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Published: Wednesday, June 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Go to 48games or hoopdata.com and start exploring CJ's stats. He's one of the worst players in the league playing over 20mpg and he hoists a ton of shots to boot.

Tomic, shtomic, any GM who wouldn't trade him & the 9 for the 4(almost certainly Cousins) should be shot.

Sure, Cuzz is "risky", he'd be the #1 pick by a mile otherwise. He's far & away the best big man in the draft or the last few drafts. He's not a bad kid or from a bad background, just immature, typical young big man.

I've heard we have a good organization & coaching staff, so coach him. Don't just talk about what John 'n Karl did.

And for all the babble about defense, the big man has to be able to catch & put the ball in the hole when he's open, something Fes & Koof can't do.

What do people say about Howard? "No post moves."

Just on size, talent & any effort & coaching Cuzz will be a serviceable defender and his skill on offense is far above what we have.

Trade up prolly won't happen but pray it does.

Jazz Cop

biggest draft bust=whiteside. think about it, he's a skinny kid who isn't ready for the nba or nba life, i'll quit if the jazz waste their pick, if you're going to draft a kid like whitesie, then he better have a blue collar mentality.
I think the jazz should let korver go and draft either george or henry. if they lose booz, then get a fa powerfoward, which can be a bandaid. reason to let korver go, he should've been a ballerina, how many times you seen him step out of the way of players, he's pretty good at it.


If the Jazz stay at 9, assuming Monroe is gone, I'd rather see them take Babbitt as a replacement for CJ and then try to trade back into the first round later on to find Millsap's backup.

People will scream for Aldrich, but Babbitt will be a much better pro. His combine numbers were fantastic. Be wonderful to get both him and say Patterson in the draft tho that's about as likely as getting Cousins.


I keep coming back to Udoh because he is NBA ready and low risk. Cousins and Whiteside have potential but they have high risk and they will take years to develop. Aldrich can jump.

Udoh can put the ball in the hole and he can defend.

He is not ideal but he should be very good and contribute this year.

Fes and Koufos can defend and rebound but it may be years before they develop an effective offensive game. They are not Howard. The Jazz need a good player now.


chuck, im not down grading the nbdl,alot of good fines have come from there, im just glad A,tomic has a place to work out and get better..but i want a full report by O'Conner on where he's at and now what we can expect from him,now,@ latter. thanks D-News to do this!!!


Chuck: Tomic sounds like he is progressing nicely, good to hear that he's responding well after having the foul trouble in the last game. I've watched some footage of him and he looks like a good prospect. He looked really patient in the post, if he got doubled he would kick it out and immediatley re-post strong and closer to the hoop. Plus he is a fluid athlete for a 7'2" guy.

Captain L: I'm with you on Whiteside. He is long and athletic and he looks more like a 4 aside from his height. His upside seems unmatched compared to the other bigs mentioned around the 9 spot. He didn't even start in HS and really blossomed in College. Like you said, 5+ blocks a game, including 3 triple doubles with 10+ blocks. If we aren't moving up for Favors or Turner, i'd root for Whiteside to be the guy. I know it's never solid that a player will fill their potential, but I like the idea of seeing a lineup w/ a 7'2" Tomic and a 7' Whiteside in 3 years or so.

Captain L

Re Jesse, Whiteside playing the 4 is what I would like because he would create a major mismatch for the other team, just like Garnett and Gasol have been doing for their teams for years. Both Garnett and Gasol are 7' or better but have the outside shot, mobility and skills to play the 4, I think Whiteside can do the same.
Re Bugoff, I think Whiteside's development will take longer if he is forced to play the 5, because he is young, imature and needs weight. He is stronger than some might think, he benched more than Alrich, (Aldrich can't jump, look at his stats in the combine, poor, the only thing Aldrich has going for him is his length.
To me Whiteside has the potential to be very,very good if not great. He would be worth the risk, the draft now days is based a lot on potential. The only players that look like they can contribute now are the first 4or5.
Tomic is another player with skills to play the 4 even though he is 7'2", he can hit the outside shot but has the mobility to play defense against the 4's.


To all you Whiteside fans, the experts consider him to be one of the biggest projects that will go in the first round. If the Jazz want to match up with the Lakers there is only one answer and its Cousins his only real knock is his temper and if you ask me it would be nice if the Jazz had a big guy that would put someone into the sixth row every once in awhile.
I doubt that the league would let them do it but how about AK to New Jersey for a draft switch.


If I remember right these foreign player that everyone seems so down on waxed our dream team several times in past olympics and world championships. As for Tomic playing against players that look like high schoolers I believe that league is considered the second best in the world.

Captain L

Anyone heard about any players being brought in for workouts?


shaybo: I see him as a risk for sure, i just see his ceiling to be a lot higher than everyone else mentioned around the 9 pick. I'm not going to say Whiteside or bust or anything like that, he just intrigues me. I could be way off, as I was really high on Thabeet last year and had hopes of Utah working out a way to get him. If we're going to take a risk, I hope it's from the 9 spot. If we trade up for a risky pick like Cousins, we'll be giving too much away if he doesn't reach full potential. In my opinion, if we're trading up, I really only would do it for Favors or Turner. Turner is a sure thing and the Jazz would benefit from having a real scoring threat and ball handler at the wing. Favors athleticism is off the charts. Looks like Amare or McDyess pre-injury to me. About as tall as Cousins but in much better shape.

