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Published: Wednesday, June 2 2010 11:00 p.m. MDT

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good to hear good PR from Carlos. He's mending relationships and keeping his options open. with comments like that and you can only wish the best for him and his future. Carlos had a good season and hopefully injuries are behind him.

Boozer Bandwagon

There is a good chance Boozer will still be in a Jazz uniform next year but I think either Chris Bosh or Amare will end in Miami.


Boozer did an interview with David Locke earlier this year. In it he talked about how happy his family is in Utah right now and how he'd like to stay with the team if possible (for some reason local media only covers the interviews Booze does outside of Utah!)

Rosenberg's comments are a little bit frustrating, but completely understandable. I'm Mormon but I grew up outside of Utah. I used to think the same thing about Utah and place filled with so many Mormons. I've lived in this state for 5+ years now and really like it. I'm glad Booze has enjoyed it too and I'm glad he stuck up for SLC.


Booz is careful to not burn any bridges and that is smart. His life seems to have settled down a bit. Going thru an almost divorce is rough so I suppose he can be cut some slack for his behavior a year ago.

It is very hard to concentrate when you life is coming apart.


Utah is a great basketball state hands down we have a history and great great fans. I think Boozer is right when he says we have some pieces but obniviously we need some help. I honestly think it comes down to what we pick in the draft to see if this guy comes back. I know one thing him and Okur cannot play together because the D is awful. The Jazz have always lacked a true big, let's see if they step up and get us one. I'm just glad Miller wants to win. Go Jazz let's have a good draft don't give me another reason to cheer for Phoenix or whoever plays La in the WCF next year we need to go back to the big dance.


Let's see, my chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Utah: 1 in 397. My chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Miami: 1 in 56. Your right Sid, we crazy.

Making Sense

Hmmm, the comments were not as extreme as Don Imus' but didn't he lose his job (deservedly so) because so-called human rights activists, including Rev. Al Sharpton, brought attention to the issue. Ironically, the discrimination card is sooooo unequal. Again, Al Sharpton comes to the defense of illegal aliens but evidently is deaf to comments disparaging another group of people.

Props to Boozer for not going down the politically acceptable road of religion bashing.


Way more diplomatic than Carl Malone ever was when he was looking for a job.

Hopefully KOC and group get it that Utah needs one more good piece rather than a complete dismantling.

Seems as Boozer understands that he has a gret pg with the Jazz and he needs that to excel at what he does. He has played in the league long enough to know what his team needs to compete at the next level as well.

Very few other marquee players mention how much they respect their coach when they get in front of a microphone, cudos to Jerry for being the man.


On one hand I think Booz might be trying to repair the damage done a year ago by over extending his love for utah. From what I understand, the Jazz can pay him the most and he knows living in utah is very possible for the next few years. Mending the relationship with the fans is a smart move.

On the other hand maybe Carlos has actually had a change of heart and likes living in utah. Hey, it could happen.


I think many of us would say the same thing about Miami. All I've heard from anyone in the media who goes there is what a horribly scary place it is, yet beautiful too. Horrible as to the crime. Just on Monday, I was talking about bad cities to live in and I mentioned Miami when a friend said it's not as bad as everyone says, just avoid the bad parts and you're fine. We all have bad information given to us, and I'm glad to see Boozer clarify the lifestyle a little in Utah.


The piese we need, which boozer is talking about, is Ante Tomic. I never heard about this guy and he looks great, compared to gasol. Why would Boozer not wait a year and play it out the same way they did last year which had excellent outcomes? tomic looks like a true center, a center that alot of teams lack, Chicago and Miami. Boozer wants to be here, it is just tempting to know that other teams want to offer big money. As for jazz defense from okur and boozer being week, so is Phoenix and they made it to the WCF. just got to play your offense. which is Dwill korver Kirilinko Boozer Okur. backup, price matthews miles millsap koufus/ tomic next year. Come on Boozer, Utah couldve locked the 3rd seed this year. chicago and miami were fighting for a seed. and utah can win with injuries. We Good! Stay here.


Nice to see Boozer has listened to his PR people.

Doesn't this interview speak more about the ignorance of the Radio Host than anything? He falls into the stereotypical role. A) There is nothing to do in Utah. B) Everyone in Utah is Mormon.

To me this speaks more about how uncultured and ignorant the radio host is.


Good interview by Boozer, but what the crap is Rosenberg doing talking about Mormons. If he said that about any other group, he would be called on carpet for bigotry.

Get some accountability with the press.


we'll find out pretty soon just how commited miller and koc are to having a contender team!


@Doug10- did you just call him Carl Malone? And you call yourself a fan? You just lost all credibility.

@larryc- Ante Tomic? Have you seen him play? I think you are getting a little too excited from one article about this kid. He's like 7'2, 200lbs (*exaggeration* But the point is, he's a bean pole) If Tomic were the missing link, the Jazz would bring him over here.


well maybe not ALL credibility, but a lot!


The title in the article is "Carlos Boozer defends Utah." Yeah he didn't fall into the bashing prompted by the host. He also said he liked raising his kids here and said J-SLOW was a stud.

What he said is not a defense.

"It's not that bad.."

What if someone called your wife ugly..

And you said - she's not that ugly. Really, she's not that ugly......

Hardly a defense.

I guess Boozer is bad at all types of defending.....

Jazz Source

The problem with Carlos Boozer is........wait for it......Mehmet Okur.

Put Boozer with a legit Center who actually played/defended like a Center is supposed to and alot of the Boozer hate would be gone.

Props to Booz for standing up to a religious BIGOT!! What is this guys last name? Rosenberg???? You would think he might have a little better perspective/sensitivity!! What a joke. Media accepts religious hatred against mormons though.

Quite frankly I don't see the Miami heat sitting on the doorstep of a championship. The collective stupidity that produced a signing as bad as Jermaine O'Neal pretty much sums it up.

That team currently stinks--sure they have D. Wade but one man does not a team make. (see their record) I don't see any other superstars on that team either so if they sign one big name free agent that still leaves them one short and don't forget about a viable supporting cast.

Tomic is a bean pole--he does seem to be developing some skills though--I have some watched some youtube and euro video clips. He needs to beef up or he'd be devoured in the NBA.

Large Tuna

People need to quit taking what Rosenberg said personally. You want to know the real reason why he said it? because its his job. he's supposed to be egotistical and all-knowing and edgy and shocking. he did it for the ratings, i seriously doubt that he thinks everyone in utah is mormon and crazy and stupid and everything else. how exciting would a radio show be if the host said to boozer "now, isnt utah a pleasant place to live? oh thats nice. and are the people there nice? oh they are? oh thats nice too...." BOR-ING!


Good for Carlos for defending us Mormons in Utah. Also, I don't think a bigot radio announcer in Miami has any room to talk about the Jazz not having a championship roster. Does he think that Miami does? Without D-Wade, Miami would be nothing. Maybe if they add Bosh or Stoudemire or even Carlos then they will begin to at least imagine going back to the Finals.

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