Comments about ‘Non-LDS historians often ignore Mormon women, researcher says’

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Published: Monday, May 31 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Yeah! What Ray says! All you anti-mormon haters stop hating on us anti-mormons!

Ray, you crack me up!


I thought a woman had to have a priesthood holder bring her into heaven. Could be father, brother, etc if not husband. I might be wrong. But it seems I've read that in various sources.


I really enjoyed the article and some of the comments. I was also always taught to respect women, by both my LDS parents. Like BSU says, "Priesthood is service, why add that to a full plate?"

As far as I know the rest of the BSU comment was accurate also. You would think that more historians would focus on the contributions of these LDS women.
Thanks to Catherine for the article and for her willingness to reach out to others and educate us all.

Vanka admits to being an anti-Mormon. There are some who seem to be on the Deseret News every day. They don't seem to care if you are female or male, if you are LDS they will hate you all the same.


I really enjoyed the article. I thank Catherine for her willingness to help educate all of us.

I believe the BSU comment was accurate, and have often wondered why so many historians have overlooked the major contributions of Utah and Mormon women.

I know there are those who are anti-Mormon here on the Deseret News every day (Vanka seems to admit to being so) and every where else. I always try to not let their bitterness become mine.


The priesthood is much more then service, it's power.

U of U Fan

@raybies "I get the feeling that most people who are commenting on this article didn't actually read it."

It appears that most people who are commenting here are commenting on the comments, not the article.

"All you anti-mormon haters, grow up. Your clueless agenda-mongering is showing. Why not try being a decent human being, and stop perpetuating the livid vitriolic nonsense that is PRECISELY what this honest historian has exposed in her research.

I repeat. GROW UP!"

Charles, a Mormon critic who posts often, said (first post): "Get a clue. Mormon men ("priesthood holders") ignore Mormon women too."

That is what people are commenting on. I hardly see how disagreeing with Charles and Fredd and presenting arguments to counter Charles' and Fredd's arguments is considered "clueless agenda-mongering" and "perpetuating the livid vitriolic nonsense". But think what you want.


Raybies, I never see “livid, vitriolic vilification” of Mormons on these message boards. Why are you so upset?


To Fredd - yes, women need to be called up by righteous priesthood holders. So do the men, though. Everyone does.

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