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Published: Thursday, May 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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PHO is still playing with Lopez. Partly in thanks to Booz missing the last reg season game.

Boozer will not take you to the promised lands.

Go get the right players and move on.

Captain L

I have been saying for weeks that I liked Udoh as my number 1 pick in the draft, but I heard Lock talk about him this afternoon and he says Udoh is the worst defensive rebounder of the bunch. I like alot of things Udoh can do but if he is a poor rebounder that is a problem.
Monroe has always looked more ready to contribute now to me, he just hasn't demonstrated that he is a shot blocker and I was hoping for someone who can intimidate and block shots to help Milsap and Okur.
That being said, Monroe would probably be my #1 pick now if Uhoh is a poor rebounder.
Everyone says Whiteside is a project but he has a huge upside, he blocks shots better than anyone in college ball and he shoots pretty good. He's a good athlete, runs the floor well, and seems coachable(according to nbadraft.net interview).
Aldrich may not be as bad as I first thought, he is solid, blocks shots pretty good, and rebounds pretty good.
Orton sounds pretty good, he hasn't got much experience but he is talented and has a big body & blocks shots.


Udoh has 3.6 offensive rebounds and 6.2 defensive rebounds per game in the Big 12. Monroe had 2.2 and 7.5. Aldrich had 3.1 and 6.8.

Lock might be technically right but he could have framed it as "Udoh is the best offensive rebounder of the bunch".

It is all about bias and framing. Udoh is a bit more of a finesse player.

I just watched the Suns nearly win in LA. They use the 3 as a weapon to spread the floor.

LA must laugh when they see UT on the schedule as they know all of the plays and that UT will try to pound the ball inside against their biggest strength.

To bad someone does not update the flex and start using the 3 as a weapon. That would space the floor and negate a lot of the height advantage.

The Suns are never out of a game because of their 3 point shooting. UT is dead if their inside game is stopped.

There is more than one way to beat LA. From the outside is easier than trying to get more/better bigs than LA.


Orton and Whiteside are higher risk and will take longer to develop. Monroe really only uses one hand and that will cause him to get blocked a lot just like Koufos who has the same one handed moves.

Monroe is basically Koufos but maybe more athletic but with less of a work ethic.

Udoh and Aldrich have enough Big 12 experience to play as soon as they learn the system.

Aldrich would be cheaper than Pryzbilla and probably about as good in a couple of years. Udoh is pretty similar to Lamar Odom. However, he is not a banger and needs to develop some upper body strength.

Whiteside has 5.4 blocks against weak competition. Aldrich has 3.5, Udoh has 3.7, Monroe has 1.5. Orton has 1.4 in 13 minutes in a decent league.

Some mocks have the Jazz taking Henry (SG) who is the second best SG in the draft. I doubt if they do that mainly because Mathews is a much better defender and is shooting about 5 % worse than Henry but against NBA competition as a rookie.

Captain L

Re Bugoff, I have liked what I have seen in Udoh, he handles the ball well,goes left and right, shoots pretty good, blocks shots well, & the numbers you show say he rebounds pretty good, I still like him and hope the Jazz get the chance to pick him.
Udoh's numbers at draft combine: (not great, just OK), 31 & 33.5 inch verticals, not great, 10 bench, 11.2 & 3.3 times.
Monroe, is too one handed (left), he is a good passer and OK shooter. OK rebounder.
Monroe's numbers: 25 & 29 in. verts /Poor, 15 bench (not bad), 12.1 & 3.4 times, pretty slow, slower than Aldrich.
Aldrich: 23 & 28 vert/poor, 10 bench,/poor for a center, 11.48 & 3.35 times,
Davis: 31 & 36 vert, best of bigs, N/A bench, 11.7 & 3.2 times,
Whiteside: 27 & 31.5 verts, 12 bench, 11.8 & 3.5 times, 7'7" reach makes up some for not as good a vert as I would like.
I wouldn't be upset at all if te Jazz took Whiteside.

Captain L

Babbit's numbers weren't that bad, 29.5 & 37.5 verts, (pretty good), 15 bench, good, times-11.0 & 3.4. better than I would have thought. He is 6'9, and a pretty good shooter & ball handler.