Large Tuna

@bigsoccer. I heard Locke propose the AK/#9 - Brand/#2 trade on the radio today... BAD MOVE. we're trading away an injury-prone starter for another injury-prone starter with 2 extra years of big money. So not only do we not get any better this year with that trade, but we won't get better for the next 3 years because our cap money is tied into Brand. If we plateau or decline over the next 3 years DWill is gone. Its not worth the risk. Better to keep AK for one more year and explore the 2011 free agency. We could possibly keep AK for a much cheaper price, and pick up a big name in free agency with the extra money.

Not to mention that its a lot of player moving to get a #2 pick, I'd rather wait and spend the money/players on someone who has been in the league for a while so we know exactly what we're getting.

Large Tuna

I agree that Monroe will probably be gone before #9. I wouldnt be surprised to see Cousins slip because of his immature reputation; seems like there is always a top 10 pick in the draft that slips big time. I think its either him or whiteside. i'm thinking our best options are Udoh, Patterson, and Aldrich. I'm not a huge fan of Aldrich. I like Patterson and Udoh though. Patterson's not that big, but he'd be a good backup to Milsap. I know that would leave us small at the PF spot, but I think we'd be better off finding someone already in the NBA for the C spot. Centers are just too risky in the draft, i mean how many times have the jazz picked a center in the draft and turned up with nothing. I wouldn't say Fes or Koufos were successful picks yet, they are miles from a successful pick status right now.

Captain L

I would like the experts to explain what it is that makes Whiteside such a project. To me all the players the Jazz will be able to draft at #9 will be projects. It is who has the most upside, I like Udoh because he has upside, he blocks shots, rebounds and he can put the ball on the floor and creates his shot and creates for others fairly good.
Whiteside rebounds, blocks shots (great), he has a pretty decent outside shot for a big. He has the mobility to play the 4 & 5. Watching him on video may be misleading because we are just watching highlights but he looks good, moves well and shows alot of potential.
Maybe he doesn't understand the game that well and it will take him time to learn the team concepts, both offensively and defensively, but natural abilities look very good.
Even a player like Favors is a project, he is raw, and needs developing. He didn't play all that great at Georgia Tech.
I think people are afraid Whiteside will be a head case and if that proves the case, then the Jazz need to draft Udoh or Babbitt.

Captain L

Just read a guys take on Whiteside, Udoh, Orton,& Character as they played each other while working out for Indiana, he said Whiteside looked lost sometimes and didn't play with energy or fight hard, was backed down easily, needs work physically, mentally and offensively. This is the kind of info we need to be able to evaluate a player. If this is how Whiteside is going to look, he isn't anything the Jazz need to worry about. Highlight videos can be misleading.
Udoh, looked the best he said, even though his shot wasn't falling. He fought hard on defense, mixed it up on offense and was active. He had a couple of good slams over Whiteside. He showed a good motor & looked pretty good.
He likes Orton, thinks he will get drafted in the lottery somewhere, likes the comparison of Perkins and Orton, says he has a toughness and seriousness about him he likes.


To Steve 7:07 PM

Steve, you will get your wish on draft night right after the #9 pick, or whatever pick the Jazz has(unless they trade their pick). Then you will also know O'Connor's plans (what they were). You are dreaming to think that you can find out "now" what he plans to do.


Trade boozer,ak,to philly for brand,either sprights,or dalenbert.draft monrow,or patterson,from kentucky. keep tomic,and draft second round another eric mayner.ive heard good things of cole aldrich..i love this stuff,near draft time..because there isnt anything for me until vets camp..GO JAZZ!!@ the new logo of course!!


I was talking about tomic,what he knows now on him,and what they think of his future.not on who there going to draft,thats under lock and key,thats,sssssshhhhhhhhhh material!!!!

Jazz Cop

@capL-I don't think orton has very far to go to be as good as perkins, orton's defensive numbers are pretty good, and he sees himself as a low post defender and rebounder, so at least he doesn't have idenitity isssues. In the end, I think orton is a pretty sure bet to have a good career, as long as his intangibles check out. I'd bet you a hundred bucks in six or seven years we'll be watching orton play and whitesides will be at home watching with us. I think the jazz should get a shooting guard, they're going to need help at that position with korver sure to be fired, and with all the bigs in this draft, they can get the kind of talent at the position that usually goes a spot or two earlier, if they can trade up to the four I'd be doing jumping jacks in the street.

Jazz Cop

Most importantly, you take a sg and you send the right message to dwill, that we know there hasn't been any talent in the backcourt with him and that is changing. it's crazy to think we'll beat the lakers by matching up with them in the front court, we have a huge advantage at the pg, and with a better sg, we might be able to have a better overall backcourt, but there's no way we can improve the frontcourt to be better any time soon. koufenko has three years in the league now, if booz leaves, I think we'll be ok, we can trust millsap to handle alot of the minutes, and after three years we should be getting a contribution from koufenko, and it might be enough to keep the frontcourt competitive, and a better backcourt will help by taking pressure off the front line. koufenko has the length and size to be effective, they need regular minutes, they might not be able to each handle twenty minutes a night, but between them sloan should be able to squeeze twenty in a collective effort.

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