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Published: Thursday, May 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I have studied Okur both qualitatively and quantitatively. He turns it on and off. He can play inside when he wants to but that is not very often. He is a primary reason the Jazz are Jeckle and Hyde. He is not the only reason.

He was not better this year. He has gotten worse for the last 4 years. He did score and rebound more when Boozer was out. The team was weaker without Boozer but no one replaced Millsap.

Would the Jazz be better with Boozer and a better C. Yes. Would the Jazz be better with out Okur and Boozer. It depends on who replaces them.

The answer is Millsap and AK can play FP well enough as long as AK is cloned and the Jazz get a real C.

Right now I do not see the ideal PF available to the Jazz. That is not a reason to kill the team by overpaying Boozer for 6 years.

Get by with Millsap until you can get the right PF. In the mean time fix the C and plan for the future at SF. These changes need to be made anyway.

Move up for a 2nd pick.

Captain L

Udoh, 1st
Whiteside, 2nd
Monroe, 3rd ( poor athleticism, drops him some)
Right now this would be my priority list. It will change as more info comes but for now this is how I would see it.

Lock just talked about Monroe and how he turns the ball over 33% when he goes right and 21% of the time when he goes left. Not too good. That coupled with his poor athleticism has him going slightly down for now.


I think that one of Udoh, Johnson, Davis or maybe Whitesides depending on who is available. Various mocks have vastly different orders that keep changing as more info comes in.

I do not see a great C in this draft. Especially one who can play this year. I do see several good (maybe great PF/SFs). I think the Jazz will go in that direction.

With Boozer leaving and Okur out they need talent now in the front line.

They need someone who can defend and score with some length.

Captain L

I like Johnson, but he is supposed to go in the first 4 or 5 picks.


I am watching the BOS ORL game. It is clear that Sloan's refusal to use the 3 point shot and his refusal to get sufficient players who can shoot the 3 doom the Jazz of ever getting a championship.

The Sloan flex has to be updated to include the ability to switch from the inside game to an effective outside game. There has to be both inside and outside shooting efficiency.

Depending on only inside efficiency dooms the Jazz. They will get the inside game stopped by packed paint and poor rebounding.

The refusal to develop specific plays for the 3 and use it as a weapon dooms the Jazz.

The refusal of the Jazz Organization to make changes and modernize and adapt to the changes in the NBA leave UT in its own little time warp. It may get them into the playoff but they can't beat the elite teams who can defend, play inside and play outside.

BOS, ORL and PHO are great 3 teams. LA is streaky. UT is not a good 3 team and is sitting home.

Captain L

I give Sloan alot of credit, he is a Hall of Fame coach but I have two main complaints about his coaching. First he doesn't use the 3 pt shot as a weapon, he doesn't build confidence in his players and their 3 pt shooting, because he doesn't like it and only wants it shot when they have to. He needs to develop plays that are designed to get his players open 3 pt shots.
Second, he doesn't develop young players very well, unless they are hustle type players, like Mathews and Milsap. CJ, Fes, & KK struggle with confidence and develop slowly because of the way Sloan coaches, he is a negative reinforcement type coach.
I hope the Jazz bring in most of the players we mention for workouts and really do their homework.
I would like to see and hear how Udoh does and Whiteside is very tempting to go after because of his length and skills. He sees himself as a Kevin Garnett type player, more than a Camby type. He is a better shooter and has alot more offense to his game.

Captain L

There are 11 small forwards listed in the 2011 mock drafts 1st round. So this year they need to find a long, athletic, defensive minded PF and address the sm F need either in the FA market or by trade or in the 2nd round and look to draft a SF next year in the first round.

durwood kirby

I'm sure that most DNews readers are happy to let the market dictate the outcome.


I do agree with Sloan's basic philosophy of efficiency. I gets high marks for putting in the defensive evaluation this year. He deserves a lot of credit for doing a lot with in sufficient talent. Sloan is a very good coach.

However, his refusal to make adjust for the 3,get enough good players and replace players when better is needed, put a ceiling on the Jazz success.

It is not all Sloan's fault. It is also KOC, Rigby and eventually Millers. Give Sloan the right players with the right capability and he will make the necessary adjustments.

The Celtics had 7 players this season who shot 37% or better from the 3 line. BOS made 1433 attempts and ranked 16th in attempts. They are not a 3 point team. BOs has a good defense and both inside and outside efficiency.

UT had 4 players (not CJ, AK or Price) above 37% and made only 1207 attempts to rank 25th in attempts. They do not shoot enough 3s. They do not use the 3 as a weapon.

It only takes 1 or 2 more efficient 3 point shooters to fix the problem.

An SF upgrade is needed.


PHO had 7 players with 37% in 3s and 1770 attempts to rank 6th. They ranked 1st in 3 point shooting percentage.

ORL had 6 players plus Carter at 36.7%. They shot 2241 attempts, the most in the NBA.

I am not saying the Jazz should become a fun and gun or an inside out team. I am suggesting they need to emulate BOS and improve their defense and add some 3 point plays and 3 point capability.

If they put more inside/outside balance into the offense they will be able to blast the paint open and space the floor.

That makes the Sloan flex very efficient and almost impossible to stop. If they don't do it then they will keep losing to paint packers with big front lines.

I am tired of losing. A couple of simple adjustments would make a big difference.

5 extra rebounds, a couple of more 3s, better interior defense, more balance in the offense. These are the types of changes that cause the Jazz to advance in the playoffs.

The problem is FO, Coaching and players. A few changes make a big difference in results.


You guys need to save your energy. It needs to be proven that management will make the changes needed. "Lockenheim" thoughts I could care less about

The "sloanaholics" again are the ones that allow all of this. The feeling "who cares about getting closer to the Lakers" Let us be "fun and competitive. The fans in Utah except for a few smart ones, me included, are VERY CONTENT with this squad and management. They do not care about titles/


Even with a better defensive center I worry about Boozer's durability. I think Milsap could take over for him without much drop off at the PF position but either one needs a defensive center to help out as they are both undersized compared to the Lakers.

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