Davis shoots really well (57%) but does not shoot 3s. Some drafts have UT taking him. I would not feel bad about him at all. He may actually be better than Udoh in the long run. Udoh needs to get stronger. He is older than Davis. Davis may be quick enough to play at SF?

Babbit shoots the 3 really well. I think you could get him later in the 1st round. It costs 3 mill for 1st round picks. Maybe a little less for really late.

I hope the Jazz get both a PF/C and a SF.

Whiteside has great potential and less risk than Cousins. He reminds me of Thebeet. He will take some time to develop and probably can't help much next year. Not sure how he and Sloan will get along.

What were Henry's numbers? I am not sold on him.

I think the Jazz may be able to get a C with the Harp exemption. They may also be able to do a sign and trade with Booz and get back a C and PF/SF.

If you gave Sloan players who could shoot the 3 he might use it more.

Captain L

I really like Henry, I saw him alittle at the combine, he looks athletic, and skilled, the problem with him is he doesn't do much but shoot, I think he can but so far he's like CJ, a outside shooter that needs to develop other parts of his game. Plus he is 6'6 and we have CJ and Mathews to play that spot.
We need tall & long, we can't forget our goal or needs and that is players to help us matchup with the Lakers & other long teams.
Henry's numbers are : 28.5 & 36.5 verts, 8 bench, ll.1 & 3.2.


Doug, if Booz is your #4 PF, then please show your top 5. Like BR pointed out, you have to play both sides of the floor, so take that into account.

Captain L, I don't think you can put a ton of stock into anything Locke says. Locke doesn't really look past the numbers and admitted he hadn't really seen him play much. Also, Locke and Ben 'lap dog' Bagley don't think the Jazz need a shot blocker or length with the #9 pick, we just need a good player. Well if that player has the same deficiencies as our current roster, we'll end up just the same. They are company guys and whoever the Jazz pick will be the right guy according to them, just wait and see.

Captain L

Jesse : Your right, Lock is a numbers guy, but from what Bugoff showed Udoh's rebounding numbers were just as good as any of the other prospects. That makes me feel better about Udoh because I have liked what I have seen from him since I started looking at the possiibilies in the draft, couple of months ago.
The more information we get the better we can evaluate what certain players bring to the table.
Aldrich's numbers in the athletic performance portion of the combine weren't very impressive and that has been my concern when considering him, he just isn't very athletic.(slow & no hops). Bigs often don't have great hops but Udoh, Whiteside and Davis at least are decent.
Monroe, was poor too.


Jesse, did locke and bagley really say that? What a joke. Those two kiss butt constantly and if locke slightly disagrees with something the organization does (ie have scalloped potatoes at the pre game meal when locke would like mashed), bagley starts talking about how brave locke is to challenge jazz authority. two knuckleheads.


The primary reasons I like Udoh is that he can help now, he is not high risk, he is going to make a rotation, he has enough potential that he could become very good.

However, his upper body strength could improve and he does not like contact. If you have a banger C to go with him he works nicely.

Whiteside and Davis have more upside potential? But they are young and more risky. Both are thin. How much weight will they add? How fast will they progress?

Aldrich is a back up C. He is like Gortat. He should be solid. He will make some progress on his weaknesses. He is not a great offensive player and not likely to become one. He is not a dominant defensive player but should become pretty good. He probably can't play PF well? He should be able to play now.

Monroe has a lot of potential and is looking more risky as we get more information. The fact that he is one handed and has not tried to fixed it is a major flag for me.

Thanks for the numbers on Henry.

There is talent in the 2nd. Move up.


Yeah Locke and Bagley went on and on about how everyone on the message boards and blogs have it all wrong, how the #9 pick isn't about getting by the Lakers and how they don't understand why fans have bought in to PK's theory that the Jazz need a shot blocker. Well I don't think the pick will immediatley put us over the Lakers, but if possible, it should be geared towards that. I also don't think fans got the idea that the Jazz need a shot blocker in the middle from PK. It was probably all of us collectively watching games with our own eyes. Run all the numbers you want, but a shot blocker will help the entire defense. Guys can be more aggressive on the perimeter because they know they have help on the inside. That 3pt D that everyone gripes about will suddenly become better. Imagine being able to defend an opposing big w/o having to double every time down. I'll keep dreaming.


