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Published: Friday, May 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"The BCS is a five-game showcase of college football. It is designed to ensure that the two top-rated teams in the country meet in the national championship game, and to create exciting and competitive matchups among eight other highly regarded teams in four other bowl games."

Not my words, but those from the BCS website.

No interest in pitting the top ten teams in the bowls. No interst in letting the MWC in.

Dr. King(not comparing to civil rights movement in any way) said "Justice delayed is justice denied" when the Birmingham ministers asked him to "Wait".

The BCS says "Wait". No intention to invite the MWC unless it gets big government off their back, but I don't think they feel threatened, and I don't think it happens without BSU and Utah in the MWC.

But, still wait.

Utah would be smart to go PAC-12 if invited, but I'm not sure PAC-10 wants to go from 1/10th split to 1/12th unless they are motivated by BCS to break up the MWC.

It's more drama than Junior High, raging hormones and all.

Going to need to "wait" on this one.

Magna Ute Fan

Sad, but probably true, I'm afraid. I would like to see Utah stay in the MWC if it's a automatic qualifier. On the other hand I'm far from sure there is an invite coming. Either way, I'm looking forward to college football season.

Go Utes!!!


The Mountain West won't be worth much after BYU, TCU and Utah leave for bigger conferences. I wouldn't be surprised to see the WAC raid some of the MWC teams.



Utah wouldn't get a 1/12 slice of the PAC(12) pie.

I suspect a payout would be based on seniority, power and clout, most likely putting Utah at the bottom of the revenue grab. Having said this, Utah would still be collecting a considerable larger pool or revenue then there current MWC arrangement. Plus they’re guaranteed the opportunity of playing in a BCS bowl(s) EVERY year

If offered, Utah needs to jump to the PAC(12) and never look back. Let BYU and Boise be victimized.


"The Mountain West won't be worth much after BYU...leave for bigger conferences."

BYU?? Where did that come from?

Spicy McHaggis

If the BCS doesn't give the MWC the same consideration they gave the Big East when doling out automatic qualifications, then they would face a lawsuit and most likely lose.
I keep hearing that the BCS will change the requirements for being an automatice qualifier, making it more difficult. If that happens Orin Hatch will have his case made for him.



Everything is pure speculation at this point. And yes, there has been talk of BYU possibly moving to into the big10 after everything goes down out there. I know the utes are a "lock" for the pac12 but BYU has been talked about as well. I personally will not get sucked in or excited until the dotted line in signed, because lets be real, its all speculation at this point.


Typical Hedge

"Utah wouldn't get a 1/12 slice of the PAC(12) pie."

Every team in every conference in the country gets an equal split... but Utah??? Do you think that little about Utah.

Wow, what you come up with.

"UtahUtes1 | 7:51 a.m."

"BYU?? Where did that come from?

BYU to BIG 12 -- Same rumors that have Utah going PAC-12. Do they have newspapers in the Crimson Bubble?



"Every team in every conference in the country gets an equal split... but Utah???"

hmmmm, do you really need to get busted again? Really ,Buster?

Tell you what, a little homework assignment for you over the long holiday weekend. Research what the conference football revenue % takes for Ohio State and Michigan vs. Minnesota and Indiana.

Get back to me, m’k.

DEW Cougars

stay put with MWC - no matter how the pie goes. If those two splitting up in different direction - the pie will still be small. Look at Missouri what I read - they too only got a small pie with big12. Either way - stay put or split up and the pie will still be small. Boise St might look good wit MWC while the WAC will be in the dump. This BLUE Turf need to go!


Hedge Hog.

Tell you what, Hedge. Read up on what the Pac-10 schools are saying in their local papers.

Read Larry Scoot's interviews about the split going to 1/12th.

Read ESPN. Read what they say about the ACC TV deal and it's impact, and get back to me.




Every conference has their own rules regarding individual deals and spits.

I was referring to the TV Deal.

Sorry, in this case you were right the way I worded it.



Is this how you’re getting through life? Having others do your homework?

"Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC have hybrid splits in which a percentage of revenue is split and the remaining amount is divided based on the number of television appearances for each school."

Sport Business Journal 2010

Bottom Line

It would be nice to see all of this work out, but Utah is not going to the Pac 10 unless better options fail. Utah would be an early choice if they "have" to take a non AQ, but they are working very hard to not take one.


lets all just admit the obvious here, utah rules and byu is inferior. logic says so.


Hedge, thanks for the homework.

Google this to se where I am coming fromm.

Let's discuss... not be antagonistic.

That's getting old...

Pac-10 expansion: Scott won’t seek change in NCAA legislation … for now


Brad Rock speaks the truth about the BCS. But just thinking outloud about the MWC, is the addition of Boise State that automatic? Last time I checked it takes a majority of votes to get BSU in. And if the MWC is not an automatic qualifier, why would Wyoming, SDSU, CSU, UNM, Air Force and UNLV vote to admit another school that makes it nearly impossible for them to ever go to a bowl game again? If Utah, BYU, TCU and then Boise State tie up all the bowl games, what's in it for the other six? I just don't think the MWC can get the votes they need from the originators of the conference (Wyo, CSU) or the other four schools named. It does nothing but marginalize their programs, unless the BCS comes calling, which it won't ever do because it doesn't have to. It already has most, if not all, the money. Like Rock said.

Jealous U

If logic ruled up on the hill, the Utes would change their fight song since women's gymnastics is Utah's premier sports program.

Chances of Utah finishing with a better record than BYU for 2010-2011:

Football - 50/50
Men's Basketball - 0


I believe the MWC has 5 or 6 bowl tie-ins; the Humanatarian might have changed, but, if it did, it would certainly follow Boise State to the MWC.

Mountain West
1. Las Vegas
2. Poinsettia
3. Independence
4. Armed Forces
5. New Mexico
6. Humanitarian


jealous u= first person to fall into my trap. some of you are far too easy.

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