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Published: Wednesday, June 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Captain L

I like Orton, watched his highlight video and he uses the glass like Duncan, blocks shots well, and has the body and defensive presense of a Perkins. It will be interesting to see where he goes.


I agree with Jazz Cop. The Jazz need more balance and "effective" shooting from the SG and SF.

I still think the Jazz approach of dumpster diving in the 2nd round is flawed if they are using it as the primary approach to getting stars/rotation players. It is not cost effective in the long run.

Pay the 3 mill and get an extra pick in the 1st round. There is a 45% chance of at least a rotation player. Start with enough talent. That is cheaper than wasting years of time and money on long shots.

The Jazz seem to be best at raiding D-league but there are just not many good bigs in D-league.

It could really help if they could get a decent big and one of Babbit, Henry, Hayward, Robinson etc.

Does anyone have any comments on Zoubek or Parahouski? Are either of them worth a 2nd round pick?

The Mathews phenomena suggests it is a matter of having the player play in the system. Then the Jazz know IF they are going to work.

Last years 2nd round pick made NO Sense at all, but the Jazz claimed he tested well.


There is something fundamentally wrong with the Jazz scouting and drafting approach. Drafting in the late 1st round should produce at least 40% rotation or better players. That is the average for 10-32 drafting spots.

The Jazz are consistently much worse than average. There must be some identifiable reason and it needs to be fixed.

Even Brewer is a back up on a non playoff team.

Millsap is an exception but his rebounding was a clue that he might be worth the risk in the 2nd round. Mathews is mostly a match with the Sloan system. Most teams are not playing him much less starting him. However, now that Sloan has given him the minutes he like Millsap will develop. Both are too short but that does not bother Sloan.

That is the big problem. Sloan values work over talent. You need both.

After you put in all of the time, money and effort to develop a flawed player they are still flawed in unfixable ways.

The Jazz have a long history of building exploitable weaknesses into the Sloan flex which kills them in the playoffs.

This has got to change. Player selection hast to change.

Jazz Cop

yeah, bugoff, i think we've got some talented players on the bench because sloan doesn't like them, besides, sloan is the one to preach defense but consistently gives okur minutes. The most valuable learning tool the jazz have is on court minutes and those are usually wasted by sloan. If the guy practices hard enough to be on the team, then it should be good enough to see minutes too. petty sloan rules.


AK and #9 to Jersey for #3, let Carlos and Korver go, take that money and go after Joe Johnson or Amare, draft Cousins or Favors, give Fez a lot of playing time and let him reach his potential before we get to the playoffs and you have a team that can match up with the Lakers with Fez, Okur, Amare, Cousins or Favors up front.


That is the worry w/ Whiteside, huge lack of experience and huge lask of maturity. I'd love to hear more info like that on all of the potential #9 picks. When you hear stuff like that, then you have to think 'how well will he fair under Sloan?' You need to be tough minded to make it as a rookie under him, or else you take 5 years to develope like CJ, if at all.

I'd love for one of the SF's to drop to us at #9. It might not be too much of a stretch to go for Xavier Henry at 9, or trade back a few spots and get him. I agree completly that we need another solid wing guy.


How much of it is Sloan instead of some bias in the player selection process where the wrong weights are given to various player characteristics.

Sloan is hard to figure out. I would have thought that he would have played Koufos over Fes this year.

Koufos responds rapidly to playing time.

What I wonder is who develops the young bigs? Why are they not demonstrating decent post moves? That is something they can improve in practice (not just games). Why is not Koufos ambidextrous by now? Monroe has the same one handed problem. How many years will it take to fix that?

Hibbert and the Lopez twins developed rapidly. Are they really all that much better than Koufos?

Fes and Koufos are far from the worst Cs in the league. They are below average but they are also very under developed. At one point in time Koufos actually had a shot. What happened to that?

Except for Millsap have the Jazz ever developed a young big who was any good?

I guess AK is a big?

The track record suggests that something is wrong with the process.


I'd say Malone developed nicely. It all comes down to attitude and work ethic with Millsap and Malone. Alot of young guys don't put in that work like those two players. I agree that a big man coach would help polish our young players, but mentally, they have to be tougher. Mental toughness would lead to some respect and playing time from Sloan, which would lead to the rest of the team having confidence in them, which would then lead to Fes/Kouf having confidence while on the floor.


jesse is right about work ethic.but Slone dose get more out of his second team players than any other.@ this season he got more as team play,together@ i would say one of the top team Jazz teams.know matter what center we get it will be a time event.most center's that produce well are 30 years of age or better.if we get lucky enough to find a 7'3 guy under a car replacing a starter for some garage,that will work.but if we can get a 10-10 guy,it will be a move closer to getting to the 3rd round!! GO JAZZ!!

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