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Published: Wednesday, June 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chuck Nunn

I'm tellin' y'all, this kid is a special player. He's not the Croatian Michael Jordan or anything, but 7-2 guys aren't usually as savvy with the ball as he is.
And even though he still is a bit on the thin side, he's a tenacious rebounder. He'll make a great Jazz player.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


we have him,@ we better see what he can do first,when he can be on the Jazz practice floor,we need a 7'2 guy now.if anyone else is interested in him,we better be as interested in him,@know more than any other team,out there.he's ave.14 pts 8 reb a game in spain now.he could be a diamond in the ruff.if he ave. 15-10 here,he is a Milsap #2!!keeping my fingers crossed...


How does he compare with Fes and Koufos? With Whiteside?

The knock on him a year or 2 ago was that he was thin (about 230 lbs) and the ultimate finesse player. How does the level of play (Real Madrid) compare with D-league? Can he play PF in the NBA?

As the Jazz said when they drafted him, "it is nice to have assests". But how does he fit into the future? Is he a trade chip or an missing piece?

Todd from Santa Ana

Trade the rights to Tomic the number 9 pick, and next years Jazz pick for the TWolves four pick. This lets the Jazz draft either Cousins, Turner, or the big guy from Georgia Tech.

Do it now KOC. Europeans never get it done in the finals. Name one European that led their team to a championship? There isn't one.

John Wicks

The Jazz for starters should try and get Kevin Love from the Wolves. He is a hard nosed Sloan type of player and would fit it well with are present core.


I do not think the Jazz want Cousins, they will not get Turner but Favors may be a possibility. MN was also rumored to be looking into trading up to get Turner. I think MN is very active in looking at all options right now.

Most GMs are wary of Jefferson's knee. MN would like to move Jefferson or Love.


Jazz I think they should try and deal Tomic and the 9 pick and the number one pick from the grizz to move into the t wolves spot and maybe pick up there pick and love.

Jazz Cop

They can trade tomic for a couple of picks straight up, like the 23 and their second rounder. jazz need to fill in with some young talent and can't wait for tomic, and in a draft with alot of rotation guys, i like todds trade, i can see the wolves wanting to do something like that, they probably want to draft by position and not best player available, what the wolves really need to do is trade for an established leader like boozer, they aren't going to get the leader they need in the draft, they know it.

B Russ

I say we play the bigs we now have next season and get them some experience during the regular season. They both have potential to become contributing NBA players in this league.

Tomic is getting playing time and is developing right where he is at. He should continue to do so until he is eligible to come to the Jazz in 2011-2012. Tomic is a good asset to the team, either as a future player for the team or a valuable piece in a trade.


I say the Jazz are replete with foreigners of assorted heights and Tomic who averages 14 points a game in Europe which is of less stature than the D league. Our Jazz flops average over 20 points a game in the d league and cannot make it on the NBA floor.

The Jazz enjoy plenty of tall projects they have been working with for years and it would be a big plus if they could trade this Tomic character and get a higher draft pick.

Hopefully it is the Jazz posturing when they say they do not want to trade him.


To: Todd
Pau Gasol


To: Silly Todd

Tony Parker is from France.
Gasol, Spain

I'd take Dirk in a heart beat. And Ginobli (not Europe, but of the same ethnic mix which is what Todd is getting at... racism is alive and well.)


RE: Todd
Manu was a key player on the Spurs when they won their championships. Argentina isn't in Europe but he is a non-US player to lead a team to a championship.

I like the idea of giving Kosta more playing time. He has as much upside as anyone we could get at #9.


To: Todd
Manu Ginobli,
and technically Tim Duncan


MN would be a good trading partner but I do not think they want Boozer. They want someone who fits the triangle better than Jefferson or Love.

MN has 5 picks and I think is under the CAP. If Booz could be moved to them the Jazz could take draft picks, Love and a trade exemption back.

I doubt if that will happen.


The Jazz would be nuts to trade Tomic. Those who are suggesting we trade him most likely haven't even seen him play. I have. The guy is the real deal. He's still young, but he has Pau Gasol written all over him. I'm not saying he'll be as good as Pau, but he has the same height, length, and skill set. He even shoots the ball like Gasol, and moves the same way.


I'm a real pro-USA kind of guy, but, to dismiss Europeans etc. because of their skin color or country or origin, makes you wonder how you'd react to a team of:
Gasol, Igaskis -- C
Nene, Nowitske, Kirelenko -- F
Ginobli, Turkolu -- 2 G
Parker, Nash -- Point

Good chance they'd beat a Gasoless Laker team.



Who said anything about Tomic leading us to a championship? DWill will do the leading, he just needs a decent supporting cast.

I'm not sold on Tomic (there is a YouTube clip of him playing what appear to be highschool talent european players...he looks decent, but isn't all that amazing) but I'm not gonna get rid of him just cause he can't lead a team to a championship.


Love to see silly Todd get slapped around by everyone on this thread!


Tomic definitely has good length but, why is nobody bringing up the kid with the mad skills in europe? Tadija Dragecevic, this guy has some game and seems to be forgotten by all the poser Jazz fans, like Todd who is actually moonlighting as a Clipper fan as we speak. I heard he went to the march for Lebron and hung out with Lawler and Michael Smith the whole time.

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