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Published: Wednesday, June 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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We need a defensive big athletic player.

I can't recall a single player from overseas that meets that criteria. Their bigs are shooters (Nowitzki, Okur) but have soft interior defense.

Captain L

The Jazz are a very good team BUT, we can't lose sight of what the Jazz need to complete with the Lakers or Celts or other elite teams. They need length, Tomic is exactly what we need, he can't come over this year but he can in 2011. Love is a good player but he is not what we need, he is a clone of Booz, he doesn't have the length we need.
When it comes to the draft we need to keep that same goal in mind, we need length at the PF and or Center. That is why I like Udoh or Whiteside, I like Whiteside to play PF more so than center but it would be nice that he could play both.
As far as moving up in the draft, Favors is the only player I would give up assets for to obtain. He is 6'10" with a long reach and is the best athlete of all the bigs. It would be worth giving up some assets if we could get him.
I'm hoping the Jazz are going to keep Fes and develop him and KK.


Miles is the solution. He will come back next year better than Kobe, LBJ, and Melo. If we can trade for a top 4 pick and get Favors or Cousins, Miles will lead us to the Finals.

Todd is the man. I would trade Todd to the Clippers for Michael Smith and we will throw in Locke.

Captain L

If the jazz decided they need a 3 man instead of going for a long, athletic, defensive PF, I like Babbitt, he is 6'9" & he can flat out shoot, he puts it on the floor(good handles) and can get his own shot. He tested out pretty good at the combine. He has a vertical of 37.5 inches, and moves better than I first thought he could. Thru the shooting drills he shot a combine 75+ percentage, that's 3's and 2's combined. Although I hope the Jazz draft a talented, long, athletic, defensive minded PF, I wouldn't be too upset if the took Babbitt.


Babbit? yeah remember the last guy we took from Nevada in the lottery? I think he is in prison in Ohio. We either move up to get Favors or take Whiteside based on potential. Patrick Patterson would not be a bad pick either.


Lets trade AK and 9th round pick to Philly for Brand and the 2nd pick. We pick up Evan Turner who is a 2 and 3 guy who is quick and can guard the better guards.


@True Fan I have not seen Tomic play but he is compared to Gasol in Europe. He is 23. How much more upside he has I do not know. I would like to see how he plays in the NBA before I think he is the 2nd coming of Gasol.

There is no reason to give him away. He is not costing anything. But for the right player a trade might be worth doing.

If MN is really looking at him then the Jazz need to think real hard about keeping him.


50 mill in Brand's salary is to much to pay for Turner. That is why several teams have not done that already.

There are a lot of good SF's in the draft late in the 1st maybe early in the 2nd. Babbit is pretty good but not without risk. There are 3 or 4 other PF who would be just as good overall.

It costs 3 mill to get a late first round pick and 2 mill to get a 2nd round pick. That is cheaper than spending 3 years trying to develop a project.

I hope the Jazz buy a second pick. There is no reason to dump Tomic unless you could get Favors?

Tomic is progressing so another year will not hurt. By then the new CBA will be clear and the Jazz can complete the rebuild.


atomic is what we need.with some of u have seen him say he's the real deal..in the draft either 08 or 07 the Jazz drafted fes,instead of marc gasol.Can u see marc gasol on the Jazz??WOW..this is y we need to have atomic stay and play in Europe,i think it's like having a #2 nbdl league where he can get lots of paying time to improve..i think alot people would say if he got here,and turned into pau gasol or his brother,mark..lets be patience and wait till he's get's here..but it's exceeding to think about!!


there's a youtube of tomic. he looks SLOW!!!!! i'd like to see kk get some more playing time. i like favors, and cousins. if the jazz don't go up in the draft i like whiteside. i know whiteside has some off court red flags, but he has great on court upside.

Chuck Nunn

By the by, AZBrabbitt (sp), Dragicevic has struggled a bit since moving to Lottomatica Roma. I don't think he's ready to come over yet, but the Futures Reports on Oracle break down his performances, so feel free to check 'em out.

