a significant number of games, helping cover the cost of their membership. If they're regular attenders, then they're out nothing really. They still get to sit where they always sat. It's just the resell value that takes a hit. I can see why they'd be mad, whether I'm sympathetic or not (not, really).

As far as entertainment goes, it will be interesting to see how this goes down legally. As far as how much I care, well...whatever.


Every athletic club has it elite group...people that want to be identified with the club royalty at any cost.
Now the Jazz Elite 100 shows it's head. I wonder who they are and if they are really the "elite". Hmmmmmmm


So, some more rich dirtbags are complaining. Too bad. Maybe this is the source where the scalpers get their tickets from. What a bunch of crybabies. Put them up on the top row so they can see how the rest of us live.

Stinking whiners.


These aren't real Jazz Fans


let's say the 100 club wins.aren't they so post to be the foundation of financial support,@ love of heart of keeping the team here? y couldn't they go to Jazz management @ work out this with them? there's no way the Utah Jazz can pay 19 million dollars law suit,and stay in Utah..when they win this,@ the Jazz are in Anaheim,or Louisville,will they show up to the ESA in febuary and sit in a blue seats,@ wait for an NBA team to play a game,from 2 other city's @ cheer for 1 of them that's from Louisville,or Seattle. can u here the conversation with 2 of the people there saying,i hope we get an NBA team here soon,o ya,i used to be in the Jazz 100 club,it was great,i got all this money from the law suit @ now i fly to phoenix and catch as many Suns games i can.this could only happen to me @ my team,that ive died for since 79..thanks 100 people..now i can have boring winters..


how to lose your favorite team,in 19 million dollars or less.y didn't the 100 club go to the Jazz front office and try to settle this?there is no way the Utah Jazz can pay 19 million dollars and stay here..ive lived @ died with this team since 79,i hope there is a reasonable way to settle this.if it doesn't im going to be spending my time,wishing we had a team here,o,ya we did..this is great..


Chucky, are you for real? Someone shells out $200,000 just to be able to purchase court side seats each year and they aren't real Jazz Fans? How much should they have to pay out to become a "real" fan? How much have you paid out to obtain your "real" status. What have you been smoking???


These are the people that helped keep the franchise in Utah. They bought their seats as an investment in the future.

Poor planning by the Jazz. The treat the people that support them poorly.


This was a very good and logical move by the Jazz. Allowing 11000 season ticket holders to sell their seats enhances the value of those seats and is the normal arrangement for many clubs. It makes it a lot easier fill the arena and sell season tickets.

I am not sure if there is ground for the suit unless the original 220 club tickets included an exclusive right that allowed only those tickets to be resold and a specific clause that prohibited extending resell capability to other seats.

It probably gets settled out of court.

It is set of businesses arguing with another over fine print. It is basically business as usual.

It also means that the Jazz organization is focused on it's very broad community fan base and considers that to be the future of the franchise.

If the Jazz are ever sold I hope they do like Green Bay and sell the organization to the fans. Basically take it public or quasi public.

Jazz Cop

as most people would get season tickets, just to get play off tickets, this group does the opposite, they plan on selling their playoff tickets to highest outoftown bidder, and then have the shamelessness to show up and act like nothing is wrong, i know these types.


What's so elite about this bunch. Good grief, grow up.


This abuse of the wealthy must end. I'm sick of hearing about how bad the homeless and unemployed have it.


Anyone stupid enough to pay a membership fee of $200,000 to watch a bunch of semi-illiterate men show off their tattoos and diamond ear rings should lose their money.

County Resident

I think this shines poorly on the Jazz. If the Jazz offered the 'Jazz 100' (i.e. the city movers and shakers) to keep the team in town, they should honor it. I wouldn't look down on the Jazz 100 club members. If they got something to keep the team in town, the team ought to keep their end of the deal.

Cedar Jazz Fan

I see several apologists for the Jazz 100 snobs claiming they have kept the team in town. I would love to know, outside of buying some expensive tickets, what these alleged "saviors" have done to really keep the Jazz in Utah. And exactly what is their loss from other season ticket owners having the ability to own their seats? They will still have the best seats to sell if they actually do sell them.

I hope the Jazz stand their ground and prevail against these elitist bums. The Jazz 100 better have it in writing that it is an exclusive right or a judge should throw this nonsense out. Either way the Jazz 100 can take a flying leap.


What a bunch of elitest posers! No wonder the Jazz are getting rid of their tickets


I think it's funny how people are attacking the Jazz 100 club as being snooty elitists. For one, it's just class jealousy re-capitulated. For another, this is not a tug-of-war between a bunch of "haves" and "have nots." Both sides of this argument are rich (Jazz 100 club and franchise owners). So even bringing their social status into the question is inane.


"fishead | 3:27 a.m. June 5, 2010
Chucky, are you for real? Someone shells out $200,000 just to be able to purchase court side seats each year and they aren't real Jazz Fans?"

I would guess that anyone that would sue the Jazz for $19 million that could go to purchase some talent isn't that big of a fan. I propose they are bigger fans of themselves.

I would also go furher to assume that one of these member is a lawyer, and that this is not costing them much to file this suit.

This will never go to court. A settlement will be reached.

The Jzz are a business, and in todays hard economic times should be able to make decisions that help them financially.


Has anyone else checked out the website where the Jazz allow their season ticket holders the ability to transfer their seat rights? It's a pretty cool service that the Jazz have created for their 11,000 season ticket holders.

It's called the Jazz Seat Transfer Marketplace. You can google or access through the Jazz website on the ticket page.

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