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Published: Friday, May 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It's Just Me

What a great idea! I can't wait to "tour" the temple. Even though I have been inside the Salt Lake Temple, I can't wait to see how the rooms relate to each other, and "see" rooms that I haven't seen before. Love, love, love this!


That's a pretty cool model! Wow.


Right now I have only looked at the photo's, they are awesome, it takes me back to 1975 when I first went through the temple. I will be in SLC in June with my grand daughter, would love to show her this. Beautiful work, I would love to see that done for other temples.


What an incredible work of art, and a great way to remove some of the mere "mystery" so discussion can focus instead on the important things that happen inside.


I'm glad you did this. Openness without being disrepectful to your Mormon views.


Very cool!


Wow! This is awesome, thank you!


Very good idea! Wonderful! I can't wait to see it!


Can I buy one?


That is the coolest thing ever! What a great way to open up a dialogue of why the temples are so important to us. This is a great example of how our temples are sacred, not secret. Well done!

Henry Drummond

Great idea! I'm not LDS but if this is open this weekend I would love to go and see it. It seems a great way to share this wonderful building with people without interfering with the worship that goes on inside.

Ben Lopshire

that's cool


That is awesome!


This is SO COOL! The detail is amazing. I've been inside the SLC Temple many times in my life but never visualized the architectural layout. For example, who knew the baptistry was underneath the World room?! Not me. It's also cool to see the Assembly Hall on the top floor - which is rarely used, and most members don't even get the chance to see. WOW - kudos to the amazing artists that created this. I can hardly wait to take my family down to see it in person. This will be of tremendous value to both Latter-day Saints and non! What a precious gift.


Definitely a cool idea. Can't wait to see it next year.

Maybe this is prepping us for the next iteration of "temple convenience" - first the "small" temples arrived a few years back... next up, the "virtual temple" that you climb into in your basement!


That is amazing! I hope they keep it on display for quite awhile. That is so cool to see how the rooms are organized.

Relocated Southerner

Very neat to see it in this layout. I never knew the exact location of some of the rooms, and it's nice to see an "open view" of where all the rooms are exactly located. This temple has some of the most beautiful architecture and rooms, and I'm glad everyone will be able to see it now (albeit in a small way). What a wonderful FHE "tour" this would make!


Great idea!! Can't wait to see it!


I have been in the SL temple many times. This is the first time I have really "seen" it.


That is very cool. I could spend a good amount of time at this display. The detail is very accurate.

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