Chuck Nunn

By the by Doug, both Gasol brothers came out of the league that Tomic is now playing in. For you to put down European basketball is pretty tasteless, and I'm not too appreciative of your disparaging remarks about the D-League either! And for anyone who cares, and any Jazz fan should, Tomic's line in today's season-prolonging win over Caja Laboral = 18 points, seven rebounds and a block. And he matched up well against future Spur Tiago Splitter, recognized by most folks who know as Europe's best center right now.

Dr. Dunkenstein

Seems like a lot of you are pretty high on Whiteside, but I think the 9th pick might be too high for his level of talent (think Rafael Araujo). I would rather see them take Greg Monroe (probably gone when the Jazz pick, but they might get lucky), Ed Davis, or Ekpe Udoh. I figure it's mosty a toss-up between Whitside and Patrick Patterson (Whiteside with the length advantage and Patterson with the skillset advantage), and I would prefer both of them to Cole Aldrich, who I see as a "rich man's undersized Greg Ostertag".


Too many tall white guys on a team will go no where. I am a white danishman but I see black tall guys making up the championship teams. Look at the playoffs...remember Karl Malone anybody? Besides, the Jazz do not play their tall men much. Forget it.


In my opinion to the 'Miles' post...CJ proved to me to be one of the best dudes on the court at all times. This guys is really starting to impress me...I think he could score 15 points a night...He just needed a chance. His passing, intelligence, shooting, defense and skill set were second only to

Captain L

Re jepe : I agree with your comments on Whiteside, he would be a great pick in my opinion. I would want to play Whiteside at PF, he can shoot the outside shot and has the mobility, length and athleticism to guard the 4's. You can't teach length.
I think Tomic will be better than you think.
Favors is the only player I would give up any assets to be able to draft.
Udoh would be a great pick too, he is long and he can handle the ball good enough to create for himself and others. He had two to three times the assists of the other 4's or 5's in the draft.(except Monroe), Monroe would be OK, but he isn't as athletic and is very one handed.


C.J. is a good player & will get better but he needs to work on something to get to that next level.C.J. shoots the 3 ball or he'll drive to the basket if a chaser comes at him hard. I'VE NEVER SEEN C.J. DRIVE PAST THE CHASER & HAVE THE ABILITY TO PULL UP FOR A 12 TO 15 FOOT JUMPER !!! QUITE OFTEN A BIG MAN IS WAITING FOR C.J. @ the RIM..C.J. needs to practice in the off season this type of pull-up jumper around the lane which will make him a much better player !!!


CJ needs to improve his shooting percentage at least 5 % for both 2s and 3s. He can easily do that by better shot selection and increasing his assists.

He needs to double or triple his rebounds. That is the hard part.

The Jazz will have at least 1 (probably more) decent options at 9.

Captain L

Re Chuck: Sounds like Tomic had a very good game, that's great. It is interesting to see how people evaluate talent. I hope the Jazz keep Tomic, his length and talent would be hard to find. That is one of the reasons I like Whiteside, he has the length and yet he can shoot, rebound, block shots, and has the agility to play the 4. Let me know when your next article is up on your site.

Re Dr Dunkenstein : Have you seen Whiteside? To me he is way more athletic than Monroe, he has a good outside shot, he blocks 5.4 shots per game, upside there is no comparison, Whiteside has the potential to be great, Monroe might be solid but that's about it. The criticism Monroe gets is he isn't very athletic, he is too one handed (left), high turnover rate, not that motivated. He has good points too but I don't see his upside being nearly that of Whiteside.
Udoh would be a good pick.
Davis is pretty athletic but too skinny and narrow shouldered to be a good PF & questionable skill set.

Captain L

Re Rick, I have seen CJ do the pull up jumper but not nearly as much as he should or needs to. That is one of the reasons I have tried to stay on the CJ bandwagon, is because he shows that he can do the things to be very good but he needs to learn how to be more assertive in all areas. Driving to the hole, midrange jumpers, drawing fouls, rebounding, steals etc. Hopefully he will come back with more confidence and be more assertive this year. He is better suited to play the two over the three and that is why the Jazz need to try to find a diamond in the ruff(like Mathews)to play the 3 behind AK.

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