If healthy, the Jazz might be able to pick up Raja Bell in FA for very reasonable. He knows the system. He has a great WP48. He plays great defense. GS does not seem to care about him.

Would he come back?

It is not just a matter of getting a shot blocker at PF. You have to have a C who can also play defense. If you get both then you can disrupt LA.
A shot blocking PF from the draft is only the first step.

You also need more 3 point shooting. PHO is a perfect example of that. The only time UT beat LA this year was with fantastic 3 point shooting. It is the rebounding, defense and 3 point shooting that is needed to beat LA.

Instead the Jazz go inside against the packed paint and their shooting percentage goes DOWN not up. Sloan's philosophy back fires and hurts the team. The TOs go UP. Then he talks about taking to many jump shots (broken plays).

There has to be a modification of both players and approach to beat teams like LA.

Sloan and his worn out playbook are major problems against LA.


BleacherReport in their NBA Mock Draft report mentions that Millsap has requested to be traded....if true what's up with that, ingratitude?


Millsap may be posturing?

It may be a trial balloon to help Boozer get more money, floated by who knows?

It probably is some writer who needs a column?

It may mean the Jazz are really dumb enough to give Boozer a max and are going to destroy the team in the process.

Millsap does not demand a trade unless Boozer is resigned. Further, Boozer will probably play more C than PF for at least a year. So why demand a trade now?

If Millsap demands a trade and IF UT actually does it he might be traded for a decent C.

Does anyone know how Koufos's combine numbers compare with Aldrich's? I suspect that the Jazz are better off with Koufos. If so then my first choice is Udoh unless there is some crazy drop.

Based on Aldrich's numbers I am inclined to think taking the risk on Whiteside is a better bet. Aldrich can't jump and can't shoot. That is not a good combination.


Whitesides numbers are actually better than Brook Lopez. And very similar to JaVale McGee.

Davis and Plaistad's numbers are pretty similar. Is he doing anything in Europe or where ever he is?

Jazz Source

Boozer is not as good as we need because we don't have a true Center.

If we did he would be just fine.

Pair him with a defensive, rebounding, shot-blocking Center and the two of them would be a good tandem.

The reality is that Okur is not the defensive, although improved this past season, Center to properly complement Boozer.

Would anyone be complaining about Boozer if he were playing beside Gasol/Kaman/Howard/Garnett/Haywood/Ming?

Not nearly so much if at all.


If you resign Boozer he might play 65% of his games over the next 6 years. That means you need someone as good a Boozer to back him up.

If you take Boozer out of the Jazz system he is not a top 5 PF maybe top 10 (above average). If you put David Lee or Love into the Jazz PF system they will put up better numbers than Boozer.

Boozer is a broken reed. You can not build a championship team around him. The only way you keep him is if he signs for cheap and that is not an option. Even if he signed for 12 mill where is the money to sign Mathews, Fes and Korver or replace them.

If you give Boozer a 3-5 million raise you still have the same problem. Losing Millsap with a good contract is not worth retaining Boozer with a really bad contract.

Paying the luxury tax to get worse is not really bright. I can't really believe the FO is that dumb and paranoid about making changes that have to be made.

If you can sign and trade Boozer for players you really want.


Boozer would better if he played with a real C. However, that does not erase the money and injury problems. How do the Jazz get a decent C if they resign Boozer?

One subtle problem with Boozer is this. As CJ said "Booz has to get his touches". The Jazz warp around Boozer. Personality wise this is not really Sloan or DWill's team. Everything revolves around Boozer.

The Jazz offense is to dependent on the PF position with Boozer in it. It unbalances the team. Just ask LA how easy it is to beat the Jazz with most of the offense designed to run thru Boozer.

For the Jazz to win a championship they have to have more balance. Forget about getting a super star, you won't.

However, the Jazz can do like DET did and get 4 (maybe 5) very good players and a great bench and win that way. That type of team is balanced. It can win more than one way. It is versatile enough to sustain injury and beat different playoffs teams with different styles or strengths.

It starts with Defense and Boozer is a weakness. A C does not change that.

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